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Strategies for an Integrated Tech Program Across Your CRE Portfolio

Advanced technologies tend to exist beyond real-world application for a while, as most of us teeter on the cusp existing somewhere in the middle of the bell curve of tech adoption—including an on-going practice of tinkering with our audio settings on virtual calls. There has been a cacophony of thoughts around Metaverse, neuroscience, and even whispers of quantum computing, and yet they still seem so intangible to the impact that they have on our workday. Though, with endless rising technologies, we can no longer be ensconced in the middle-of-the-road tech adoption to remain competitive. As hybrid continues to manifest, the pressure to build an ‘always on’ and a destination of choice workplace experience will require a smarter operational program that is continually optimized to differentiate commercial real estate portfolios. At an enterprise level, adding a new tech or data platform that solves for one organizational challenge can quickly generate a dozen more if a tailored program hasn’t been considered. Today, a greater variety of technology and data tools are available and with it has bred a strong desire for simplicity. How do we distill these newfangled tech concepts and bridge these two worlds together to bring the latest technologies into our workplace and have them complement—and not compete against—each other? What are the best technologies out there that bring value across an organization at scale? What are the outcomes of having a unified tech approach?
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