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White Paper: CoreNet Global - Creating a Catalyst Workplace: The Drivers of Employee Experience (Workplace Knowledge Community) Members Only

In the realms of corporate real estate, ‘workplace effectiveness’ is a tricky subject. The industry used to be fixated on finding the missing piece of the ‘productivity puzzle’, as it were. And in many ways it still is. That said, the conversation has now diverted more towards ‘workplace experience’. This discourse echoes the developing understanding that, in the world of workplace, ‘experience’ and ‘effectiveness’ are intertwined.

White Paper: CoreNet Global - Workplace in Motion (Workplace Knowledge Community) Members Only

Gone are the days of office workers figuratively chained to their desks. In today’s winning workplaces, creating opportunities for physical activity and movement can have profound effects on office dynamics, company culture as well as the health and well-being of the employees.

CNGtv/Video: CNGtv - Creating a Healthy Workplace

Dr. Cristina Banks, University of California Berkley

What defines a healthy workplace and how can employers create that for their employees? Many factors come into play; there is no magic answer.

CNGtv/Video: CNGtv - How Much Data is Too Much?

Mike Brucato, CBRE

If you're drowning in data, take a step back and ask "What do we need to demonstrate as value", then determine the data needed to create and show those metrics.

CNGtv/Video: CNGtv - What's Working in Workplace? What's Not?

Peggie Rothe, Leesman 

Peggie Rothe, Leesman shares the firm's latest findings on workplace. Surprise! There is no "one-size-fits-all".

CNGtv/Video: CNGtv - Why do customers leave? And how can you get them back?

Dr. Josh Packard, University of Northern Colorado

How can companies build for resiliency and change? Companies need to be intentional and systematic about the change they want to see.

CNGtv/Video: CNGtv - Designing with the Human in Mind

Suzanne Mehta, Cushman & Wakefield

A Chief Experience Officer shares surprising discoveries from her work in user/employee experience.

CNGtv/Video: CNGtv - What do corporate real estate "beneficiaries" want?

Paul Thurman, Columbia University

How can corporate real estate executives can keep up with innovation and design thinking in order to better serve their users?

CNGtv/Video: CNGtv - Corporate real estate (CRE) could learn a lot from Silicon Valley

Stuart Appley, CBRE
Change within CRE is happening, but it's been slow. What is to come for augmented intelligence, automation, and Machine Learning?

CNGtv/Video: CNGtv - How can space be used to influence company culture?

Slade Bedford, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Learn about how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation reinvented the workplace experience. They asked "how do we want to live with each other in our space? Who do we want to be?".

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