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Impact of a Remote-First Culture – Lessons from GitLab and McKinsey

The pandemic caused a tectonic shift in where, when, and how we work. But while the majority of workers prioritize flexibility and autonomy, many iconic CEOs hold on to legacy norms driven by intuition and bias. They focus narrowly on days in the office instead of the difficult task of changing work processes to be more sustainable in an increasingly distributed model. GitLab is the most famous, born-and-still-fully-remote company, with 1500+ employees in 65+ countries and zero offices. COVID gave GitLab the chance to share its best practices with the world, but the holistic benefits of its radical work operating system have been difficult for traditional enterprises. McKinsey' Organizational Health Index (OHI) is the global standard to measure how companies align and renew to sustainably achieve performance aspirations; over 15 years and 1B data points, top results have demonstrated 3X total return to shareholders. GitLab partnered with McKinsey to quantify the benefits of their work practices and culture, and surprisingly exceeded many of the OHI benchmarks. This proves that remote-friendly work practices can help organizations drive competitive advantage, even if still using majority on-site models, which makes them imperatives for any modern organization. We can adopt the best of both virtual and physical workplace to make the most inclusive, sustainable, innovative, and engaging work experience.
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