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  • CNG+ Members beginning with A
  • Bram Aarntzen

    Bram Aarntzen

    Solution Director, Planon

  • David Aarons

    David Aarons

    Chief Executive Officer, AFD Contract Furniture, Inc

  • Janel Abbass-O'Neill

    Janel Abbass-O'Neill

    Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management, ManTech International Corporation

  • John Abraham

    John Abraham

    Sr. Project Manager, DeBrine Associates

  • Sarah Abrams

    Sarah Abrams

    Senior Vice President, Global Real Estate, Iron Mountain

  • Jesal Acharya

    Jesal Acharya

    Director, Lenovo

  • Francisco Acoba, MCR, SLCR

    Francisco Acoba, MCR, SLCR

    Principal, Strategy & Transactions, Corporate Real Estate, Ernst & Young US LLP

  • Mark Adams

    Mark Adams

    Senior Business Development Rep, Oakland County, Michigan

  • Sam Addison

    Sam Addison

    Director - Project & Building Consultancy, Colliers International Corporate Solutions Limited

  • Carol Adey

    Carol Adey

    Executive Director Emeritus, New England Chapter, Retired

  • Bagus Adikusumo

    Bagus Adikusumo

    Director, Office Services, Colliers

  • William Adjei

    William Adjei

    Managing Director, Advisory & Transaction Services, CBRE

  • Andre Aekins

    Andre Aekins

    Sr. Director, Workplace Solutions, Capital One

  • Varun Agarwal, MCR, SLCR

    Varun Agarwal, MCR, SLCR

    Head of Asset Management, Property – Africa & Middle East, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Vik Aggarwal

    Vik Aggarwal

  • Daniel Ahn

    Daniel Ahn

    Principal, BAM Creative

  • Cameron Ahrens

    Cameron Ahrens

    Managing Director, APAC, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Rod Aitken

    Rod Aitken

    Head of Corporate Property, Auckland Council

  • Danah Al-Husaini

    Danah Al-Husaini

    CFO, Fidelity Real Estate Company

  • Ebrahim AlShakhoori

    Ebrahim AlShakhoori

    Head of Property, Middle East, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Ellen Albert

    Ellen Albert

    EVP Global Real Estate & Facilities, Paramount

  • Erma Alcantara

    Erma Alcantara

    Process Support, Shell Petroleum Corp

  • Chris Alcock

    Chris Alcock

    Principal, Six Ideas

  • Matt Aldridge

    Matt Aldridge

    Manager - Real Estate EMEA, BMC Software

  • Dylan Ale

    Dylan Ale

    Real Estate Business Analyst,

  • William Alexander

    William Alexander

    Vice President, Global Real Estate, Xylem Inc

  • Robin Alexander

    Robin Alexander

    SVP, Real Estate Strategy Executive, Bank of America

  • Steven Alexandre

    Steven Alexandre

    Director, Hartford HealthCare Corporation

  • Josh Alfafara

    Josh Alfafara

    Country Manager, Philippines, The Executive Centre Manila PH Inc

  • Michael Algiere

    Michael Algiere

    International Director, JLL

  • Bruno Allary

    Bruno Allary

    Dir. Cnd Site Ops & Wrkplc Str, Pfizer

  • Katie Allen, SLCR

    Katie Allen, SLCR

    Senior Real Estate Project Manager, Oracle Corporation

  • Melissa Allen

    Melissa Allen

    Sr. Manager Global Communications, Cisco Systems

  • Kenny Altenburg, MCR

    Kenny Altenburg, MCR

    Program Manager, Real Estate M&A, Salesforce

  • Brian Alvarez

    Brian Alvarez

    Director of Business Development, MOI, Inc.

  • Andrea Amador

    Andrea Amador

    Global Workplace Operations Manager, Unity Technologies

  • Linda Ambalong

    Linda Ambalong

    Sr. Director - Portfolio Administration, American Red Cross

  • James Ambrose

    James Ambrose

    Director of Business Development, Desmone Architects

  • Michael Amron

    Michael Amron

    Vice President Business Development, Clune Construction

  • Dom Andaya

    Dom Andaya

    Director, Colliers Philippines, Inc

  • Alex Andel

    Alex Andel

    Executive Managing Director, CBRE

  • Sara Andersen

    Sara Andersen

    Head of Real Estate and Workplace Effectiveness, Genentech Inc.

  • Erik Anderson

    Erik Anderson

    Senior Manager - Real Estate Planning, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Tracy Anderson

    Tracy Anderson

    Director of Business Development, Skanska USA Building

  • Russell Anderson

    Russell Anderson

    Senior Manager - Accenture Real Estate & Workplace Solutions, Accenture

  • Todd Anderson, SLCR

    Todd Anderson, SLCR

    President Client Solutions, GCS, Newmark

  • Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson

    VP, Worldwide Real Estate, GSK

  • Maggie Andretta

    Maggie Andretta

    Director of Business Development, Reno Boyd Building Co.

  • Kirsten Andrews

    Kirsten Andrews

    Director, KIA Property Consulting

  • Cheng Ni Ang

    Cheng Ni Ang

    Portfolio Manager, Shell People Services Asia

  • Gregory Angelillo

    Gregory Angelillo

    Business Development Manager, JAG Advisory Services

  • Mark Angerame

    Mark Angerame

    Director Real Estate and Leasing, Allstate Insurance Co.

