Refer a Colleague to CoreNet Global
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Refer a Colleague to CoreNet Global

Welcome to CoreConnect, CoreNet Global's member referral program.

97% of our members indicate they are likely to recommend membership in CoreNet Global, according to our latest membership survey.

This is your chance. When you share your colleague's name with us, we'll invite them to sample one of our valuable white papers and to join CoreNet Global.

If one of the colleagues you refer joins, CoreNet Global will enter both of you in our quarterly CoreConnect drawing.*

This quarter's prize is full registration fees for your choice of one of the following CoreNet Global programs/events:

Summit Registration

One Global Summit Registration. Learn More >>

MCR Course

One MCR Course Registration. Learn More >>

Membership Extension

One Membership Extension Registration. Learn More >>


When your colleagues join, we all win – new ideas, new knowledge, new experts, new best practices and a stronger presence for all of CoreNet Global's membership.

Questions about CoreConnect? Call us at (404) 589-3200, or email us.

Congratulations to our CoreConnect Winners!

Quarter 4 Winners




Member Type


Kathryn Quirke


Service Provider


David Sie

Deloitte Real Estate 

End User


Samantha Allen

International WELL Building Institute

Service Provider (Young Leader)

*See the CoreConnect Drawing Rules.