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The future of corporate real estate and workplace professionals is in YOUR hands! Join CoreNet Global's mission to shape and elevate the profession! There are several ways you can give back and make a positive impact. 

Lend your expertise and contribute to CoreNet Global’s successful mission: 

  • Share your ideas and knowledge 
  • Volunteer to help organize events and programs 
  • Contribute content and thought leadership
  • Become a speaker

Giving back doesn’t have to be a difficult or tedious task – with the right attitude and commitment, you can help CoreNet Global lead the profession. Share your ideas and knowledge, mentor incoming and new professionals, volunteer to help organize events and programs – these are all effective ways to give back and help CoreNet Global achieve its mission.

You can also donate to the CoreNet Global Learning Foundation

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Start Making an Impact Today


Corporate Real Estate 2030

2030 Research Project

CoreNet Global will embark on another international research initiative aimed at attracting the best and brightest talent both within – and outside – the corporate real estate (CRE) space to discuss the future of work and the future of CRE.


Mentor New Professionals

Mentoring is a powerful way to give back to CoreNet Global and help its members develop their professional skills. Your experience and mentorship can help develop the future of the corporate real estate profession.

Share content

Share your Ideas

Share your bold ideas, innovative concepts, creative problem solving and breakthrough thinking.

The power of CoreNet Global is the knowledge network – share your knowledge and experience. Submit articles, whitepapers, videos, podcasts, or other media on topics of interest to the global corporate real estate community and get your voice heard. Member content is featured in the CoreNet Global app: The Source, on our "What's Next?" Podcast channel, on CNGtv, or on The Pulse Blog.


Become a Speaker

There are few things more rewarding than making a positive impact. So, if you’re looking for a way to make a difference, becoming a speaker is a fantastic choice. After all, it’s a great way to share your experience and knowledge with others and move them to action.


Become a Volunteer

CoreNet Global hosts a variety of events and programs to educate and inform members. From networking events to educational sessions, these gatherings provide invaluable insights that can help members excel in their professional careers. Volunteering to serve as speaker, faculty, moderator, or in other ways is a great way to give back and contribute to the member experience.

CoreNet Global Learning FoundationThe CoreNet Global Learning Foundation exists to serve the corporate real estate (CRE) profession by advancing the practice of corporate real estate through professional development, content, research, conferences and local chapters and networking groups. The Foundation aims to broaden its network, raise the profile of the profession and serve as the profession’s voice and thought leader. The Foundation champions the profession’s development and maturity. 


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