  • Shannon Angle

    Shannon Angle

    VP, Facilities & Real Estate Solutions, Koch Business Solutions

  • Gareth Annino

    Gareth Annino

    Sr. Director, Corporate Real Estate, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Joel Anthony

    Joel Anthony

    CEO, Compass India Support Services

  • Saiful Anuar

    Saiful Anuar

    Director, Marketing & Customer Solutions, Teknion Furniture Systems (M) Sdn Bhd

  • Scott Aoki

    Scott Aoki

    Managing Director, JLL

  • Anne Apetre, MCR

    Anne Apetre, MCR

    SVP, Director of Real Estate & Facilities, FNB

  • Sabine Apollon-Lopez

    Sabine Apollon-Lopez

    Senior Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek

    Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek

    Associate Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology

  • Stuart Appley

    Stuart Appley

    Managing Director, CBRE

  • Sarah Arbique, MCR

    Sarah Arbique, MCR

    Director, Leasing, Industrial Alliance Real Estate Investments

  • Christopher Archbold

    Christopher Archbold

    EMEA Lead - Property Management, AT&T

  • Scott Archer

    Scott Archer

    NZ Manager, CMS Electracom

  • Cary Arensdorf, MCR

    Cary Arensdorf, MCR

    Manager Real Estate Transactons, John Deere

  • Marcela Aristizabal, DEI, MCR

    Marcela Aristizabal, DEI, MCR

    Americas IFM Operations Manager, Microsoft

  • Monique Arkesteijn

    Monique Arkesteijn

    Assistant Professor Real Estate Management, TU Delft

  • Nigel Armes

    Nigel Armes

    BASF Corporation

  • James Armstrong

    James Armstrong

    Head of Workplace Management Services, Colliers

  • Tim Armstrong

    Tim Armstrong

    Global Head of Occupier Strategy & Solutions, Knight Frank Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

  • Sumit Arora

    Sumit Arora

    Associate Executive Director & Head – National Operations & Workplace Strategy, Consulting (India), CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd.Asset Services – India

  • Rahul Arora

    Rahul Arora

    National Director & Head Markets, JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd

  • Robert Arundel

    Robert Arundel

    Senior Vice President, Manager - Portfolio Administration, KeyBank

  • Andy Asher, MCR

    Andy Asher, MCR

    Real Estate Portfolio and CRM, Koch Industries

  • Ken Ashley, MCR

    Ken Ashley, MCR

    Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Diyaa Askalany

    Diyaa Askalany

    Global Operation Regional Lead - AfME, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Paul Asmar, MCR

    Paul Asmar, MCR

    Director, Development & Asset Management, Nan Fung Life Science Real Estate

  • Sylvie Asselin

    Sylvie Asselin

    Regional Director, Accomodation and Portfolio Management, Public Services and Procurement Canada

  • Julie Astbury

    Julie Astbury

    Portfolio Manager, AbbVie, Inc.

  • Jason Aster

    Jason Aster

    Managing Director, KBA Lease Services

  • Jeremy Atcheson

    Jeremy Atcheson

    Special Projects Division Manager, Turner Construction Company

  • Eli Attal

    Eli Attal

    Business Development Executive, CORT Business Services

  • Brian Atwood

    Brian Atwood

    Sr. Director, Global Workplace Solutions, Asurion

  • Susan Au

    Susan Au

    Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Monica Audette

    Monica Audette

    Senior Project Manger, Hobbs Brook Real Estate

  • Nicholas Austin

    Nicholas Austin

    Enterprise Account Director, Comfy Enlighted

  • Neil Austin

    Neil Austin

    Real Estate Portfolio Management and Transaction Services, Omnicom Group, Inc

  • Amy Aves, MCR

    Amy Aves, MCR

    Sr. Director, Global Real Estate Operations, Oracle Corporation

  • Amanda Aviles, MCR

    Amanda Aviles, MCR

    Workplace Strategy Lead / Strategic Planner, Global Real Estate, Boeing International Corporation

  • Martin Axe

    Martin Axe

    Managing Director, SL+A Sendirian Berhad

  • Ed Axelsen

    Ed Axelsen

    Sr. Director, Workplace and RE, Splunk

  • Elaine Aye, DEI

    Elaine Aye, DEI

    Technical Operations Manager, RWDI USA LLC/Green Building Services

  • Cihan Ayguel, QPCR

    Cihan Ayguel, QPCR

    Real Estate Specialist, TE Connectivity Germany GmbH

  • Kelcia Azevedo

    Kelcia Azevedo

    Regional Head of Corporate Real Estate, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Steven Azzopardi

    Steven Azzopardi

    Vice President of Finance and Real Estate, Omnicom Group Inc.

  • CNG+ Members beginning with B
  • Thomas Baade-Mathiesen

    Thomas Baade-Mathiesen

    Partner, The Switch

  • Chad Babin

    Chad Babin

    Workspace Planning & Strategy Lead, Humana, Inc.

  • Adam Bacall

    Adam Bacall

    Executive Vice President, CreativeOfficeResources

  • Vito Bacarella

    Vito Bacarella

    Vice President, Raymond James Financial Services

  • Jon Baccus

    Jon Baccus

    Manager, Bartlesville and Field Facilities and Projects, ConocoPhillips

  • Fred Bachicha, MCR

    Fred Bachicha, MCR

    Corporate Services Strategic Business Partner, USAA Corporate Real Estate & Workplace

  • Andy Bade, MCR

    Andy Bade, MCR

    Senior Director, North American Facilities - West, Oracle Corporation

  • Benjamin Bader

    Benjamin Bader

    Head of Global Real Estate, HERE Technologies

  • Martha Bagby

    Martha Bagby

    Chairman (NACORE Founder), Property Resources Corp.

  • Joseph Bagby

    Joseph Bagby

    President (NACORE Founder), Property Resources Corp.

