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PepsiCo Beverages’ State of the Art Location in Denver

This session will review the end-to-end process for selecting Denver as the location for the new manufacturing facility, sustainability agenda. PepsiCo, Inc., through its operating division Pepsi Beverages North America, committed to construct a state-of-the-art bottling and beverage production facility in the High Point development at High Point Boulevard and Dunkirk Street. Join the session to hear the lessons learned for a project that is embracing new technologies in manufacturing and sustainability to increase productivity, efficiency, safety and meet our goals. This project is considered a Mega project and included high engagement with economic development, such as working with legislators, the governor’s office, and economic agencies (workforce development). The panel will provide lessons learned and strategies to break through “noise”, including how the team ensured that the project obtained and retained the interest from the state and local economic developers. For this project to be a success, from the point of view of PepsiCo, community engagement has been paramount. Further, navigating internal and external stakeholders was not always easy, and it was important for the project to be able to leverage incentives to be more cost effective.
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