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CoreNet Global is pleased to announce CNGtv, your channel for the latest news and happenings within corporate real estate starring, YOU, CoreNet Global members and subject matter experts.

You’re invited to share your insights, your perspectives, your experiences with other members through CNGtv. And, we make it easy. From your cell phone to your computer, you can use the devices you use every day to record video.

If you are interested in submitting a video, please review the general content submission policy and use disclaimer here and use our content submission portal to submit your video.

Our greatest strength is you, your experiences and insights. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on a future episode of CNGtv!

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Member Submitted Content

The Role of Data Standards

Lisa Stanley, CEO of OSCRE International, discusses corporate real estate's role in creating data standards as part of data governance strategy in support of digital transformation.

Visualize This: Discover the Power of Digital Twins

Our growing ability to gather and digest vast amounts of data makes it possible to make buildings “smarter” than ever. Ms. Salla Eckhardt of Microsoft Real Estate discusses how Digital Twins technology is changing the game by creating virtual models that mirror the performance of physical objects and systems in real-time. Listen as she pulls back the curtain on the use of Digital Twins and provides examples of companies using state-of-the-art tools to guide their decisions and enhance the performance of the built environment.

Siemens Real Estate India, Remote Monitoring Center – Global Innovators Award Finalist

Siemens Real Estate India needed a central system to streamline the whole process of real estate operations. The result? AVATAR (Automate, Virtualize, Analyze, Transform, Augment, Reality). As business verticals were moving towards digital portfolio the real estate piece needed to move the same way, as a number of infrastructure solutions were a part of Siemens' product portfolio. In order to maximize ROI they needed to do a lifecycle replacement rather than a onetime roll out. The aim was also to move away from a general approach of infrastructure management and toward a specialist approach of problem diagnosis and resolution. This helped benchmark against key performance indicators and also improved response time during emergencies, and explored use case of AI/ML models in RE portfolio. With this, Siemens could also achieve a larger organizational objective of Smart Infrastructure Management and would assist in managing Siemen's sustainability goals.

This video is sponsored by MRI Software - Historic Adaptive Reuse Corporate Office in Fort Worth, Texas – Global Innovators Award Finalist, a firm focusing on localized internet advertising and analytics, was looking to relocate their office to accommodate their growing needs. They were able to secure 80,000 SF in a one-hundred-year-old Mule Barn located by the famous Stock Yards. One key objective for the project team was to take careful consideration to preserve the historic nature of the barn during the renovation and the strategy for that objective was to work closely with the client and building management to ensure expectations were met for both the form and function of the space. The result was a clean, simple, and refreshed space that did not compete with the existing architecture.

This video is sponsored by MRI Software

EisnerAmper New York City Headquarters – Global Innovators Award Finalist

As part of EisnerAmper’s strategic transformation from a more traditional accounting firm model to a specialized business advisory, they wanted their office environment to also reflect this shift. The CEO challenged the FCA design team: “If our new offices look like an accounting firm, we will have failed.” The design team established four fundamental design pillars for their new 125,000 SF headquarters: Flexibility, Collaboration, Wellness, and Sustainability. All aspects of the new headquarters are supported by one of these pillars.

This video is sponsored by MRI Software

Genentech / City of South San Francisco Master Plan – Global Innovators Award Finalist

The new Genentech Campus Master Plan allows for future Genentech growth. It also provides flexibility to build a mix of office, lab, and manufacturing as needs dictate and to streamline the entitlement process for individual buildings when they are proposed. At the same time, the Master Plan commits Genentech to important sustainability initiatives in agreement with the city.

This video is sponsored by JLL

Occupier's Matt Giffune on Key Trends in Corporate Real Estate

Matt Giffune, co-founder at Occupier, a lease tenant solutions provider, discusses hybrid working, digital transformation, and changes in lease accounting standards.

