CRE Review - July 2017
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CRE Review - July 2017

July 2017

Big Data

Can you answer the questions "Where do we have excess space?" and "What is it costing us?" Answers to complex questions like this add to the comprehensive evidence needed to support decision-making. Learn how one company is responding to a need for "big, fast data" and, in particular, what they are doing to address related data-integration challenges.

Learning through Change

As the corporate real estate (CRE) profession continues to evolve for a new generation, change has become the only constant. The "uberization" of traditional models is impacting business now and making the future more fluid than ever before. The organization that embraces change can open up new opportunities for their employees and the company. Learning that actively engages the learner and offers content in the context of this changing environment can provide insights and skill sets for this "new normal". Part of CoreNet Global's mission is to equip corporate real estate professionals with the skill sets that will be essential in this ever-changing world. Visit Professional Development for more information.

Smart Cities, Wellness, and the Future of Work

Many corporations are making an effort to provide employees with collaborative, open, attractive workspaces with the intent to create happier, more engaged and satisfied employees. The theory is that it's possible to affect employee behavior within the four walls of a corporate office environment by changing how employees work. However, the proof of this theory is still a work-in-progress.

The Rise of Walkable Urbanism this information is for members only

Walkable Urbanism is a concept that is becoming increasingly adopted into urban as well as suburban areas. The idea that you don't have to get into a car to dine, shop, or even go to work is more and more attractive. Many cities in Europe as well as Asia, as they grew, grew in a manner that encouraged mobility via mechanisms other than a car. For example, China's ancient "hutongs" embody this concept, with their narrow alleys and lively atmosphere. Public transit, bike lanes, and walkable access to amenities are features of some of the biggest cities in the world, no matter where they are located. However, in many countries, including the United States, it is only in recent years that these concepts are taking firmer root. Some US cities, such as Boston, Chicago, and New York evolved around these concepts, but other cities such as Dallas and Atlanta, were known as the poster-children for suburban sprawl. This is beginning to change, and this paper examines three ways in which this evolution will impact cities.

2017 Technology Directory

Technology is transforming not only the built environment but the entire corporate real estate profession. As a reader service, the LEADER presents the 2017 Technology Directory featuring companies providing technology-related products and services.

Healthy Choices: GSK's Internal and External Partnering Strategies for Growth in Asia

As a global healthcare company, GSK focuses on strategic priorities that invariably drive its Worldwide Real Estate & Facilities (WREF) team to seek out key internal and external partners to optimise service delivery in key areas. The Asia region is particularly complex and heterogeneous, with five distinctly different business types and over 300 sites. With this region as a targeted market for growth, GSK depends on transformational thinking and integrated solutions from its APAC WREF team. Within a culture deemed collaborative and collegiate, GSK approached the challenge using a structured process and evidence-based decision-making.

University Ambassador Program

You can help raise the profile of the corporate real estate profession and cultivate a robust and diverse pipeline of talent by becoming a Campus Ambassador.

The CoreNet Global Campus Ambassador Program builds on the pre-existing relationships many members already have with their alma maters in order to raise awareness of corporate real estate and the rewarding career opportunities available to students and recent graduates. The Ambassadors Program complements and augments the work of existing chapter University Outreach efforts and can help extend the reach of CoreNet Global to places without chapter/networking group representation. Serving as a Campus Ambassador is an excellent way to give back to your profession, expand your personal network, and deepen your relationship with your alma mater and fellow alumni.