CRE Review - October 2015
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CRE Review - October 2015

October 2015

Feeding The Peak – Time to Rethink Our Approach to Peak Usage? “...why do we keep constructing roads, railways, office spaces and energy infrastructure to serve peak demands when so much of this capacity is left unused for so much of the time? Read the full article >>>.

Multinational Corporations Weigh Risks vs. Rewards: Global corporations operating in Russia are managing a delicate balancing act that combines both long- and short-term strategies. Russia is considered by many global companies to be a strategically important market. Read the full article >>>

Innovating the Value Proposition for Corporate Real Estate: The focus of multinational corporations regarding the real estate workplace has evolved from the basic objective of minimizing costs to the more strategic objective of maximizing value. The revised mandate focuses on generating the optimal level of value from all available resources... Read the full article >>>.

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Interview with Greg Hunt, Director of Facilities Administration, Mary Kay Inc. Read the Q&A >>> .