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Before, During and After the Storm – preparing, responding and recovering

Since its inception in 1899 Hancock Whitney Bank has seen its share of hurricanes. Surviving through these storms has added an extra degree of resiliency to the Bank’s corporate real estate operations. Our presentation will provide attendees with valuable insights into our holistic approach to disaster management, specifically tailored to the corporate real estate department. By "zooming out" and examining the larger patterns and interdependencies, we have developed a comprehensive disaster preparedness strategy that focuses on three key areas: 1. Pre-Disaster Planning: We will share our approach to proactive risk assessments, business continuity planning, and resilient branch and office design. We will discuss how these measures have helped us minimize potential losses and ensure a faster recovery for our operations and clients. 2. Crisis Management During the Storm: We will provide an overview of Hancock Whitney Bank's strategies for effective communication, resource allocation, and decision-making in the midst of a hurricane. We will highlight how maintaining a broad perspective has allowed us to address complex challenges and support our clients, employees, and communities during these critical moments. 3. Post-Disaster Recovery: We will explain how our bank has successfully navigated the recovery process, including restoring operations, rebuilding infrastructure, and supporting the well-being of our employees and communities. We will also share lessons learned and how we continuously adapt our disaster preparedness efforts to improve future resilience. Our presentation will draw on real-world experiences to inspire attendees to think beyond traditional disaster management approaches and embrace the power of perspective in navigating uncertainty. By sharing Hancock Whitney Bank's approach to disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, we aim to help other corporate real estate professionals emerge as thoughtful leaders, better equipped to face the storms that come their way, ensuring the long-term success and resilience of their organizations and communities.
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