  • Lauren Bagull

    Lauren Bagull

    Strategic Account Manager, Allsteel

  • Elias Bahar

    Elias Bahar

    Director of Business Acquisition, Balfour Beatty Construction

  • Jonathan Bahe

    Jonathan Bahe

    Senior Associate, NBBJ

  • Lance Baier, MCR

    Lance Baier, MCR

    Sr. Manager, Facilities, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

  • Ben Bailey, DEI

    Ben Bailey, DEI

    Senior Vice President, JLL

  • Allison Baker

    Allison Baker

    Sr Manager, Global Workplace Operations, Airbnb

  • Kenneth Baker

    Kenneth Baker

    Regional Co-Managing Principal, Gensler

  • Ranjit Bakshi

    Ranjit Bakshi

    Director, Workplace Interiors Pvt Ltd

  • Maheswaren Balakrishnan

    Maheswaren Balakrishnan

    Regional Real Eststate Category Manager APAC, Air Liquide

  • Shuchita Balasingam

    Shuchita Balasingam

    Global Real Estate Portfolio Manager, Merck, Sharpe and Dohme

  • Jose Alberto Baldonado, MCR

    Jose Alberto Baldonado, MCR

    Director - Global Corporate Real Estate, Visa

  • Jeri Ballard

    Jeri Ballard

    Executive Vice President, Real Estate, Business Operations Centres and Corp. Travel, Shell plc

  • Candice Balobeck, MCR.w

    Candice Balobeck, MCR.w

    Workplace Strategist, Chevron

  • Charles Baltasar

    Charles Baltasar

    Real Estate Director, APAC, Unisys Australia

  • Janet Balwierczak, MCR

    Janet Balwierczak, MCR

    Sr. Manager, Real Estate Transaction Management, American Express

  • Taiwo Bamgboye

    Taiwo Bamgboye

    Corporate Travels Strategy & Business Improvement Team Lead, Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company Limited

  • Sally Bane

    Sally Bane

    Executive Director, Plano Economic Development Board

  • Vik Bangia, MCR

    Vik Bangia, MCR

    CEO, Verum Consulting, LLC

  • Michael Bangs

    Michael Bangs

    VP Real Estate and Construction, IronOx

  • Kathy Banicki

    Kathy Banicki

    President, Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc.

  • Brian Banke, SLCR

    Brian Banke, SLCR

    Senior Director, Global Facilities & Real Estate, Procter & Gamble

  • Jeremy Banks

    Jeremy Banks

    Director Global Real Estate, Seagate Technology

  • Stephen Banks

    Stephen Banks

    Director Group Real Estate APAC, BP PLC (Singapore)

  • Vickie Banti

    Vickie Banti

    Director of Business Development, MAI Construction

  • Margie Baran

    Margie Baran

    Senior Vice President, Business Development, JLL

  • Erin Barcelos

    Erin Barcelos

    Director, Central Services, PUMA

  • Amanda Bare

    Amanda Bare

    Property Manager, Pope and Land

  • Dan Barham

    Dan Barham

    Director, Lemay

  • Andrew Barker, MCR, SLCR

    Andrew Barker, MCR, SLCR

    Independent Consultant,

  • Lewis Barker, MCR.w, QPCR

    Lewis Barker, MCR.w, QPCR

    Senior Manager, Real Estate & Workplace EMEA, ServiceNow UK Ltd

  • Shamus Barnes

    Shamus Barnes

    President, Fitco

  • Bob Barnes, MCR

    Bob Barnes, MCR

  • Peter Barnett

    Peter Barnett

    Global Head of Real Estate, Cigna/Evernorth

  • Jodee Barnett, MCR

    Jodee Barnett, MCR

    Account Executive (First American), Cushman & Wakefield

  • Michael Baron

    Michael Baron

    Facilities Director, US Central Region, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Robyn Baron, DEI

    Robyn Baron, DEI

    Global Accounts Director, East Region, Haworth, Inc

  • Scott Barras

    Scott Barras

    Global Head of Workplace, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Anne Barrett

    Anne Barrett

    Project Manager - Facilities Improvement, American Express

  • Louise Barry

    Louise Barry

    Director, Sales & Solutions, CBRE Corporate Outsourcing Limited

  • Cynthia Bartlett Wong

    Cynthia Bartlett Wong

    Sr. Real Estate Manager, Apple, Inc

  • James Bartolo, MCR

    James Bartolo, MCR

    Partner, International Occupier Services, Knight Frank LLP

  • Angela Barwick

    Angela Barwick

    Head of Specialty Sales JLL/T, JLL/T

  • Luisina Basilico

    Luisina Basilico

    Designer, Page

  • Anoma Baste, MCR

    Anoma Baste, MCR

    Associate Director - International Client Solutions, Space Matrix Design Consultants Pte Ltd

  • Claudia Bastiani, MCR

    Claudia Bastiani, MCR

    Head of Workplace Experience & Design, Legal & General Investment Management

  • Justin Batchen

    Justin Batchen

    Program Manager, Cisco

  • Kendall Bateman

    Kendall Bateman

    Director, Corporate Real Estate Transactions & Strategy, T-Mobile

  • Jacob Bates

    Jacob Bates

    Managing Director, JLL FLEX

  • Jeremy Bates

    Jeremy Bates

    Executive Director, Savills (UK) Ltd

  • Louis Battagliese

    Louis Battagliese

    Founding Partner, Jackson Cross Partner, LLC

  • Joe Baughman, MCR

    Joe Baughman, MCR

    AVP-Corporate Real Estate, Nationwide Insurance

  • Sabine Baum

    Sabine Baum

    Corporate Real Estate Manager, General Dynamics Information Technology

  • Matthew Baumann

    Matthew Baumann

    Real Estate Manager - Americas, Equinix, Inc

  • Lori-Ann Bayless

    Lori-Ann Bayless

    WSG Program Manager, Cisco

  • Trafton Bean, QPCR

    Trafton Bean, QPCR

    Manager, Real Estate Strategy & Transactions, Salesforce

  • Brent Bean, MCR

    Brent Bean, MCR

    Sr. Dir, Real Estate & Facility Services, Visa

  • Travis Beardslee

    Travis Beardslee

    Transaction Management, American Red Cross

  • JD Beatty

    JD Beatty

    Project Manager, City Of Mesa Arizona

  • Jesse Beatus, SLCR

    Jesse Beatus, SLCR

    Associate, Real Estate, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Jay Bechtel, SLCR

    Jay Bechtel, SLCR

    Real Estate Project Executive, Google LLC

  • Kirsten Beck

    Kirsten Beck

    Principal, Project Management, Avison Young

  • Donald Becka

    Donald Becka

    Strategic Development Manager, DJB Real Estate Business Solutions, LLC

  • Jasmin Beckenbach

    Jasmin Beckenbach

    Real Estate & Facility Management, BASF SE

  • James Becker

    James Becker

    Principal & Managing Director, Avison Young

  • Slade Bedford

    Slade Bedford

    Deputy Director, Global Facilities, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Brian Beede, MCR

    Brian Beede, MCR

    Director, Global Real Estate and Facilities, Compassion International

  • John Beggy

    John Beggy

    Director of Transactions, PNC Bank, N.A.

