2024 CoreNet Global Summit | Kuala Lumpur

The session will focus on current and future business, corporate real estate, and corporate real estate portfolio strategy in China and in SE Asia.
This panel will highlight the need for a collaborative approach, leveraging and reconciling diverse perspectives to create best-in-class workplaces for employees and efficient real estate portfolios for the entire business.
This panel discussion will take attendees through the exploration process of defining an identity, not for a brand itself, but for a function that exists underneath a pre-existing brand with strong awareness and heritage.
CNGtv/Video: Breaking Barriers
By touching on diversity in gender, age, disability, and neurodiversity, this interactive session will shed light on how embracing these dimensions can lead to more empowered and successful organisations.
The speakers will discuss the importance of an effective and inclusive communication strategy in a time of unparalleled change and delve into what you need to consider when deciding what to communicate and who to.
Food tops the list of benefits used and desired by employees and is an important consideration for organisations focused on creating positive workplace experiences.
Learn how technology and data have allowed Cisco to create spaces that their employees want to use, how they’ve partnered with key internal partners, and the financial implications of this strategy which started pre-pandemic
This thought-provoking discussion will showcase real-world applications, and cutting-edge technologies, challenging the audience to rethink their organisation’s approach to data analytics in an ever-changing landscape.
Join a panel of experts to learn about key challenges, future trends and how companies are pushing the needle when it comes to implementing inclusive design practices aimed at mental and physical inclusivity & accessibility.
This interactive session will help attendees focus on resilience in the built environment, while delving deeper into sustainable trends.
Participants will learn from the failures and challenges of market leaders and understand the power of embracing diversity in perspectives and approaches, unlocking a new realm of opportunities and successes.
This panel discussion aims to shed light on the challenges faced by women in construction and explore strategies to empower and support their growth in this field.
Join three CRE leaders for this exciting session as they focus on the future of the CRE organization: how it’s changing, what the impacts are of comparing insourcing to outsourcing and what new skill sets are needed.
The need of the hour is to zoom out from the race for green building certifications and evaluate the impending supply demand gap in the view of the actions and imperatives of the real estate industry.
This “campfire” discussion will take a deep dive into global, next generation journeys with worldwide footprints, using new approaches to structuring contracts and deals.
It is time to zoom out and look at the bigger picture to understand what employees need and how different elements of a workplace can come together to create a thriving environment for consumers.
No one knows how the current evolution of AI will impact CRE, however, CRE professionals will need to be as prepared as possible in the fact of this uncertainty. Join this session to learn more.
This session will highlight actionable insights and concrete examples of key Gen Z priorities and provide participants with a deeper understanding of this cohort’s expectations of employers and the role of the workplace.
Go deeper than just focusing on your carbon footprint and learn more about aspects that need to bubble to the top when taking sustainability into account. Further, get insight into what questions can help you get there.
CNGtv/Video: KNOW Me or NO Me
Understand the different styles of behaviour and how those impact how individuals react to their space. Join this interactive session and learn how to bring this insight into the workplace.
The CRE profession is changing and evolving to keep up with the many fluctuations and challenges facing it. How does the CRE leader of today meet these challenges?
Understand the role of HR in short- and long-term talent and labor market issues, from DEI and employee experience, to skill gaps, the gig economy, and more.
This session will delve into global market insights in terms of how proptech is evolving, as well as touching upon an overview of the various issues that are impacting global real estate.
The demands on the workplace are changing. How does CRE react and respond, who is responsible, and what role sustainability play? Learn more about these issues and more through this session.
The panel aspires to spark change; driving leaders towards an ESG-focused, AI-enhanced future that reimagines our environment into a more sustainable one, benefiting society and the planet.
The future of work will revolve around the 15 Minute City - a place where work, home, shops, entertainment, education and healthcare are all available a short distance away.
With shrinking working-age populations and projections of skills shortages, recruiting and retaining highly experienced and knowledgeable older workers represents a key strategy for organizations looking to thrive.
The growing need for flexible spaces has led to a transformation in the transaction & operations of office spaces. The panel discussion brings together the changing views of three main stakeholders in CRE.
The aim of the session is neither to idolise home working nor to demonise office based working, but rather to provide robust data to back organisations in building better workplaces to support employees’ current and future.
Understanding the needs of the individual and executing a wellbeing strategy that aligns with individual needs is key to such a strategy being successful.
With agility, experience and choice becoming key drivers of real estate strategy, occupiers face a challenge to develop and implement real estate strategies that can allow business variability and evolving employee needs.
How do social intelligence and emotional intelligence combine to create cultural intelligence? How can biophilia create impact? And how can a workplace be designed to emulate an outdoor space? Learn more via this session.
This workshop is intended at aligning varied descriptions and helping CRE professionals to discuss a way path in the future of workplace design.
How a diverse workplace and office can retain and attract top talent, strengthen your team, increase productivity, foster innovation.
Based on concrete data, review workplace strategies to attract and retain talents. Further, learn how to enhance and improve existing workplace strategies based on new data.
Join this interactive workshop that will explore the neuroscience of creativity, productivity, wellness, performance, and satisfaction at work.


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