Corporate Real Estate 2030

Accelerated change. Tectonic shift. Radical transformation. Exponential uncertainty. No matter how you define it, the corporate real estate profession is in a state of flux. The convergence (or collision) between what employees want and what companies want places corporate real estate (CRE) at the center of the conversation when it comes to the role of place in how and where work gets done. Add to this greater economic and geopolitical challenges and the timing is ripe for a deep dive into the factors at play – and the development of a new model for CRE.

Won’t you join us? CoreNet Global will embark on another international research initiative aimed at attracting the best and brightest talent both within – and outside – the CRE space to discuss the future of work and the future of CRE. Following up on Corporate Real Estate 2010 and Corporate Real Estate 2020 research projects, the association will convene professionals the world over in virtual and in-person settings to develop bold forecasts about what comes next for corporate real estate (CRE).

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  • Summer 2023 – launch project
  • Summer 2023 – host regional webinars to share the intent behind the initiative
  • September 2023 – in person, hands on working session at the CoreNet Global Summit in Dubai
  • October 2023 – in person, hands on working session at the CoreNet Global Summit in Denver
  • Fall 2023 – host webinars to discuss learnings to date and seek feedback from our global membership
  • March 2024 – in person, hands on working session at the CoreNet Global Summit in Kuala Lumpur
  • Winter/Spring 2024 – in person events in London, NYC, and Bay Area
  • Spring 2024 – gather input from Chapters, subject matter experts, thought leaders in CRE and outside CRE
  • Spring 2024 – host webinars to discuss learnings to date and seek feedback from our global membership
  • Summer 2024 – work on writing reports begins
  • Fall 2024 – reveal reports at CoreNet Global Summit in Washington, D.C.

What we want from YOU!

Our members are our thought leaders and our subject matter experts. We want you to be involved in a manner that works best for you. And you have options! You can participate virtually, through the webinars. You could participate at the Chapter level. Or you could join one of our in-person meetings, being held at various summits and at key locations around the world.

Chapter participation

As with any initiative, we aim to have robust participation from our global Chapters. To make it easy for our chapters to participate in this year and a half long initiative, we are working on a Chapter Toolkit, which will be shared with Chapter leaders. The hope is that each Chapter will hold an in-person or virtual meeting that will delve into the future of our profession. The Toolkit will serve as a guide to hold these events and contain material to help facilitate discussions. It will also allow us to gather Chapter feedback and incorporate it in our final report in a seamless manner.

A Challenge And An Opportunity

So, what is the challenge we want to meet, and the opportunity we want to address?

The CRE arena has broadened and lengthened beyond bricks and mortars and square feet and square meters. The profession is increasingly asked to be at the forefront of strategic decisions that impact the business’ function, organization, and bottom line. From deciding where to locate an office or manufacturing center to keep an eye on indoor air quality, ChatGPT, and environmental and security concerns, today’s CRE professional has to do it all. The skills needed have changed, as has the definition of what “CRE” means. How does this then impact the profession of the future? How do DEI, Talent, Outsourcing, and Technology play into these many factors that are top of mind of those in the profession? The goal of the 2030 initiative is to get as much feedback from our members as we can to be able to gauge what’s on the horizon and form Bold Forecasts that are forward-looking so that the profession can move ahead in an informed manner. We will also look for insight beyond the profession, to ensure that we have a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

We will be focusing on the following 5 primary domains:

  • Leadership1
  • Workplace2
  • Portfolio Management
  • ESG
  • Risk and Resilience3

¹ includes Internal Partnering

² includes Employee Experience

³ includes Location Strategy/Role of Place

Further, we see the following key themes running through the domains above: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Talent, Service Delivery and Outsourcing, Technology

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