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Putting the Strategy Back into Portfolio Strategy: A Current Perspective

As organizations work to navigate a dynamic business environment, corporate real estate (CRE) leaders have been tasked with developing portfolio strategies that reduce costs, maximize efficiencies, meet evolving employee needs, and enable engagement. In fact, in a recent CBRE survey of occupiers, the top identified goals included optimizing the portfolio, reducing costs, and adopting technology that enhances employee experience. In this new environment, portfolio strategy has become significantly more complex and reducing square footage alone will not deliver the results that organizations need. A smart portfolio strategy should align with long-term enterprise goals while providing the ability to react quickly to and benefit from unexpected or sudden opportunities to make portfolio changes. In this session, CRE leaders and their supplier partners will learn from industry experts as they discuss how to plan and execute a smart portfolio strategy that incorporates components such as risk management, space utilization, ESG goals, and the creation of a desirable workplace. Topics covered will include collaborating internally, unlocking opportunities to better utilize space, incorporating occupancy planning, being prepared to react quickly to unexpected portfolio opportunities, and developing an approach to move-management that ensures seamless project execution. The panel will also discuss best practices for driving efficiencies and streamlining portfolio-wide decision making.
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