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Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures: What CRE Leaders Need to Know

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures (M&A/D) continues to be at the top of the C-suite’s strategic agenda, with a record number of deals in 2022 and 2023. Deals often result in significant, rapid shifts in a company’s real estate portfolio causing disruption in the operating model. CRE leaders must understand how to drive portfolio value, minimize stranded costs, reduce TSAs, and maximize synergies. From the initial planning stage to actual execution, real estate plays an integral part, facilitating the role of a key downstream and upstream function, to avoid operational disruption and extra costs. The panel will host leaders from companies, sharing a wealth of practical knowledge, personal experiences and insights into how they navigated complex transactions and will provide real-world examples of opportunities derived from these deals. The panel will cover topics such as the impact of M&A/D on real estate portfolios, strategies for managing real estate assets, CRE transformation opportunities arising from transactions, and best practices from all stages of the transaction lifecycle. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges CRE leaders are facing, define CRE’s role in M&A/D deals, and identify transformation opportunities and best practices critical for improved decision making and value creation.
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