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Delivering Microsoft’s Sustainable Zero-Carbon Campus: An End User’s Perspective

During this long project, a frequent question from other corporate end users was “How did you get support from senior company leadership?” And particularly for a project focused on Sustainability, which is one of Microsoft’s core principles in addition to Connected, Accessible, and Secure. We set out to build 17 new buildings and a 3 Million square feet underground parking garage on 72 acres on Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA, with an end-user perspective on company and leadership goals alignment, and an enduring commitment to remain flexible and confront historic challenges. Project sustainability commitments include: Reduce embodied carbon 30% Power with 100% renewable energy Reduce water consumption by 5.8 million gallons annually ILFI Zero Carbon certification and offsetting 100% of the project’s carbon Design supports the health of our employees and the ecosystem Salmon-Safe certified Zero Waste certification during operation LEED Platinum certification These commitments are realized by the campus site and building design, parking garage, athletic fields, an 1100’ pedestrian/bike bridge, and a Thermal Energy Center that uses 900 geowells to provide heating and cooling for 19 campus buildings. A holistic approach ensured sustainable design is layered throughout the project and influenced by the Pacific Northwest climatology and geography. Strong leadership support allowed flexibility to overcome COVID and other challenges to remain focused on project commitments.
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