CRE Review - November 2016
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CRE Review - November 2016

November 2016

CoreNet Global Summit in Philadelphia: All available presentations from the Global Summit have been uploaded to the Knowledge Center.

Meet Global Innovator's Award Finalists: Earlier this year, leading organizations in corporate real estate (CRE) presented their credentials for consideration for the coveted 2016 H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator's Award (GIA). Finalists competed through presentations at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge in July. Find out who won!

this information is for members only Disruption = Demand: The onset and subsequent aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis has redefined "normal" and instilled a new, more cautious corporate mind-set. The need for businesses to respond quickly to changes in operational conditions has never been greater. Put simply, business are faced with the most competitive, fast moving and disruptive business environment in memory.

From the Field to the Boardroom: What Sports can Teach Us About Engagement & Performance: We suffer today from chronic disengagement. Sixty-five to 70 percent of workers are considered "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" in their work, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive. This has a direct impact to the bottom line as engagement affects quality, creativity, staff attraction and retention, health benefit costs and customer satisfaction. Interestingly, many leaders have turned to the sports industry for answers.

Discovering the Power of Professional Influence: Leadership is about collaborating with and influencing others. Great leaders are able to influence not only their direct reports, but clients, colleagues, decision-makers, and others over whom they have little or no formal authority. Through the use of storytelling, videos, self-assessments, self-reflection, and small group activities, this presentation helps participants discover their purpose, discern the needs of others, identify win-win solutions, and demonstrate grazia and sprezzatura in order to persuade others without being pushy.