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Get, Set, Go - Lessons on Effective Team Building

In the world of auto-racing, talented drivers and their intricate machines rely on a diverse team of experts to service the vehicle every time it requires a pitstop. While this flurry of activity lasts just a few seconds, it’s timing and duration can make or break a race. The time it takes for a racer and their crew to complete the Pit Process is called the Delta Time. According to BCG, “the rate of transformation success rises by more than 80% if a clear purpose is defined.” To gain this clarity to drive effective workplace transformations, various teams need to come together and perform seamlessly. An elevated vantage point enables a view of larger patterns and inter-dependencies leading to adaptation, re-calibration, and new solutions. Balance, speed, precision and adaptability are all key ingredients that make for an effective NASCAR Pit Crew. Similarly, we are all well aware that finance, business, RE, HR, and IT subject matter experts need to work as a team to transform a workplace. More often than not, the weakest link in the chain will result in failure for the whole team. In this session we learn how effective teams, specifically those on the race car circuits, work together to win the race. Successful coordination of these experts is paramount in optimizing the Delta Time. How can members of our very own workplace transformation teams identify blindspots, learn from each other, change, repeat and then proceed into winning in workplace transformation journeys?
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