CRE Review - October 2016
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CRE Review - October 2016

October 2016

Corporate Sustainability: Top corporate real estate (CRE) executives are recognizing that the growing, global, movement toward "corporate sustainability" has created a remarkable opportunity for CRE to offer C-suite visible strategic leadership. CoreNet Global "Sustainability Strategies" MCR seminar faculty observe, "Sustainability creates an unprecedented opportunity for CRE."

Embedding Diversity and Inclusion into Business: Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are increasingly accepted as fundamental business necessities in today's employment market. Organizations recognize the potential to achieve better business results and attract and retain the best talent is increased when people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives are included in the decision-making.

this information is for members only Measuring Knowledge Worker Productivity: Have you been searching for the Holy Grail - a broadly applicable metric for measuring knowledge worker productivity? Discover the 6 factors that are scientifically proven to correlate to knowledge worker performance, which can act as a proxy measure.

Measuring Wellbeing Beyond the Physical Workplace: Healthy employees contribute to a healthy bottom line, but to embrace this, our entire approach to workplace requires transformation. The current wellbeing paradigm is stuck measuring the cost of various degrees of illness rather than calculating the value of higher levels of wellness and proactively enabling us to thrive. It is not a simple solution – a gym or standing desk – but an ongoing process that requires coordination across leadership, space, technology and policies to deliver change.