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The Power of Collaboration to Develop Industry-Leading Solutions

In keeping with the CoreNet’s theme, The Power of Perspective, this session highlights the opportunities presented by leveraging the diverse perspectives and strengths of multiple service providers and CRE professionals. Tricia Trester, Head of Client Solutions for Cresa and Terri Johnson, Director of Global Real Estate and Workplace Strategy for 3M - will begin the session by asking the audience to respond to several questions about their own experience using and/or working with multiple perspectives. The audience will be asked to engage several times throughout the session. Tricia and Terri will discuss their personal experience working with diverse teams to frame the panel conversation, both from a service provider and client perspective. Breanna Treptow, Real Estate Manager for 3M, is joined by 3M’s real estate providers (in addition to Cresa): Chris Zlocki from Colliers, and Jamie Ergle from Cushman & Wakefield. The team will share their experience, openly addressing any challenges encountered and solutions implemented while designing a strategic and effective Real Estate Roadmap. Specifically, the team will describe a recent transformation workshop where the service providers worked closely with 3M to identify three pillars of opportunity for Best Practices, Strategy and Brand. By the end of the workshop, the collective team developed initiatives to support each pillar and drafted a roadmap that strategically leveraged each providers’ strengths. This exercise is a testament to the positive outcomes achieved when we are inclusive and committed to integrating diverse skill sets and perspectives. The speakers will also offer other examples of experiences, good and bad, calling out best practices and how to put the right tools and governance in place to ensure success.
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