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Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace

People are the most valuable asset of any organization. Our unique perspectives and diverse skill sets foster innovation and creativity, making it essential to build teams representing various backgrounds and experiences. By promoting neurodiversity in our workplaces - and recognizing the importance of accommodating the needs of all individuals - we can strengthen our teams. This session will explore ways to promote diversity in the workplace by encouraging different perspectives. Speakers will demonstrate how creating an inclusive work environment fosters rich interactions, stronger teams, innovative solutions, and a thriving culture. The focus will be on new approaches that align with Universal Design goals, ensuring work environments support ecological and human health through material sourcing and planning. During the discussion, attendees will receive a walkthrough of bp America's Washington DC & Westlake Campus, which employed the assessment tool during the design phases to promote variety, flexibility, and choices that align with the organization's "People First" approach. Perkins&Will worked closely with bp's internal Design & Transformation Teams and their Colleague Experience Lead for bp America's to identify and implement design improvements that would enhance their work environments to better support a diverse workforce.
Denver2023 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Employee Engagement Workplace Strategy KCO KC