Letter from David Kamen, Immediate Past Chair
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Letter from David Kamen, Immediate Past Chair

David Kamen

April 9, 2020

To All CoreNet Global Members

I want to sincerely thank you all for your investment in CoreNet Global and for your support during my tenure as Chair, which as you know, has come to a close.

Working on your behalf as an officer on the board, and as Chair, has been nothing short of a privilege.

I have been involved with the Board long enough to understand the trajectory of the CoreNet Global culture, its membership and its impact on corporate real estate.

I’m very proud of the many numerous accomplishments that we achieved together, including but not limited to:

  • Membership reaching new levels, now at more than 11,000;
  • An updated learning program that has been revamped to embrace new ways of learning, such as an online model;
  • New recognition of Senior Leaders within CoreNet Global who have contributed for many years in a variety of ways; and
  • Young and emerging leader recognition.

Over many years, CoreNet Global has predicted with stunning accuracy the way that our field and work, in general, would evolve. And working with you, through FutureForward 2025, we have set our sights on the next iteration of our association and our profession. I can honestly say that today there is as much opportunity and potential for positive growth as I have ever seen.

As I write this, we are enduring the unprecedented pandemic that has uprooted all of our lives. I’m proud that as an association we were as prepared as we possibly could have been. And I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to speak to our members personally in Singapore at the GLobal Summit.

But through it all, I truly believe CoreNet Global’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead.

I congratulate Michelle Myer on becoming the new Chair and I will contribute to her success, and that of CoreNet Global and corporate real estate in any way I can.