CRE Review - April 2017
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CRE Review - April 2017

April 2017

Corporate Real Estate Is Experiencing Radical Transformation. What Is Causing This Latest Paradigm Shift?

From author Christopher Kelly's vantage point, there are three disruption drivers in CRE. First, there's the type of work itself. Work-life balance is being replaced by work-life integration in which our work and life play out in parallel. The second driver is the real estate model. Rather than taking on entire buildings or floors with decade-long leases, businesses are seeking more flexibility in their office footprint. Finally, the movement toward the office as an experience as a crucial deciding factor in the war for talent. Progressive companies perceive amenities and wellness as an aspect of compensation alongside salaries and benefits.

Co-working - Understanding the Ongoing Evolution this information is for members only

Corporate co-working continues to be one of the most transformational trends in the workplace. The environment, amenities, cost savings and flexibility that co-working space offers makes a great case for all kinds of occupiers including small businesses, start-ups and larger companies. Demand for co-working space is growing at 10 - 15 percent on average per annum across all regions as companies embrace the concept of shared work spaces and collaboration. Explore Cushman & Wakefield's newest report, a survey partnership with CoreNet Global, and learn about the latest CRE strategies behind the co-working evolution.

Infrastructure and Corporate Real Estate

The failure of a major transportation route in Georgia highlights how important it is for corporate real estate to understand and influence the design of future cities and how companies will create corresponding workplace and site location strategies.

Beyond Site, What's Driving Location Decisions for Manufacturing Today?

Technology is impacting not only the way products are made inside a plant, but also the entire manufacturing ecosystem. A plant's location is a key link in the value chain of production. Access to skilled labor is also paramount as are power and infrastructure, access to suppliers, markets, and the business tax environment and more.

An Open Memo from the CIO to the VP of Real Estate

Corporate real estate teams continue to face increasing demands to deliver superior results for their organizations and key stakeholders, board members, and the C-Suite. Learn here ways that IT and CRE can work together for the good of your enterprise.

Exploiting Change and Uncertainty to Drive Corporate Value

Powerful forces shaped by global demographic, technologic, economic and political shifts are disrupting how and where business is done. Many of today's best real estate management and workplace practices will morph and, in some cases, disappear as new approaches emerge and are implemented. How can corporate real estate professionals take advantage of this uncertainty to drive value and ensure the success of their companies?