  • Carter Beim

    Carter Beim

    Executive Vice President, Colliers

  • Maggie Beitler

    Maggie Beitler

    Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Shaw Industries

  • Christina Beja

    Christina Beja

    Associate Partner, EY

  • Darren Belcher

    Darren Belcher

    Head of Global Real Estate & Facilities, APJ, SAP

  • Peter Belisle

    Peter Belisle

    Southwest Market Director, JLL

  • Mark Bell

    Mark Bell

    Vice President, Real Estate & Mobility, Raymond James & Associates

  • Roxanne Bell

    Roxanne Bell

    Director of Site Services, NexSystems

  • Andrea Bell

    Andrea Bell

    Regional Sales Director, MillerKnoll

  • Sam Bellas, QPCR

    Sam Bellas, QPCR

    Principal, EY

  • Kheredine Bellazaar

    Kheredine Bellazaar

    Responsable des Operations, CDI, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Serge Bellin, MCR, SLCR

    Serge Bellin, MCR, SLCR

    Real Estate Portfolio Manager, Signify

  • John Beltrami

    John Beltrami

    Site Manager, WorleyParsons Ltd.

  • Brigitte Beltran, SLCR

    Brigitte Beltran, SLCR

    Head, International Client Solutions, Space Matrix

  • Chantal Bemeur

    Chantal Bemeur

    Analyst, Change Management, Workplace Solutions, Public Services and Procurement Canada

  • Tom Benek

    Tom Benek

  • Sydney Benhar

    Sydney Benhar

    Account Executive, Benhar Office Interiors

  • Nick Bennett

    Nick Bennett

    Global RE Workplace Enablement Project Manager, American Express

  • Sue Bennett

    Sue Bennett

    Principal & CEO, Bennett Design

  • Chris Bennetts

    Chris Bennetts

    Head of European Operations, Wipro Ltd

  • Stefan Beretitsch

    Stefan Beretitsch

    ABB AG

  • Peter Bergeron

    Peter Bergeron

    Sr. Portfolio Manager, Microsoft

  • Brendan Bergin

    Brendan Bergin

    Business Development Manager, M Group Architects

  • Kerry Bergquist

    Kerry Bergquist

    Director, Global Real Estate & Projects, S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc

  • Marylou Berk

    Marylou Berk

    Senior Vice President, Head of Commercial Real Estate, LeFrak Organization

  • Jay Berkemeyer

    Jay Berkemeyer

    Director, Business Development, Avuity

  • Joris Berkhout

    Joris Berkhout

    Director, JLL

  • Francoys Bernier

    Francoys Bernier

    Regional Director, Public Services and Procurement Canada

  • Cliff Berry

    Cliff Berry

    VP, Americas Real Estate, Visa

  • Doug Berry

    Doug Berry

    VP Project & Facility Management, Iron Mountain

  • Rick Bertasi

    Rick Bertasi

    Chief Executive Officer, Global Corporate Services, Newmark

  • Bryan Berthold, MCR

    Bryan Berthold, MCR

    Global Lead Workplace Experience, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Rachelle Besser

    Rachelle Besser

    Director, Client Services, James E. Fitzgerald, Inc

  • Andy Bessette

    Andy Bessette

    E.V.P. & Chief Admin. Officer, The Travelers Companies

  • Alexandra Betesh

    Alexandra Betesh

    Vice President, Client Services, Visual Lease LLC

  • Marc Betesh

    Marc Betesh

    President, KBA Lease Services-Visual Lease

  • Rich Bettina

    Rich Bettina

    Sr. Director, Real Estate Portfolio, Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH

  • Varunee Betts-Kosowan

    Varunee Betts-Kosowan

    Strategic Partnerships Director, Contract Sources Ltd.

  • Michel Beunder

    Michel Beunder

    CI Lead / Process Architect, Real Estate ,SBO & Corporate Travel, Royal Dutch Shell

  • Tim Bextel

    Tim Bextel

    Vice President - Real Estate, Publicis

  • Elizabeth Beyer

    Elizabeth Beyer

    Senior Account Executive, CreativeOfficeResources

  • Iris Bi

    Iris Bi

    Real Estate Specialist, BASF (China) Company Ltd.

  • Gary Bibby

    Gary Bibby

    Partner, Gardiner & Theobald LLP

  • Jay Biggins

    Jay Biggins

    Executive Managing Director, Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co., LLC

  • Christian Bigsby

    Christian Bigsby

    Vice President, Cisco

  • Nicki Bilbrough

    Nicki Bilbrough

    Acquisitions Manager, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

  • Susan Billups

    Susan Billups

    Senior Manager, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Jeff Binswanger

    Jeff Binswanger

    Managing Director, Binswanger Corp

  • David Biondolillo

    David Biondolillo

    US Strategy & Corporate Planning Lead, TD Bank

  • Clarinda Bisceglia

    Clarinda Bisceglia

    Director, Workplace Experience, NetApp

  • Jacquie Bisignano

    Jacquie Bisignano

    Transactions Program Manager, Humana, Inc.

