Welcome to the 2019 Speaker Resource Center!
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Welcome to the 2019 Speaker Resource Center!

Make the most out of your time speaking at the CoreNet Global Summit.

To support you in your session preparation, we encourage you to use the resources found on this page. You will find the documents needed to produce your speaker profile, information on registration, uploading your presentation and much more!

We know you are very busy and speaking at the Summit isn’t your full-time job.  We appreciate you graciously volunteering your time.  Thank you!

  • CoreNet Global Summit - North America

Orange County, CA

Summit Info, Registration & more

Speaker forms are required for all speakers. Forms can be downloaded the links below. Forms should be submitted to Angelina at amullins@corenetglobal.org.

Speaker Forms

Room: 251C


Sunday, October 20 - 9:00 - 5:00

Monday, October 21 - 7:00 - 6:00

Tuesday, October 22 - 7:00 - 5:00


Registration and Cancellation Policies

All Summit speakers are required to register for the Summit. Speakers are eligible for a 30% Speaker Discount off the current registration with the discount code provided by CoreNet Global. Rates and deadlines are posted on the Summit website.  The earlier you register the better the savings. Registration fees should be paid prior to arrival on-site.  If a situation arises where the fee is not paid prior to arrival, fees will be collected prior to entry to the Summit.

If you are not currently a member of CoreNet Global, you may want to explore becoming a member to take advantage of the lower registration rates and other member benefits.  

Cancellation Policy

Name Badges

Speakers are required to wear Summit badges while onsite.  The badge is used for security and access to our meeting spaces while onsite at the Summit. Badges are to be picked up at the registration desk.


A/V Equipment

Standard A/V Provided by CoreNet Global

  • 1 – Dell Laptop Intel i7
  • 1 Screen - appropriate size for room
  • 1 LCD Projector, with all cabling
  • Wireless Navigator (slide advancer)
  • 2 Handheld Wireless Microphone for Presenters
  • 1 Handheld Wireless on Stand in Audience or can be used for Presenter
  • Sound patch
  • Flipchart with markers

The meeting rooms will have complimentary Wi-Fi.

Additional A/V Orders -
Download, complete and return to the contact name shown on the form.  Costs associated with the additional request(s) via this order form are the responsibility of the speaker.

Room Sets/Overflow

We do our best to communicate the room set and provide room diagrams to speakers to assist them in planning their session.  In extreme situations, last minute changes may need to be made on-site at the venue to accommodate growing attendance numbers.  If a last-minute room set switch is required, your understanding and flexibility are appreciated, as we do everything we can to accommodate our attendees in overflow situations.

Overflow rooms are set with additional seating where the slides and audio can be heard.  At our North America Summit, popular sessions are streamed to one of our four Learning Theaters located on the Exhibit Hall floor. 

We strive to get the session content to our attendees in the most efficient way on-site.  However, there are times when a session should be overflowed but physical space is not available. We then turn to Content Capture (audio and file capture) recordings which will be available for on-demand viewing after the Summit.  All breakout session content will be made available online on the Knowledge Center shortly thereafter the Summit.


Please use the branded template for your presentation. We understand that there are slides where the content will not fit on the branded slide, in that case please use your own slide format for those slides.

Compressing Large PowerPoint Files -
If your file size is extremely large it is highly recommended that you compress your presentation using the instructions – PowerPoint Compression Instructions prior to attempting to load into Presentation Management.

About Your Presentation File

Presentation files must be uploaded to the “Presentation Management” site hosted by Freeman AV.

Upload Presentation -
The Primary Speaker will be responsible for uploading the final presentation file for the session into Presentation Management.  The login details (URL, username and password) will be sent to the primary speaker only.

Follow instructions found in the Presentation Management Creation and Upload Document to prepare your presentation for upload. Download the instructions using the link at the bottom of the page.

Confirmation That Your Presentation was Received -
After submitting a file, you will receive a confirmation email within an hour.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact PresentationManagement.com to ensure your file was received and copy Becky Binder at bbinder@corenetglobal.org.  When contacting support for technical issues please reference “CoreNet Global Summit” with the location (i.e. Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Orange County) and the speaker’s full name.

How to Make Changes to Your Presentation -
If you need to make changes to a presentation that you submitted, you may resubmit the files on the website using a new file name; you should also delete the earlier submission.  It’s strongly suggested to review your presentation prior to your session. Please visit the Speaker Ready Room within the hours noted below.

Benefits and Tips for Success

  • Your presentation may be uploaded in advance of the Summit or 4 hours before the start time of your session.
  • There is no need to bring a computer, your presentation will be preloaded on a computer in your session room.
  • It is highly recommended that you bring a backup copy of your presentation on a USB.
  • Bring your presentation upload, go to the Speaker Ready Room. Technicians will be available to assist you in uploading as well as allow you to preview of your slides (font, videos, images, etc.) prior to your arrival in the meeting room.

An audio file of your presentation will be recorded. The audio file will be added to your presentation file, so that the viewers will be able to hear the dialog and view the slides. Your presentation will include an audio file that will be uploaded to the Knowledge Center. Be sure to repeat questions from the audience so that the question and response can be heard in the recording.


If you would like to record a podcast for CoreNet Global’s new podcast channel, you may do so onsite during the Summit. If you would like to schedule an appointment prior to your arrival onsite, please email Alexis Carthan at acarthan@corenetglobal.org or complete the application online.


CoreNet Global does not have a photographer or videographer assigned to take photos for each breakout session. We have a floating photographer for the Summit and occasionally photos are taken during the breakout sessions but we do not have the ability to sort or share these images at this time.


Summit App

You are encouraged to download the Summit App and familiarize yourself with its functionality. The app will include information on the schedule, speakers and information on completing the session evaluations. It also provides alerts of any changes to program or events taking place at the Summit. 


It is important to note that the evaluation for your session is on the Summit App only. We ask that you conclude your session a few minutes early, hold up your phone and direct the audience to the App and Evaluation.  The evaluations are critical as they provide unbiased insights on the quality of the education sessions and are used to determine the Luminary Award Winners (top-rated speakers). 


If you plan to incorporate polling into your presentation, please reference the Polling Instructions document and plan to go to the Speaker Ready Room the day before your session.

Note: CoreNet Global can only support polling that happens via the Summit app.


Social Media

Be social!  In our connected age, one of the best ways we can spread the word, share information and invite people to take part in the Summit experience is by actively promoting sessions through social media. We encourage you to be as active as possible through your social media channels. Here are some best practices for CoreNet Global Summit social media:

  • CoreNet Global is especially active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. If you aren’t already following and/or connected with CoreNet Global on social media, please take a moment to do so.
  • When you are promoting your news and sessions, be sure to mention CoreNet Global, and we’ll be sure to retweet and share your posts.
  • Remember to include the hashtags #CNGHongKong / #CNGAmsterdam / #CNGOC as many attendees and those following the Summit news are following through these hashtags.
  • If you have any presentations, articles, podcasts, etc. housed online that you would like for us to promote as a teaser for your Summit presentations, please feel free to send links to them our way, and we can incorporate them into our social media schedule to help drum up some excitement.
  • Short videos are welcomed too. This could be an informative “sneak preview” to convey what your session is about and promote it. For examples, please see https://www.youtube.com/user/CoreNetGlobalInc/videos and https://www.corenetglobal.org/cngtv

CoreNet Global can be found on social media via the following usernames:

  • LinkedIn: CoreNet Global
  • Instagram: corenet_global
  • Twitter: @CoreNetGlobal
  • Facebook: CoreNetGlobal