This video is sponsored by JLL

Changing Attitudes Toward the Where and How of Work

Dr. Sanjay Rishi of JLL Work Dynamics for the Americas chats with Tim Venable of CoreNet Global. New JLL research shows that an outstanding office is the best way to engage employees post-COVID. And the No. 1 workforce priority? Work-life balance.

This video is sponsored by HNI Global

Pepper Construction's Net-Zero Jobsite Construction Trailer – Global Innovators Award

Pepper Construction has established a set of scalable strategies that make a tremendous impact on the built and natural environment, positioning our clients for success in the ever-changing future. By introducing strategies around refrigeration, renewable energies, insulation, water, and other systems on each of our projects, we can reduce or drawdown the amount of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere by buildings.

Collin Covote - Biome

David Harrison sits down with the CEO and Founder of Biome, Collin Covote to discuss how his clean-tech start-up is shaking up the corporate real estate industry.

This video is sponsored by Cresa

Melissa Jancourt and Cristina Banks: Workplace Wellness and Health

Melissa Jancourt, LEED-AP Workplace Consultant at TAC Design, and Cristina Banks, Director of Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces at UC Berkeley, discuss workplace wellness and health.

Del Boyette - Incentives and Economic Development

Longtime CoreNet Global member, Del Boyette, CEO/Founder of Boyette Strategic Advisors, discusses economic development incentives and how they impact location decisions.

Karen Whitt & Neil Mandt - Augmented Reality

Karen Whitt, President of Real Estate Management Services US at Colliers International, and Neil Mandt, CEO of The Layer Group, discuss how augmented reality and virtual reality advances can impact the corporate real estate profession.

Strategic Relationship Management & Governance

Colette Temmink, MCR, SLCR, Global Head of Integrated Facilities Management, Cushman & Wakefield; Kris Herrera, Senior Manager Vendor Program and Process at Adobe; Mark Moseley, SVP, Governance and Controls Manager for Bank of America Corporate Real Estate Services; and Ingrid Fenn, President and CEO at SIREAS, LLC, discuss strategic relationship management and governance.

Becky Laden - Flexible Spaces

Becky Laden, Global Director of Workplace Excellence at Symantec, discusses flexible spaces and workplace strategy.

Chris Ulrich & Chris Calhoun - Improvisation for Effective Leaders

Chris Ulrich, Founder/CEO of CU in the Moment, and Chris Calhoun, MCR, Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Strategy at T. Rowe Price, discuss how corporate real estate professionals can use improvisation to become effective leaders.

Bryan Berthold, MCR - Experience Matters

Bryan Berthold, MCR, Senior Managing Director of Workplace & Experience Strategy at Cushman&Wakefield, discusses how experience matters and what corporate real estate professionals can expect in the future.

Ben Waber - Humanyze and Employee Wellness

Ben Waber, President and Co-Founder of Humanyze, discusses Humanyze and employee wellness.

CLAYCO & Lamar Johnson Collaborative - Doing What it takes for their R&D Clients

Tim Venable, Senior Vice President of Content Development and Research at CoreNet Global, discusses collaboration and project management with Rick Moeckel, Executive Vice President, Institutional Business Unit Leader & Shareholder at CLAYCO and Tyler Meyr, Managing Director at Lamar Johnson Collaborative.

Hickey and Associates - Global Innovation Hubs

David Hickey, Managing Director at Hickey and Associates, sits down to discuss Global Innovation Hubs with his colleagues Guy Douetil, Paresh Shah and Anthea To.

Adam Hoy, MCR - GSK

Adam Hoy, MCR, VP, Head of Worldwide Real Estate & Facilities at GSK, discusses his role and the new operating model of GSK with Sonali Tare of CoreNet Global.

Regan Donoghue & Melony Bethala - Cognitive Bias is Bad for Business

Regan Donoghue, Regional Workplace Manager West Coast Lead, Newmark Knight Frank and Melony Bethala, Regional Workplace Manager, Newmark Knight Frank discuss how cognitive bias is bad for business.

