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Connecting Operational Investment to Employee Experience Through Data

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty for real estate decision-makers, one thing is certain: We are migrating to a workplace ecosystem balancing home, office and 3rd places. For companies whose ecosystem will be weighted toward a return to the office, the best way to bring people back is unclear. Some are using mandates; some are using choice; but nearly all are rethinking the space people will come back to. As a CRE leader, how do you know what will really work, and where to invest? In this session you will learn how to replace conjecture and subjectivity with an evidence-based, data-driven approach to measure and align the drivers of employee's workplace experience with operational investments. Join a thought-provoking, interactive discussion on how TIAA has incorporated the voice of the employee and employee experience into key location and real estate decisions. Driven by pre- and post-COVID employee sentiment data, learn what has changed for employee expectations, their experience, and drivers for TIAA as they develop a workplace ecosystem to support business and cultural transformation post COVID. TIAA's approach, backed by Cushman & Wakefield's Experience per Square Foot™ (XSF) data, avoids the pitfall of investing in the built environment without the data to back decisions. XSF insight from 185,000+ occupiers and 12 million+ data points debunks many common myths around workplace experience, using statistical analysis to shift the subjective nature of workplace experience and employee engagement to one that is quantifiable, diagnosed and predicted.
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