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Extending CRE’s Reality: Building Inclusive Cultures Through Collaborative XR

XR technology, a combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), is transforming the way we design and experience space and has value as both process and product. As a process, XR has the potential to create a shared virtual environment fostering communication and understanding between groups with different objectives. It offers a singular platform to make informed choices, create sustainable spaces, and provide an equitable experience for users. As a product, XR models serve a dual role as virtual amenity space for end users to collaborate, present, and socialize to bridge the trans-spatial divide. However, as with any new technology, challenges remain that require thoughtful consideration to ensure success. Through client case studies and interactive live demos, we illustrate the benefits and challenges of XR technology as a consensus and culture builder from design through implementation. This presentation shares both design and client perspective, showcasing the collaborative advantages to rapidly prototype novel design concepts, program strategies, and user journeys while simultaneously decreasing the time between review, sign-off, and budget allocation for physical construction. When done correctly, the process becomes the product, a pixel place or virtual window for end users to interact with their colleagues in an immersive experience that both stimulates and soothes.
Denver2023 Emerging Trends Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Workplace Design KCO KC