  • Jenny Bjoerkman, MCR.w

    Jenny Bjoerkman, MCR.w

    Financial Analyst (Real Estate), ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd

  • Chesley Black

    Chesley Black

    Vice President & Head of Operational Service Excellence, Americas Region, ISS Facility Services

  • Lee Black

    Lee Black

    Executive Managing Director, Principal, BVF Realty Corporation

  • Stephen Black

    Stephen Black

    Regional Vice President, Global and Strategic Accounts, Midwest, Mohawk

  • Kevin Blackburn

    Kevin Blackburn

    Principal, STG Design

  • Christina Blackman

    Christina Blackman

    Vice President, Bank of Montreal

  • Colin Blair, MCR

    Colin Blair, MCR

    Account Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Maggie Blake

    Maggie Blake

    Sr. Brand Manager, AVP, Citizens Bank

  • Barton Bland

    Barton Bland

    Senior Associate, Gensler

  • Rachel Blankenship

    Rachel Blankenship

    Real Estate Services Leader, EY

  • Dorota Blaschke

    Dorota Blaschke

    Workplace Delivery Manager, Cisco

  • Stephen Blau

    Stephen Blau

    Vice Preisdent, Commercial Furniture Interiors

  • Matt Blauvelt

    Matt Blauvelt

    Sr. Director of Transactions, Capital One

  • Kathryn Blessington, SLCR

    Kathryn Blessington, SLCR

    Global Director, Operations and Capability Centers, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Heidi Blicharski, MCR.w

    Heidi Blicharski, MCR.w

    Director - Portfolio & Workplace Strategy, Discovery Communications

  • Shelly Bloch

    Shelly Bloch

    Director of Global Real Estate, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

  • Kyle Block

    Kyle Block

    Associate, Brokerage, JLL Americas, Inc.

  • Carol Blotniuk

    Carol Blotniuk

    Senior Director, Client Relationship Management, Public Services and Procurement Canada

  • Dennis Blue, MCR, SLCR

    Dennis Blue, MCR, SLCR

    Vice President, Corporate Support Services, Jackson National Life Insurance

  • Jeff Blue

    Jeff Blue

    President, Interior Resources Group

  • Vernon Blunt

    Vernon Blunt

    Global Workplace Operations Director, Ericsson

  • Reid Blynn

    Reid Blynn

    Executive Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank

  • Jaime Boast

    Jaime Boast

    Vice President, JLL

  • Sandra Bobbitt

    Sandra Bobbitt

    Customer Relationship Executive, MillerKnoll

  • Steve Bodenheimer

    Steve Bodenheimer

    Project Director, RS Bodie Services LLC

  • Charisse Bodisch

    Charisse Bodisch

    SVP Economic Development, Austin Chamber of Commerce

  • Laurie Boehl

    Laurie Boehl

    Environmental Scientist, PES Associates, Inc.

  • Michele Bogdan

    Michele Bogdan

    Marketing Director, Chapman Construction/Design

  • Shelley Boland

    Shelley Boland

    Head Property, Greater China and North Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Miranda Boling, QPCR

    Miranda Boling, QPCR

    Program Manager, Americas, Red Hat Inc.

  • Lynn Bollins

    Lynn Bollins

    Sales Representative, Main Solutions

  • Christopher Bond

    Christopher Bond

    Partner, Turton Bond

  • Chandler Bonney

    Chandler Bonney

    Director of Real Estate, Dropbox

  • Mitch Bono

    Mitch Bono

    National Business Development Director, Corporate Care

  • Michael Bono

    Michael Bono

    President & CEO, Corporate Care

  • Oliver Boote

    Oliver Boote

    Facilities and Services Coordinator, Mace Ltd.

  • Jessup Bordson

    Jessup Bordson

    Sr. Director, Global Real Estate, The Boeing Company

  • Randy Borron

    Randy Borron

    Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Klaas Bosma

    Klaas Bosma

    Director Services, Reasult

  • Adam Bost, MCR

    Adam Bost, MCR

    Project Manager, Vanguard

  • Diane Botson, MCR

    Diane Botson, MCR

    U.S. Real Estate Lead, Vanguard

  • Lisa Bottom

    Lisa Bottom

    Vice President, Principal, AECOM

  • Ian Bottrell

    Ian Bottrell

    Division President, JLL

  • Daniel Boukhers, SLCR

    Daniel Boukhers, SLCR

    Facilities Management, Hatch

  • David Bourke

    David Bourke

    Co President / CEO, IA Interior Architects

  • Stephanie Bowen, MCR

    Stephanie Bowen, MCR

    Technology Sector Lead, CBRE

  • Constance Bowen, MCR.w

    Constance Bowen, MCR.w

    SVP-Global Workplace Strategy and Planning, Northern Trust Corporation

  • Richard Bowers

    Richard Bowers

    President, Richard Bowers & Company

  • Del Boyette

    Del Boyette

    President & CEO, Boyette Strategic Advisors

  • Susan Boyle

    Susan Boyle

    Operations / Facilities Specialist,

  • Chris Boynton

    Chris Boynton

    CRE Senior Manager, McLean Campus, The MITRE Corporation

  • Ute Braasch

    Ute Braasch

    Chief Operating Officer, JLL

  • Sherri Bracken, MCR

    Sherri Bracken, MCR

    Chief Administrative Officer, Milbank LLP

  • Renae Bradshaw, MCR

    Renae Bradshaw, MCR

    Real Estate Director, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

  • Maura Brady, MCR

    Maura Brady, MCR

    Director Workplace Strategy Real Estate Services, Mastercard

  • Corinne Brady

    Corinne Brady

    Project Manager, Cresa

  • Gordon Brailsford, MCR.w

    Gordon Brailsford, MCR.w

    Senior Advisor, Workplace Strategy, Cresa

  • Joseph Brancato

    Joseph Brancato

    Co-Chairman, Gensler

  • Todd Brandon

    Todd Brandon

    Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Kendall Brandsen

    Kendall Brandsen

    Sr. Project Manager, CDT, WELL AP, Progressive AE

  • Julie Branick, MCR

    Julie Branick, MCR

    Sr. Director - Real Estate, Fac. & Corp. Services, S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc

