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Unlocking the Magnetic Office

How we plan, design, and manage the workplace of the future depends on deeply understanding the underlying employee value proposition for why an office, a place we go to work, contributes to our professional and personal well-being. The key to this understanding begins with diagnosing utilization patterns among various office users. Within this year’s CoreNet Global/ CBRE Institute annual CRE&F Management Practices study, utilization was noted as the most common metric for guiding CRE operations and performance—leapfrogging both occupancy costs and employee engagement. This is because all eyes on are utilization – from CRE to the C-Suite, to stockholders. At the same time, organizations are trying to reconcile the motivations and biases of management and their workforce relative to how much or how little they need to work together in the office. The current struggle to reoccupy the office reflects this tension between management, who want a return to pre-pandemic routines, and recalcitrant employees who will trade their jobs for more flexibility. This session will explore recent work that examines patterns of utilization, organizational sentiment, and legacy office conditions to offer insight that is helping organizations create a more magnetic office experience. It will include a two-fold discussion that will explore the underlying data and analytics and how CBRE is using that data to inform the future workplace and drive increased utilization rates.
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