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Living Your “Why”: Elevate Customer & Employee Experiences by Activating Your Brand, Culture, & Social Purpose

What do community-driven artwork, tapestries woven from over 50,000 recycled plastic bags, and a re-imagined New York City landmark have in common? They tell a brand’s story and social purpose from the moment you enter the space. The “destination workplace” is not a new concept, but are we truly leveraging the best of design to create compelling spaces that draw people in, inspire and connect them? Consumers and employees alike are crying out for big, bold changes – the status quo won’t cut it anymore. Spaces must be commute-worthy — offering memorable experiences and amenities that drive innovation and wellbeing, spark inspiration, bring joy, and even influence social impact. By activating and elevating the physical and digital experience, your space becomes a place that reflects the people within it, brings opportunities to connect, and evokes pride. In this panel, we will discuss how art, design and digital experiences – taking examples from across industries including hospitality, retail, entertainment and – workplace – can be a vehicle for creating purpose, engagement, culture, and community impact.
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