  • Randy Brant

    Randy Brant

    Vice President, Southwest Solutions Group

  • Steve Brashear

    Steve Brashear

    SVP, Global Real Estate, Salesforce

  • Warren Braverman

    Warren Braverman

    Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Claudia Bravo

    Claudia Bravo

    RES Director, Halliburton Company

  • Taylor Bredow, DEI

    Taylor Bredow, DEI

    Project Executive, Balfour Beatty Construction

  • Gregory Brenner

    Gregory Brenner

    Managing Principal, WB Engineers+Consultants

  • Robert Breslaw

    Robert Breslaw

    Corporate Real Estate Systems Lead, United Therapeutics

  • Karen Bretagne

    Karen Bretagne

    Director Global Head of Real Estate Portfolio Planning & Transactions, BlackRock

  • Brenna Bricker

    Brenna Bricker

    Designer / Project Manager, Bricker Interior Design LLC

  • Erik Bridy

    Erik Bridy

    Managing Director, CBRE

  • Steffen Briese

    Steffen Briese

    Corporate Real Estate Manager, Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH

  • Robert Brinkley

    Robert Brinkley

    Attorney, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP

  • Michael Brinkley

    Michael Brinkley

    Land Advisors Organization

  • Lisa Brinkman

    Lisa Brinkman

    Client Relationship Manager, JLL

  • Tracy Brower, MCR.w

    Tracy Brower, MCR.w

    Principal, Applied Research + Consulting, Steelcase

  • Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown

    Senior Real Estate Specialist, Medtronic (Minneapolis)

  • Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown

    Sales and Marketing Director, BW Interiors Ltd

  • Amber Brown

    Amber Brown

    Regional President - Charlotte, Triad and South Carolina, Alfred Williams & Co.

  • Ann Brown

    Ann Brown

    Sr. Director, Global Real Estate, Medtronic, Inc

  • Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown

    Sr. Manager, Real Estate Facilities & Portfolio Management, Capital One

  • Richard Brown

    Richard Brown

    VP, Facilities Ops, Sodexo

  • Stephen Brown

    Stephen Brown

    Senior Vice President Global Market Development, International WELL Building Institute, PBC

  • Rick Brown

    Rick Brown

    Global Strategic Accounts, Milliken & Company

  • Sarah Brown

    Sarah Brown

    Project Director, tp bennett LLP

  • Devin Brown

    Devin Brown

    Senior Manager, Projects, JLL

  • Nicole Brown

    Nicole Brown

    Architect, Redline Design Group

  • Kirstin Brown

    Kirstin Brown

    Principal, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

  • Graham Brown

    Graham Brown

    Director, Transaction Management, International, American Express International Inc

  • Mike Brucato

    Mike Brucato

    Managing Director | Advisory & Transaction Services | Occupier, CBRE

  • Brendan Bruce

    Brendan Bruce

    International Director of Ideation Services, Haworth

  • Erick Brunet, MCR

    Erick Brunet, MCR

    Managing Director, Newmark

  • Heather Brunini

    Heather Brunini

    Business Development Manager, Teknion

  • John Bruno

    John Bruno

    VP, Real Estate and the Workplace, Workday

  • Heather Bruno

    Heather Bruno

    Business Development, Diversified Resource Group

  • Frances Bruns

    Frances Bruns

    Account Executive, IA Interior Architects

  • Caroline Bryan

    Caroline Bryan

    Executive Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants Pte Ltd

  • Christian Bryan

    Christian Bryan

    Head of Global Real Estate and Facilities Services, Alteryx

  • Ashley Bryant, MCR

    Ashley Bryant, MCR

    Director, Global Real Estate & Facilities Management, IQVIA

  • Roxanna Bryant

    Roxanna Bryant

    Executive Director of Corporate Facility Services, Hoag Hospital

  • Justin Brzostowski

    Justin Brzostowski

    Territory Manager of Northern New Jersey, AIS

  • Khari Buck

    Khari Buck

    Global Head of Real Estate & Facilities, Cruise

  • Barry Buck

    Barry Buck

    Corporate Marketing Manager, DPR Construction

  • René Buck

    René Buck

    CEO, Buck Consultants International

  • Edwin Buckley, SLCR

    Edwin Buckley, SLCR

    Senior Director, Facilities, TDIndustries

  • James Buddrus

    James Buddrus

    Executive Vice President/Managing Principal, Swearingen Realty Group LLC

  • John Budesa

    John Budesa

    Senior Associate, Gensler

  • Martin Buettner

    Martin Buettner

    CREM Expert, European Central Bank

  • Dave Bui

    Dave Bui

    Vice President, Majestic Realty

  • Ardell Bunt

    Ardell Bunt

    Head of Solutions Development - Principal, JLL

  • Kendra Burch

    Kendra Burch

    Project Executive/Manager of Business Development, FaciliCorp

  • David Burden

    David Burden

    Principal & EVP, Colliers

  • Locke Burnette

    Locke Burnette

    Managing Director, Global Occupier Services, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Patrick Burns

    Patrick Burns

    Vice President, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

  • Jack Burns

    Jack Burns

    Managing Principal, Cresa

  • Andy Burton

    Andy Burton

    VP, Real Estate Asia Ocenia, Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd

  • David Burton

    David Burton

    Partner, VALTE

  • Linda Burton

    Linda Burton

    SVP, Strategic Planning Manager, Wells Fargo

  • Fred Buscaglia

    Fred Buscaglia

    Managing Director, JLL

  • Rolf Busch

    Rolf Busch

    Global Client Partnership Manager, Sedus Stoll AG

  • Milly Butler, MCR

    Milly Butler, MCR

    Director, Construction Management, Charles Schwab

  • Seth Butler

    Seth Butler

    Global Real Estate Operations, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

  • Candace Butler

    Candace Butler

    Manager, Economic Development, General Motors LLC

  • Brad Byers

    Brad Byers

    Senior Director, Global Real Estate, Facilities, Security & Business Continuity, CSAA Insurance Group

