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Hack This - Design Thinking for Workplace Evolution

March of 2020 has long come and gone. We’re not past COVID, but we are learning to live with it. And when it comes to the work and the workplace, we’re entering new frontier and with a sense of urgency. How so? We’re not “snaping back” to working the way we did three years ago. We have changed the way we work and proven we can be flexible and work effectively that way. Eighty percent of the U.S. workforce is working in a hybrid fashion at this point, and most are resisting going back to the office full-time. Offices don’t support workers’ needs anymore. The waiting game is up. Organizations can’t keep holding out for the dust to settle. Many offices have a very low utilization, yet tenants continue to spend millions on rent and building owners on operational costs. The thing is, solving problems the way we have in the past isn’t enough. We need new tools and methods to help accelerate our thinking. We need to be future-focused, without being encumbered by the past. That’s where design thinking comes in. This workshop is about breaking big problems down into smaller pieces. We will use design thinking and hackathon strategies to spark new ideas, looking for innovation and incremental change that may shape what work looks like in the coming decade.
Denver2023 Design Thinking Innovation Workplace KCO KC