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Where in the World: Who's Winning the Workplace Evolution Game

The Health of local economies today will affect their ability to adapt and thrive in the automation age. McKinsey Global Institute, July 2019 report- Before the global pandemic hit the world, McKinsey already saw the US labor market look markedly different than it did two decades before. Since then and after working from home for over two years, employees in the US are reluctantly returning to the office and employers are struggling to find strategies to bring them back. Most are trying to grasp what impact the economy, hybrid work, cultural shifts and younger generations will bring to the workplace in the coming years. In the United States and other developed countries, only a third of office workers had returned to fully in-person work by the end of the first 2022 quarter. So, how is the rest of the world doing RTO and who is moving faster with workplace evolution across global regions then? Wealthier countries tend to have more of the kinds of employment that lend themselves to remote work. In other parts of the world, people returned to work pretty quickly due to practical considerations such as size of people's homes, living situations and reliability of internet connections. We will play devil’s advocate and get input from three corporate end users whose portfolios span globally. And each of our speakers will share with the audience why they think their assigned region might be the one leading the evolution of the workplace.
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