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We sat down with Amanda Carroll of Gensler for CRE Week 2024! Amanda emphasized the importance of creating workplaces that prioritize human health and wellbeing, with a focus on sustainability and the use of green materials. She also discussed the implementation of hybrid work policies and the strategic integration of physical and digital spaces, using AI as a collaboration tool. Lastly, she shared her professional accomplishments, personal aspirations, and the dynamic nature of the corporate real estate field.
We speak with Anbumalar from Nutanix for Corporate Real Estate Week 2024. Anbumalar discusses technologies in India and the impact of corporate real estate strategies on employee experience and productivity, with a focus on amenities, hybrid work models, and accommodations for diverse populations. We also reviewed Anbu's career experiences, particularly in managing mergers and acquisitions, and the shift in the corporate real estate profession towards a greater emphasis on hospitality, employee experience, and culture. Additionally, we discussed the significance of corporate real estate in employee connectivity and organizational functioning.
We spoke with Bret Swango for Corporate Real Estate Week 2024. Bret discussed the impact of corporate real estate strategies like clean air, green spaces, and flexible work schedules on human functions and workplace productivity. We also explored the development and potential of a location intelligence platform for managing variables in the corporate real estate industry, with a focus on its role in risk mitigation and decision-making. Lastly, we learned more on Brett's experiences in corporate real estate, emphasizing a role in connecting people and revitalizing communities, and the importance of data in identifying skill gaps and facilitating these connections.
We were joyed to have the opportunity to speak with Chris Zlocki of Colliers for CRE Week 2024! Chris discussed the evolution of corporate real estate, its impact on employee engagement, and the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing business decision-making. He also shared the importance of clean air, green spaces, and a holistic approach to workplace design for human functions. Lastly, he highlighted the significance of diversity, equity, and environmental initiatives in corporate real estate, and the transformative power of real estate in facilitating business change.
We spoke with Dr. Reen Salleh of HP for Corporate Real Estate Week 2024. Dr. Salleh discussed the impact of corporate real estate on employee well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction. Additionally, we explored the integration of ESG considerations, the implementation of hybrid work arrangements, and the future of corporate real estate, emphasizing the need for adaptive use and mixed-use developments. Lastly, Dr. Salleh highlighted the role of innovation, technology, and policy in shaping the future of work and enhancing employee wellbeing.
Elise, a Design Principle for Unispace's New York Studio, shared her background and her role in the corporate real estate industry, emphasizing the importance of wellness and support spaces in the workplace. She discussed their use of a scheduling system for hybrid work, and their experimentation with AI for design visualizations. Elise also highlighted their commitment to DEIB and ESG values, and her pride in challenging traditional workplace norms in the legal industry.
Haniel Lynn, CEO of Kastle Systems, discusses the company's back to work barometer, which tracks office occupancy and provides insights into hybrid work patterns. He shares that certain markets have returned to the office faster than others, and the peak attendance in some markets is almost back to pre-COVID levels. Lynn also highlights the challenges faced by corporate clients in managing space and optimizing its use. He emphasizes the importance of cloud-based technology and managed services in efficiently managing security systems. Additionally, Lynn discusses security innovations such as mobile technology and interoperability standards that cater to the needs of hybrid work.
We had the opportunity to speak with JanJaap Boogard of Colliers for CRE Week 2024! JanJaap discussed the growth of technology and how organizations are leveraging them to create more inclusive meeting environments. Additionally, he also discussed with us the current state of ESG in the corporate real estate profession
Jason Dallara, the Office Director for the US State Department Bureau of Overseas Building Operations, discussed his role in managing global real estate transactions and the importance of sustainability, diversity, and inclusion in their operations. He also shared his experiences and significant accomplishments, including the sale of the historic US Embassy in London and the purchase of a property in Mexico City for a new embassy. Lastly, he predicted changes in the commercial real estate market due to the shift to remote work and emphasized the shared responsibility in solving complex global problems.
