You can help raise the profile of the corporate real estate (CRE) profession and cultivate a robust and diverse pipeline of talent. Together, we have the opportunity to introduce the corporate real estate profession and the varied careers available to the next generation of talent.

Serving as a Campus Ambassador is an excellent way to give back to your profession, expand your personal network, and deepen your relationship with your alma mater and fellow alumni.

The CoreNet Global Campus Ambassador Program builds on the pre-existing relationships so many members already have with their alma maters in order to raise awareness of corporate real estate and the rewarding career opportunities available to students.

Ambassadors serve two roles: a personal point-of-contact for faculty, staff, and students to raise awareness of CRE and encourage deeper engagement with CoreNet Global; and a relationship manager for CoreNet Global with institutional memory and knowledge. Where appropriate, Ambassadors can encourage engagement with a local chapter/networking group, too.

Ambassadors are intended to complement and augment the work of existing chapter University Outreach efforts, not replace them; in addition, Campus Ambassadors can help extend the reach of CoreNet Global to places without chapter/networking group representation.

Campus Ambassadors act as a bridge between the university and CoreNet Global, and candidly reflect all successes, challenges, and opportunities encountered. You will provide quarterly updates regarding your activities to the CoreNet Global Vice President for University & External Relations.
In addition, specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Visiting with interested faculty to educate them about corporate real estate and share the resources offered by CoreNet Global:
  • Encourage faculty and students to participate in CoreNet Global Academic Challenge competitions and local chapters/networking groups
  • Conduct guest lectures or assemble panel discussions when requested by interested faculty
  • Identify the research interests of faculty and their relevant recent publications
  • Introduce faculty and students when they attend chapter events
  • Help identify other university alumni within CoreNet Global membership
  • Promote Academic & Student Membership

Only current CoreNet Global members may apply to serve as Campus Ambassadors; see the Campus Ambassador Program Application. See other resources for members on University Relations.


If you have suggestions about additional resources or other ways we can help you along your career journey, don’t hesitate to contact Dean Jordan, VP of University Relations & External Relations. 

Dean JordanDean H. Jordan
Vice President, University & External Relations
Phone: +1 404.589.3218