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Are We Addicted to Our Workstations?

Are we addicted to our workstations? The modern workplace has thrusted us into multitasking ad nauseum - to be and do everything, everywhere, all at once – and it is taking a toll on our health. In 2022, HKS and the Center for Brain Health at UT Dallas partnered to study the relationship between brain healthy behaviors and the design of workplace environments. The study included the Center's BrainHealthy Workplace program, which provided on-demand training on brain health strategies intended to facilitate peak performance. Our research found that not only is multitasking bad for us, but our workstations are multitasking alongside us. We found that 43% of employees frequently multitasked and 60% were dissatisfied with their control over their work environment. Employees that embrace flexibility say there are different types of work they do best at home versus in the office – what is preventing us from applying this strategy to the office itself? Our dependence on the workstation prevents us from asking WHAT we need to do before deciding WHERE best to do it. Although the standard workstation offers some level of flexibility in performing tasks, it does not cater to the specific needs for individuals to reach peak performance. Is it time to break the habit and rethink workplace design for better brain health? Can brain healthy design help us break the habit? Join us as we unpack how brain healthy workplaces can unlock new potential in corporate real estate.
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