We had the opportunity to speak with Maura Hudson of Colliers. She discussed the future of corporate real estate, focusing on the impact of hybrid working, AI, and sustainability initiatives. Maura shared her extensive experience in the corporate real estate industry, emphasizing her dedication to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Sustainability practices and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Additionally, she also shared the importance of building long-term relationships and the potential for innovative technologies to create new opportunities and challenges in the field.
We had the opportunity to speak with Michelle Needles of Colliers for CRE Week 2024! Michelle discussed her role in the corporate real estate profession, focusing on her commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Sustainability (DEI) initiatives and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve decision-making. She also shared her experiences with remote and hybrid work, emphasizing the importance of task-based reviews and aligning collaboration needs with the work environment. Lastly, she highlighted the value of her role, including mentoring and creating partnerships, and expressed her excitement about the industry's potential to shape the future of workplaces.
We sat down with Nick Dauphinee of Colliers to discuss CRE Week 2024! Nick discussed the connection between corporate real estate and remote and hybrid work practices, as well as the flexibility of their organization's work approach. He also shared his team's growth, a significant client acquisition, and the future, particularly in the oil and gas sector. 
We speak with Nick Frank of MRI Software. We touched on a variety of topics for CRE Week 2024: Corporate Real Estate Connects people. He discussed MRI Software's commitment to employee engagement and alignment of values with its mission, highlighting the positive impact of employee-led programs. He also spoke about MRI's use of in-house software and AI capabilities for managing office spaces and predicting future real estate needs. Lastly, he emphasized the importance of adaptability and flexibility in the evolving corporate real estate sector.
We had the opportunity to speak with Pedro Vasquez of Cushman & Wakefield for CRE Week 2024! He discussed the evolving strategies for corporate real estate, focusing on creating work environments that support human functions and the use of AI to enhance efficiency. Pedro also highlighted the importance of diversity, equity, and sustainability in their corporate real estate strategy, and shared the appointment of a new corporate ESG leader. Lastly, Pedro shared his insights on the rewarding aspects of a career in corporate real estate, emphasizing the importance of people, growth opportunities, and bringing thought leadership to client interactions.
We had the opportunity to sit with corporate real estate educator and professional, Tamara Alexander-Johnson. She discussed the evolving strategies in corporate real estate in response to the pandemic and the shift towards hybrid work, with a focus on creating healthy, safe, and collaborative workspaces. We also discussed the potential of AI in the field, particularly in virtual test fits, and the upcoming changes in the industry, including consolidation of brokerage firms and a shift towards recruiting skilled workers from trade schools. Additionally, Tamara's shared her contributions to the corporate real estate profession, her mentorship work, and her teaching at the University of Denver were highlighted.
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As businesses assess and respond to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, corporate facility executives have inherited a more critical leadership role as they grapple with the day-to-day dynamics of hybrid work and its impact on people and space use. Flexible attendance policies make it harder to know who is in your office(s) and when, and how that impacts space use, company culture, and productivity.
From our Corporate Real Estate Week 2024 Title Sponsor, Kastle. The return to work has reflected a new work-week pattern featuring a migration of weekly attendance to be more concentrated in the three middle days of the workweek, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with the peak rate typically happening on Tuesday or Wednesday. While this pattern continues, the good news for real estate owners is that the peak rates are continuing to rise.

A CRE Week 2024 Featured Content Item

Having outgrown their previous space, Olympus Corporation of the Americas sought help from SMMA to relocate to a larger warehouse facility requiring major upgrades to an existing building. This called for an integrated design approach to find creative solutions while addressing workplace needs that reject traditional hierarchical layouts in favor of a more equitable environment. The final design allows teams to coexist without division between the technical staff and office staff, promoting collaboration and communication across the facility.

“Our new facility is a symbol of our commitment to our employees,” said OCA President Julien Sauvagnargues.  “Our employees are our greatest resources, and truly the foundation of our success. I am excited to see the good work they will do within this facility, and the positive, widespread impact it will have across the Americas and around the world.”

Take the tour as SMMA interior designer Sarah Sopelak and Olympus Corporation of the Americas (OCA) program manager Will Arroyo explore the vast 100,000 sf space dedicated to the company's medical and surgical device repair service.

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