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Podcast: User-Centric Workplace Experience: Measured Results on People and Performance Members Only

Nicola Gillen recaps her presentation at our 2019 global summit in Amsterdam regarding a detailed case study of AECOM that covered a cultural and spatial campus transformation across 4 locations in and around London, shifting from an FM to a hospitality-led approach. To measure the success of this transformation, AECOM went beyond testing spatial metrics and people's perceptions. They partnered with AON to create a bespoke method of assessing performance, pre-/post-occupancy, building on world-leading psychometric tests, personality trait assessment and well-being surveys.

Report: Newmark Knight Frank - Myth vs. Reality: Evaluating Popular Misconceptions in Commercial Real Estate

With the changing economic and technological landscape in the U.S., there are many ideas and opinions circulating about current trends in U.S. commercial real estate. No major property type is immune from speculation. While trends are new, they tend to gain traction through the industry media, especially if they are particularly alarming or salacious (for example, the ubiquitous claim that “brick-and-mortar retail is dead!”). However, the headline often does not tell the full story, and what has become standard perception is either partially or wholly inaccurate. Trends that are present nationally may be altered or absent when examined at a local level, and metro areas large and small may tell a different story.

Report: Newmark Knight Frank - 7 Workplace Trends for 2019: From Artificial Intelligence to Compression Fatigue to Making it Like Home

There are a number of trends for 2019 that get to the heart of the workplace experience and how technology innovations can change the game. This Newmark Knight Frank white paper illustrates that new technology is not off on some distant horizon, it is already here. The question is how will we respond to make sure our workspaces are working for us and that we are able to adapt to the changes that are transforming our industries and rearranging our office priorities.

Podcast: Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Real Estate Members Only

Tim Venable, Senior Vice President of Knowledge and Research at CoreNet Global interviews Steve Quick, Chief Executive of Global Occupier Services at Cushman and Wakefield, about the importance of focusing on diversity and inclusion in the corporate real estate profession.

Report: CBRE - Let's Talk about Flex: The U.S Flexible Office Market In 2019

This report explains how flexible offerings have caused a structural shift in the U.S. real estate industry. It also explores potential growth opportunities and the sector's likely prospects in a recession scenario.

CNGtv/Video: SAP's Innovation Center: Where Businesses and Communities Unite Members Only

In 2018, SAP sought to redefine how innovative teams use office spaces. Its goal was to create a destination that enables people with ideas and capital to connect. They leveraged 'design thinking' to create a community space for collaboration and innovation. A brainchild was born: the SAP Innovation Center and HanaHaus for Orange County's thinkers, makers and doers. Through ideation and prototype building, an unconventional, collaborative workspace and research development center was formed. This synergistic environment and unique co-working experience features the latest technology and functional design, transforming a community of innovators and idealists into a community of founders. 

CNGtv/Video: The Impact of Augmented Reality on Real Estate Members Only

Today, we use our smartphones to effortlessly summons Uber, pay bills and order dinner. But do you think to use your smartphone to visualize a sign on a building or tour a vacant space? The application of technology and augmented reality (AR) is exploding. Experts have predicted there will be 3.5 billion AR-enabled devices by 2022, and the industry will be worth as much as $85 billion. AR and VR arguably have the potential to truly change how business is done. Both technologies have generated great momentum in the retail sector, but what does it look like for the office or industrial markets, and will it really be adopted?

CNGtv/Video: Lessons from Scheduling NFL Games for Workplace Planning Members Only

AI-optimized solutions are used in many different disciplines, from flight scheduling to distribution and retail site selection, and even scheduling NFL games. But organizations have been slow to adopt these approaches for better workplace and real estate planning and management. AI tools now enable space planners to instantly access facility data, develop comprehensive real estate and workplace scenario plans, organize complex moves with ease, and evaluate real estate usage to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs. Results often find millions in overlooked cost savings and productivity improvements. But AI can't do everything. This session is part panel and interactive roundtable discussions. Gain insights on how organizations evaluate qualitative considerations that are key components of the employee experience and information to find the best workplace solutions using AI techniques during roundtable discussions with your peers.

CNGtv/Video: Engage Studio - Women: Transforming Experience and Psychological Well-Being at Work Members Only

Women are well positioned to bring a dynamic voice that can affect the balance between management efficiency and employee well-being. This unique session will begin stories of how female leaders sparked change to build more mindful workplace experiences. Their 'It's personal' stories will show how their experiences led them to help staff, family and loved ones lead their best healthy lives. Discover how these diverse organizations have championed and sustained workplace well-being. Create a business case and a practical framework for well-being. Understand the well-being 'deficit' in your organization and develop an action plan. 

CNGtv/Video: Global Innovation Hubs: Location strategies for transformative companies Members Only

Companies today are experiencing transformative change at an accelerated pace. New products and services, new business models and new competitors require a new way of thinking about talent and the skills necessary to keep pace with change. In this session a panel of business leaders will explore how their talent model has changed, the new skills required to deliver on their business strategies and how they are thinking differently about their locations in their transformation journey. The attributes and 4 key characteristics of Global Innovation Hubs will be examined.  The panel will share how each of these characteristics influenced or will influence their location and site selection decisions. 

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