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Redefining Strategic Partnerships For Next Generation CRE Outsourcing

Leidos and JLL had been working under a “strategic partnership” since 2011, with JLL providing a full spectrum of CRE and IFM services. The strategic relationship had fostered significant benefits with JLL supporting numerous initiatives to optimize the technology company’s portfolio, enhance its facility capabilities and support its integration across businesses. With the 10 year anniversary mark around the corner, Leidos faced a dilemma many organizations do – what’s next? Should they do a competitive bid to test the market? Use the baseline data from the last 10 years to leverage concessions from JLL? Leidos and JLL turned to a third option – a shift to a Vested® business model where they would work together to co-create a highly strategic win-win formal relational contract designed to unlock innovation & optimization designed to create step-function changes in Leidos’ technology, portfolio, and workplace service solutions. The Vested model tightly aligned interests that promote collaboration and investment to achieve mutual agreed Desired Outcomes. The Leidos - JLL agreement is the first-ever certified Vested certified agreement spanning both CRE and multi-function facilities management services. This presentation will bring the key stakeholders from Leidos and JLL from the CRE and the Procurement Organizations to share the path they took to Vested, what it has been like to “live into Vested”, the accomplishments of the One Team, and the lessons learned along the way.
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