  • Martin Byrne

    Martin Byrne

    Senior Director, Real Estate Technology, Salesforce

  • CNG+ Members beginning with C
  • Jessie Caissie

    Jessie Caissie

    Real Estate Manager - Strategy, Insights, Projects, Akamai Technologies

  • Ernst Calais

    Ernst Calais

    Head of Global Real Estate & Workplace, Abnormal Security

  • Gail Calder

    Gail Calder

    General Manager, Property & Facilities, Fonterra Co-Operative Group Limited

  • William Callahan

    William Callahan

    Director, Workplace Experience, Seismic Software

  • Brendan Callahan

    Brendan Callahan

    Managing Director, JLL

  • Aurora Cammarata

    Aurora Cammarata

    Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Advisor, Iron Mountain

  • Dina Campana

    Dina Campana

    EMEA & APAC Corporate Real Estate Ops, Google

  • Paul Campanelli

    Paul Campanelli

    Vice President, PAC Group LLC

  • John Campbell

    John Campbell

    President, FCA

  • Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell

    Construction & Real Estate Development Manager, United Therapeutics

  • Dean Campbell

    Dean Campbell

    Managing Director, Solutions Development, JLL

  • Julia Campbell

    Julia Campbell

    Partner, QUEZADA Architecture

  • Nelly Campos Montero

    Nelly Campos Montero

    Senior Vice President CRS, Citibanamex

  • Eric Canale

    Eric Canale

    Dir Real Estate & Facilities APJ, EMC International SARL

  • Jim Canning, SLCR

    Jim Canning, SLCR

    Vice President, Global Operations - EMEA/APAC, Pfizer Ltd

  • Ken Cantrell, MCR

    Ken Cantrell, MCR

    Senior Global Program Manager - Employee & Workplace Solutions - Global Operations, Adobe

  • Frank Cantwell

    Frank Cantwell

    Business Development, William B. Meyer, Inc.

  • Robert Capua

    Robert Capua

    Global Head of Workplace Services, CLS Bank International

  • Antonia Cardone, MCR.w

    Antonia Cardone, MCR.w

    Managing Director, Workplace Strategy, Global Occupier Services, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Jill Carle

    Jill Carle

    Sr. Associate/Sr. Interiors Project Manager, RSP Architects

  • Jill Carlisle

    Jill Carlisle

    Strategic Planning Advisor, Southern California Edison

  • Suzanne Carlson

    Suzanne Carlson

    Principal, NBBJ

  • Mary Carlson

    Mary Carlson

    Office Facilities Director, Weston & Sampson Inc.

  • Leandro Carlton Caramel

    Leandro Carlton Caramel

    Commerical Manager, Cyrela Brazil Realty

  • Susan Carpenter

    Susan Carpenter

    Sales Director, Haworth Ltd.

  • Tameca Carr

    Tameca Carr

    Global Lease Operations Manager, Salesforce

  • Stephen Carroll

    Stephen Carroll

    SVP-Director of Corporate Services, Rockland Trust

  • Sherry Carroll, DEI

    Sherry Carroll, DEI

    Studio Director of Interiors, RMW Architecture and Interiors

  • Robert Carruthers

    Robert Carruthers

    Regional Network Planner, ASP, HSBC

  • Kristine Carter

    Kristine Carter

    Project Manager - Comerica Bank, CBRE

  • Erin Carter, MCR

    Erin Carter, MCR

    Program Manager, Cisco

  • Gina Caruso

    Gina Caruso

    Senior Vice President Project Management, Impec Group

  • Loreto Carvallo

    Loreto Carvallo

    Director Workplace & Experience Latam, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Jamie Case

    Jamie Case

    Director, Interior Architecture & Design, Ware Malcomb

  • Paul Casey

    Paul Casey

    Aspen Technology, Inc.

  • Ashley Casey

    Ashley Casey

    Associate Director, Client Services - Australia, New Zealand, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Michael Casolo

    Michael Casolo

    Chief Revenue Officer, Unispace

  • Thomas Cassidy, DEI

    Thomas Cassidy, DEI

    Division Director, Head of Procurement and Real Estate, BAYADA Home Health Care

  • Matthew Cataldo

    Matthew Cataldo

    Global Account Manager, Haworth, Inc

  • Bruce Causey

    Bruce Causey

    COO-Partner, Corporate Care

  • Patrick Cavanagh

    Patrick Cavanagh

    Executive Vice President and Partner, CBRE, Inc.

  • Raymond Celli

    Raymond Celli

    President, Optiera, Inc

  • Victoria Cerami

    Victoria Cerami

    President, Cerami & Associates, Inc.

  • MaryJo Cestone, MCR

    MaryJo Cestone, MCR

    Director, Workplace Strategy, CBRE

  • Sanjiv Chadha

    Sanjiv Chadha

    Principal, Avison Young

  • Stacy Chambers

    Stacy Chambers

    Senior Manager - Real Estate, Suffolk Construction Co, Inc.

  • Alex Chambers, DEI

    Alex Chambers, DEI

    Regional Vice President, KDC Real Estate & Investments

  • Bella Chan

    Bella Chan

    Global Real Estate & Facilities (GRF), SAP (China) Co Ltd

  • James Chan

    James Chan

    Senior Sales Consultant, Zenith Interiors

  • Hester Chan

    Hester Chan

    Director Global Strategy, Planning and Transactions, Informatica Corporation

  • Christopher Chandlee, MCR

    Christopher Chandlee, MCR

  • Ram Chandnani

    Ram Chandnani

    Managing Director Advisory & Transaction Services India, CBRE

  • Elizabeth Chaney

    Elizabeth Chaney

    Managing Director, JLL

  • David Chang, MCR

    David Chang, MCR

    Global Head of Strategy, Corporate Real Estate, HSBC

  • Jason Chapman

    Jason Chapman

    Vice President, Red Thread

  • Larry Charlip

    Larry Charlip

    VP, Facilities Management and Corporate Real Estate, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc

  • Kerri Chase

    Kerri Chase

    Sr. Mgr Programs and Projects, Blue Shield of California

  • Arsh Chaudhry

    Arsh Chaudhry

    CEO, Space Matrix Design Consultants Pte Ltd

  • Alyssa Chaulklin

    Alyssa Chaulklin

    Associate, Broker, JLL

  • Vikas Chawla, MCR

    Vikas Chawla, MCR

    Director - Employee & Workplace Solutions, Adobe

  • Peter Chee

    Peter Chee

    Senior Director, Head of Corporate Real Estate Services, Asia Pacific, Visa

  • Jawwad Cheema

    Jawwad Cheema

    Vice President RE Strategy & Portfolio, Royal Dutch Shell

  • Lav Chellaram

    Lav Chellaram

    Associate Director, Featherlite Office Systems (P) Ltd

  • Steven Chemi

    Steven Chemi

    Business Development Manager, Sweetwater Construction Corp.

