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Age Diversity and the Workplace: Design for a Graying Global Workforce

“We are not getting any younger.” True for any human on this Earth, but especially so when it comes to global demographics. As birth rates fall and life spans expand, the average age of the world population is rising faster than any time in human history. Not surprisingly, this trendline in general population makeup is reflected in workforce demographics. In the U.S., the fastest growing age segment of the workforce is people over 55. So fast is this cohort growing that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates by 2024, workers over the age of 55 will be the largest segment of the U.S. workforce, a seismic shift from historically being the smallest. And far from a demographic anomaly, the workforce will continue to get “grayer” through at least the year 2060. An aging workforce brings with it structural challenges, but also significant opportunities. Facing low unemployment and looming skills shortages, recruiting and retaining highly experienced and knowledgeable workers represents a key strategy for organizations looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. An added bonus: age diverse teams have been shown to be more innovative. But to deliver on this potential requires changes in approach; creating a workplace that is welcoming of workers of all ages is a great place to start. This session will explore how smart, intentional workplace strategy and design can help to attract, retain, engage, and empower ALL age groups present in the workforce today.
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