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Demystifying the "S" in ESG: Scalable and Creative Strategies

To achieve true sustainability, today’s CRE leaders must raise the bar on social impact measurement and shift their focus from net zero to net impact by thinking outside the box. In this interactive roundtable, CRE, ESG, and DEI leaders at State Street, Shell, Hines, and Humana will join Liz Powers, co-founder and CEO of ArtLifting, to discuss why the “S” in ESG is important and the novel and creative ways to implement, measure, and scale social impact strategies. Speakers will share their challenges and chronicle their journeys to successfully identify and incorporate ESG and DEI opportunities in their real estate projects in ways that do not require new work, but doing work differently. Among other strategies, the group will share their experience investing in artwork by marginalized artists as a way to create economic opportunity, foster community, and reduce stigma and stereotypes. If companies prioritize universal and inclusive design to create a sense of belonging in the workplace, everyone benefits. Speakers will reveal how these strategies support cross-departmental goals and provide a multitude of benefits including improving well-being, creativity, and productivity amongst employees, as well as enhancing their brands. By emphasizing the need to act decisively, attendees will learn the importance of prioritizing the “S”, how a DEI lens can be embedded into every business decision, and ways to take action to generate meaningful and measurable change.
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