CRE Review - February 2017
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CRE Review - February 2017

February 2017

Truth, Trust, Belief and Value: Impact on Team Effectiveness and Space Design

Design with these four principles at the forefront of workplace fosters teamwork and leads to innovation, providing a competitive advantage and the potential to effectively chart an organizations ideal future.

Show You the Money? We Are!

Corporate real estate is a critical function in the organization that is rising in the hierarchy because it intersects with practically every other role: where people work and how they work. Every year, we reaffirm this fact, as it is reflected by increasing compensation levels. CoreNet Global, along with FPL Associates, has tracks compensation with an annual global survey of the profession.

How Corporate Real Estate Can Align – and Stay Aligned – With the Enterprise

If you understand what the CEO and board of your organization see as threats to the business and their goals and plans to address the risks and seize new opportunities for growth, you're in a position to figure out where you fit to help the company achieve those goals. We provide some steps you can take and questions to consider – regardless of your access to the C-suite or where you are in the corporate hierarchy – to align your actions with enterprise goals. See the complete article, with detailed examples from Toyota, Citibank, P&G and other companies.

The Bigger Picture: The Future of Corporate Real Estate

We live in a world that is more globally connected than ever before, changing more rapidly than ever before, and constantly disrupted by technological innovation. It is replete with both risks and opportunities. How will these changes impact the need for workspace? How will they impact what kind of spaces are made available and where? These are the questions that the CRE executive will have to consider – and answer. Check out the entire report.

Economic Development Directory

Economic development organizations play a crucial role in the corporate real estate profession by connecting companies with communities. They can provide detailed information on their service areas – labor force, transportation, sites, available buildings, financial incentives and more – to assist companies in making sound business decisions about where to invest. The annual Economic Development Directory is a useful resource for expansion-minded companies.

Occupier Strategy Drivers

Corporate real estate leaders around the world are focused on strategies to attract and retain superior employees and help enhance their productivity. At the same time, they must continually find ways to reduce occupancy costs. The overriding challenge is to balance these two often opposing goals. A new global survey conducted by Cushman & Wakefield and CoreNet Global examines not only location and workplace strategy as corporate value drivers, but also CRE’s alignment with business strategy.