CRE Review - January 2016
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CRE Review - January 2016

January 2016

Lessons from the Frontline – Real Estate Planning for Today’s Reality: In the days of more traditional tenants, like banks and insurance companies, planning was an annual event. Most companies routinely prepared five-to-ten-year plans and set out to implement against them. By Contrast, today’s corporate real estate executives…. Read the full article >>>

Craft Beer Pours Into Commercial Real Estate: The growing popularity of craft beer in the United States presents opportunities for owners of both warehouses and retail spaces to purpose their buildings to enable brewers to produce and/or sell their output.  Login and read the full report here >>>

Global Cities Report 2016: The UN is forecasting the world’s cities to increase in population by 380 million people in the next five years. Consequently, the planet will need to build the equivalent of five cities the size of Los Angeles every year between now and 2020, and all the supporting infrastructure. The development potential of this rapid urbanization is huge, offering considerable opportunities to firms and investors that operate globally.  Login and read the full report here >>>