Erwin Chong- Shifting Roles of CRE Professionals

Erwin Chong, Head of Corporate Real Estate Strategy and Administration at DBS Bank, discusses shifting the roles of corporate real estate professionals with David Harrison of CoreNet Global.

Vik Bangia, MCR - Experiential RFP Process

Vik Bangia, MCR, Verum Consulting, Inc. CEO, discusses experiential RFP process with Tim Venable, Senior Vice President of Content Development and Research at CoreNet Global.

Duncan Wardle - Igniting Creativity

Duncan Wardle, Creativity Consultant, Former Head of Innovation and Creativity for Disney discusses how igniting creativity will allow you to own customer experiences.

Candy Chang - Blending People and Spaces

Candy Chang, Urban Space Artist, talks about shared spaces and the vital role they play in our emotional health and kinship.

David Lubin & Abby Stoddart - Workplace Transformations

David Lubin, Managing Director and Principal at IA Interior Architects, discusses workplace transformations with Abby Stoddart, Director of Global Real Estate & Facilities at Mary Kay.

Simon O'Reilly & Vik Aggarwal

Sonali Tare of CoreNet Global interviews Simon O'Reilly of Newmark Knight Frank and Vik Aggarwal of Knotel. The three discuss Occupier to Provider: A Unique and Valuable CRE Industry Perspective.

Agne Zemaite, Danske Bank

Ange Zemaite, Workplace Anthrologist at Danske Bank, discusses how to create a campus from anthropological perspective.

Sandra Garcia, Steelcase

Sandra Garcia, Applied Research Consultant at Steelcase, discusses how to design a work experience for agile teams.

Vinod Rohira - Global Innovators Awards

Tim Venable, Senior Vice President, speaks with Vinod Rohira, K Raheja Corp Services about green sustainable practices reflected in the company's business plans.

Max Verteletskyi, Spaceti

Max Verteletskyi, founder of Spaceti, discusses how companies are adopting space utilization technologies with CoreNet Global Senior Director of Content Experience, Sonali Tare.

Ashley Lippitt and Alex Andel - Global Innovators Awards

Tim Venable, Senior Vice President, speaks with Ashley Lippitt and Alex Andel from CBRE about Host, the company's new integrated service and technology offering for corporate occupiers and institutional investors.

Ryan Martineau and Chris Pennington - Global Innovators Awards

Tim Venable, Senior Vice President, speaks with Ryan Martineau from Redaptive and Chris Pennington from CBRE about accelerating environmental performance without up-front capital utilizing EaaS Delivery.

Louisa Soon and Andrew Sun - Global Innovators Awards

Tim Venable, Senior Vice President, speaks with Louisa Soon and Andrew Sun, from RMIT University (Australia) at the 2019 Global Innovators Awards in Boston. The three discuss accelerated strategic asset management initiatives.

Joel Brenner & Steve Lefkowitz - Global Innovators Awards

Tim Venable, Senior Vice President of Knowledge and Research at CoreNet Global, interviews Steve Lefkowitz and Joel Brenner from WarnerMedia Group at the 2019 Global Innovator's Awards Competition.

Steve Weikal - Global Innovators Awards

Tim Venable, Senior Vice President, speaks with Steve Weikal, Head of Industry Relations at the MIT Center for Real Estate at the 2019 Global Innovators Awards in Boston. The two discuss innovative technology, business models and upcoming trends.

Kathleen Culver - Nokia

Kathleen Culver of Nokia outlines the importance of engaging IT and security, implementing services and understanding the total cost of ownership and illustrates how to move beyond proof of concept in a smart building deployment.

Tim Venable - Global Innovators Awards

Now in its 20th year, the Global Innovator’s Award recognizes innovators and game-changers in the field of corporate real estate. The winner for 2019 will be selected at a high-profile competition at MIT in July.

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