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Global Shifts and the Impact on the Business World

The pandemic impacted the entire world simultaneously. Every continent, country, city, and individual has experienced the same battle. Each country had its own unique perspective and approach for how they attempted to handle the crisis. Teams of scientists and doctors from all parts of the world came together to explore how best to understand and fight this illness. As the scale of the pandemic has waned, and economies have continued to rev back up, there is a greater awareness of our global interconnectedness; people and organizations have become more resilient; and accelerations in technological innovation have created new ways for the world to more seamlessly interact. In contrast, this same sense of resolve has not carried over to other global issues. In fact, you can easily argue that worldwide cooperation has declined further than pre-pandemic times. Our panel of experts, in a campfire style, will share their perspectives on for how the convergence of shifting cultural and societal norms, consumer demand, technological complexities, regulatory and legal frameworks and geopolitical instability are creating new challenges, opportunities and are shaping new patterns of a global economy and the interaction between countries, corporations and the workforce.
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