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The Flight to Quality: the Role of Wellbeing in an Outstanding Workplace Experience

It is now more critical than ever for organisations to understand how the spaces employees use impact their ability to do their work, and what the key drivers are for employee experience. Leesman has been unearthing these insights for over a decade, and have conducted a survey that has received over 1 million responses. Given the amount of data, Leesman has been able to map which work activities contribute the most to desired business outcomes. There is also data that shows that some things matter more than others to employees, when it comes to them judging the spaces organisations provide. These are called ‘sentiment superdrivers’, which can be thought of as the biggest ‘bang for buck’ must haves. Fail to deliver on these and the workplace fails the employee. This session will be co-presented by Leesman, IWBI and GSK. After laying the foundation around the topic of Wellbeing and some insights from the Leesman benchmark, GSK will explain how they created an outstanding workplace experience in their Bangalore Luxor Building, which has been certified Leesman+.
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