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Beauty, the Brain and a Serotonin Love Affair | How Neuroaesthetics Can Shape the Future of Work | East Meets West Summit in Dubai

From the East Meets West Summit in Dubai. 

Art in its countless forms has the power to transform our minds, bodies & behaviours. When we come in contact with Art, it impacts multiple of our senses, brain wave patterns and emotions and can actually raise serotonin levels - the more we immerse ourselves in arts or in aesthetics, the healthier & happier we become. This is the premise of Neuroaesthetics that lies at the intersection of Arts, Health & Wellbeing and Technology. It is the study of how arts and aesthetic experiences measurably change & influence our body, brain & behaviour. Spaces make you feel things and with its ability to measure and correlate the environment and its effects on our bodies and minds first-hand, Neuroaesthetics becomes a powerful tool for designers and organisations alike in the context of shaping the future of Workplace - ensuring the health and wellbeing and an engaged workforce. With a paradigm shift in how the role of the workplace is being perceived, it is important to zoom out and have a fresh perspective on what is important to the workforce. Neuroaethetics, coming to life through vision, touch, smell, colour, movement and sound, can then help to create enriching spatial environments for happier and healthier people.

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