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EQ and You: Tracking Environmental Quality to Create Healthier (Hybrid) Workplaces and Retain Talent

It’s no secret the environmental quality (EQ) of our workplaces can have profound impacts on our health, butits influence doesn’t stop there. As consumers of 40% of energy globally, buildings have the potential totransform our environment through reductions in air pollutants . And providing work settings that promotewellness is not only the right thing to do; it’s also a key decision criterion for top talent amid the GreatResignation. This is especially poignant as companies are finding ways to lure employees back to the office ina “post pandemic” world. But how do we do this and how do we know if our offices are healthy, especially when “office” could mean a commercial building, a nook at home, or anywhere in between? We will introduce the latest science on healthy buildings and explore the sensing devices that are helpingorganizations and individuals adjust their workspaces for greater well-being. This science will delve into thecapturing of environmental controls such as noise, lighting, temperature, and humidity and the effects theyhave on human performance in space plans. This presentation will bridge awareness and action. We’ll discuss how people can begin tracking EQ,uncovering improvement areas, and enacting practical interventions—from affordable, simple actions tolarger, more impactful
Denver2023 Return to Office Sustainability Technology & The Built Environment KCO KC