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The Changing Role of CRE - Are You Ready? | 2023 CoreNet Global Summit in Denver

In today's hybrid and remote working world, the day-to-day impacts of corporate real estate are not as prevalent as they once were. As work becomes an activity, not just a place, the role of real estate leaders is evolving, presenting them with the opportunity to redefine their impact within their organization. Changes in employee expectations, technology and people policies are impacting corporate real estate and high-lighting new interdependencies. This also raises questions about what CRE teams should do differently and how real estate leaders distinguish their role from talent, technology and HR teams. To redefine their role, real estate leaders must understand the key trends shaping employee interaction in the future workplace, what areas they can have the most significant influence on and who else in the organization they must work with. Understanding these trends will allow real estate leaders to have proactive influence in their organization, rather than be reactors. This presentation and interactive discussion will highlight the trends, identified through a survey, that impact the role of corporate real estate teams as they redefine their impact.
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