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Discover Nordic Companies' Successful Hybrid Way of Working and Activity-Based Work Implementations

The session will showcase the Nordic Way of Working and how this approach has been successfully implemented through a hybrid and flexible way of working, even before the pandemic. The speakers will share insights into the core reasons how organizations can create modern work environments that prioritize employee productivity and well-being through activity-based working. Further, the session will delve into how robust and supportive leadership and a sense of community play a crucial role in implementing successful hybrid work arrangements. Lessons for leaders include, understanding that creating a culture that values results over presenteeism requires a shift in mindset and real-time feedback as the most important tool for success. Actionable tips and strategies for how global companies can expedite their journey towards a flexible work environment that supports desk sharing or activity-based work arrangements will add to this fast-paced session. These include involving employees in the transition, providing the necessary technology and infrastructure, establishing clear communication and collaboration channels, and setting measurable goals and metrics.
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