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This lively discussion will tease out and develop three distinct themes, what do CRE leaders want, what is expected of CRE, and what are the opportunities for growth.
Agility, experience and choice have become the main drivers of real estate strategy, occupiers face a challenge to develop and implement real estate strategies that can allow business variability and evolving employee needs.
Solving the multi-generational mismatch between needs and workstyles is crucial to providing an optimal workplace and key data on how Millennials and Gen Z want to work and what the non-negotiable drivers are can help.
Post-pandemic, the emphasis on nurturing Human and Social Capital has gained further traction in making workplace Health & Wellbeing an ESG focus area. Learn how can leaders judge if their investments are achieving the intended effect.
A CSO is the ultimate value provider with a complex role - single point of contact, liaising with various internal partners, connecting individuals of diverse backgrounds, and being a trusted advisor to the client.
Join this panel discussion on the ‘digital-physical fusion’ of modern work, deliberating the implications of our new ways of working, and workplace technologies on our digital and physical workplaces.
What is ‘climate-positive’? The session will look at a few climate-positive approaches for sustainable real estate, and examine two proven rating & benchmarking systems that can help enterprises achieve these goals.
This session will focus on CRE changes which lead to DEI success. Panelists will share stories from leading organizations, focusing on how companies with ESG goals are also achieving success via traditional measures.
Hear from the next generation of talent! Student teams from universities around the world were invited to compete in a competition where they are asked to play the role of an internal corporate real estate team.
The panel will discuss what the important factors to consider are, when selecting an outsourcing model, as well as the key components needed to set up the partnership for success and not failure.
The session will delve into the Metaverse and how it applies to Corporate Real Estate. Participants will understand how to develop and apply a Metaverse strategy.
What was unexpected about the recent changes in the way and places we work was not that it happened but rather how unprepared organisations and leaders were. Who’s in charge of what happens next?
Today, Corporations believe that their real estate can have a tangible, positive impact on people, placemaking and the community at large and are allocating investment to design/space projects that can create this impact.
Office space has been redesigned to cater for hybrid working with a focus on the employee experience and cultivating workplace culture – learn from the experiences and challenges of leaders who’ve dealt with this firsthand.
Assumptions that the younger generations do not want to be in the office have been shown to be inaccurate. So, how can the office and office experience become a recruitment tool for future generations?
It is critical for leaders to build a culture of well-being and equity for the success of their organizations. CRE/HR/IT will need to look at workplaces through a shared vision of health/safety/DEI at the center of their decision-making policies.
Pru Life UK Philippines realised their current workplace no longer provided employees with the tools they needed to perform. And so a completely new way of thinking about the workplace was devised.
From predicting building asset life cycle opportunities and risks to providing reliability-based maintenance strategies, the session will explore whether AI/IoT/VR and other smart tech is still solving gaps.
Through this hands on session, delve into superstar companies + Level 5 teams and the culture that they promote while also understanding the role of operational efficiencies.
Panelists will share academic insights, alongside live dynamic data models to show what happens when you magnetise employees into an 'experience traction beam' that willingly draws them back to your offices.
The panel will discuss the use of advanced data analytics within their businesses to bring together an array of stakeholder needs and perspectives, and support real estate planning and execution to maximise effectiveness.
How does corporate real estate react and navigate through ambiguities to achieve rationalization and optimization of portfolio strategies and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.
Join this engaging debate and audience participation style discussion, to explore the simple ideas/strategies that made DBS’ Net Zero ambitions possible through a case study of DBS Newton Green.
This panel discussion will cover discuss the economic prognosis of major Asian countries in the face of a possible global slowdown, and the impact on corporate real estate.
Even with the best strategies, weak social capital can slow down productivity and stop desired strategic outcomes being achieved. Organizations need to put things back together in a way that promotes strong social capital.
The session will illustrate opportunities to transform the physical workplace into a powerful tool for cultivating a sense of belonging.
The panel, representing companies with leading global DEI approaches, will share practical experience and insights into how CRE plays its part and, specifically their challenges and solutions in the APAC region.
To deliver a space that meets new needs, it will need business, people, and financial leads to come together. The panel will focus on challenges and potential solutions for delivering the office of the future.

For companies, the best way to bring people back is unclear, with some using mandates, some using choice; but all are rethinking the space people will come back to. How do you know what will really work, and where to invest?

The panel will address the importance of digital connectivity and smart capabilities in creating a safe and inspirational space for tenants to collaborate and socialise, while ensuring business continuity.
The previous “flat” world of global trade and supply chains has been severely disrupted by a global pandemic and new geopolitical realities. How is Southeast Asia positioned to compete and succeed in this new world?
Businesses dedicated the past 24 months to evolving the workplace towards collaborative verticals. The speakers will discuss pausing on the rebuilding process and instead challenging foundations of the who, the what, the how.
Closing the gap between intentions and behavior to make sustainable and measurable progress in Corporate Responsibility, involves setting measurable targets that extend across business lines where everyone works toward the same objectives.
Trends in Facilities Management include the evolving skills set of facilities managers, how to leverage technology to be successful, and how to use data to drive insight and effectiveness.
Explore the journey of coworking spaces in Indian markets and how the markets adapted, innovated, and responded in their unique ways to COVID-19 disruptions. Get a gist of the Indian CRE market's strengths and opportunities.
Discover what CRE leaders are doing, what’s working/not, unexpected surprises, and pain points as they experiment with new workplace approaches to bring employee empowerment and a hybrid work model into reality.
The proliferation of proptech, with the improvement of IoT and connected technologies, has created a new wave of companies promising an innovative future for CRE professionals. Understand where this evolution will take CRE


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