  • Solina Chen

    Solina Chen

    Manager, Ascendas-Singbridge

  • Blair Chen

    Blair Chen

    Account Manager, Beijing Green Sagacity Facility Management Ltd.

  • Angus Cheng, MCR, SLCR

    Angus Cheng, MCR, SLCR

    Global Real Estate Director - APAC, TE Connectivity (HK) Ltd

  • Anthony Chhour, MCR

    Anthony Chhour, MCR

    Senior Manager – APAC Programs, Global Workplace, VMware

  • Meng Choo Chia

    Meng Choo Chia

    Planning and Projects Director, Oracle Corporation

  • Alicia Chidsey

    Alicia Chidsey

    Alliance Director - Sprint, CBRE

  • Domenick Chieco

    Domenick Chieco

    Sr. Sr. Vice President & Managing Partner, Milrose Consultants, Inc

  • Elliot Chiger

    Elliot Chiger

    Account Manager, Milrose Consultants, Inc

  • Mark Chim

    Mark Chim

    Greater China Head, Cisco Systems

  • Efklidis Chimonidis

    Efklidis Chimonidis

    Senior Manager, EMEA Real Estate & Facilities, Informatica Corporation

  • Russell Chin

    Russell Chin

    Associate Project Manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

  • Bonnie Li Peng Chin

    Bonnie Li Peng Chin

    Workplace Services Manager, Salesforce

  • Hok Chung Lerrence Chiu

    Hok Chung Lerrence Chiu

    Head of Property, Cluster Head - Hong Kong, Greater Bay area, Taiwan, GBS-China and Macau, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Robert Chodos

    Robert Chodos

    Executive Vice Chairman, Newmark

  • Erwin Chong

    Erwin Chong

    Group Head, Corporate Real Estate Strategy and Administration, DBS Bank Ltd.

  • Naythan Chong

    Naythan Chong

    Associate Director, Knight Frank Malaysia Sdn Bhd

  • Elizabeth Choulas

    Elizabeth Choulas

    Head of Real Estate and Workplace Experience, Toast, Inc.

  • Cliff Chow

    Cliff Chow

    Regional Office Lead/Vice President, New York, HITT Contracting Inc.

  • Henry Chow

    Henry Chow


  • Lance Christensen, MCR

    Lance Christensen, MCR

    Americas Real Estate Portfolio Manager, NetApp

  • Martin Christie, MCR

    Martin Christie, MCR

    Head of Property, Essential Energy

  • Suzanne Christman

    Suzanne Christman

    Director, Business Development, Pinellas County Economic Development

  • Bjoern Christmann

    Bjoern Christmann

    Managing Director, Bayer Real Estate GmbH

  • Andy Christmas

    Andy Christmas


  • Yennis Chua

    Yennis Chua

    Manager, Real Estate and Program Management, APAC, Pfizer Corp (HK) Ltd

  • Evvanna Chua

    Evvanna Chua

    Senior Director – Transaction Management, CBRE PTE LTD

  • Ming Lee Chua, MCR, SLCR

    Ming Lee Chua, MCR, SLCR

    Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Pawel Chudzik

    Pawel Chudzik

    Lighting and Controls Specialist, Exposure

  • Jason Chupp

    Jason Chupp

    Senior Vice President/ Regional Manger, Swinerton Builders

  • Rachel Churchill

    Rachel Churchill

    Associate Attorney, McCarter & English, LLP

  • Sarah-Lynn Cinquegrani

    Sarah-Lynn Cinquegrani

    Senior Vice President | Global Real Estate Services, Bank of America

  • Perry Cirigliano

    Perry Cirigliano

    Senior Account Executive, Patcraft

  • Dave Clark

    Dave Clark

    Senior Vice President, Director Real Estate & Facilities, First United Bank

  • Amanda Clark

    Amanda Clark

    Associate Project Manager, Liberty Mutual

  • John Clark

    John Clark

    President, Pyramid Brokerage Co., Inc.

  • Christina Clark

    Christina Clark

    Managing Principal, Cresa

  • Christine Clark

    Christine Clark

    Workplace Manager, Cisco Systems

  • Gable Clarke

    Gable Clarke

    Partner, Director of Interior Design, SGA

  • Martin Clarke, MCR

    Martin Clarke, MCR

    Sr. Vice President - Global Head of Workplace Services, Northern Trust Corporation

  • Scott Clement

    Scott Clement

    COO/Principal, Revelers

  • Michelle Cleverdon

    Michelle Cleverdon

    Vice President, Workplace Advisory | Western Regional Lead, Colliers

  • Michelle Clingingsmith

    Michelle Clingingsmith

    Associate, Agency Leasing, JLL

  • Charles Clinton

    Charles Clinton

    Development Manager / Facilities Design Build, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co, Inc.

  • Roy Cloudsdale

    Roy Cloudsdale


  • Jen Clune

    Jen Clune

    Managing Director, Clune Construction Co

  • Steve Cockings, MCR.w, SLCR

    Steve Cockings, MCR.w, SLCR

    Real Estate Innovation and Optimisation, Chevron

  • Alex Cocoziello

    Alex Cocoziello

    Sr Manager, GO Projects, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Barbra Coffee

    Barbra Coffee

    Economic Initiatives Director, City of Tucson

  • Ira Cohen

    Ira Cohen

    VP, Real Estate, The Estee Lauder Companies

  • Ethan Colaiace

    Ethan Colaiace

    Vice President, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities, Hasbro, Inc.

  • Tom Colarusso

    Tom Colarusso

    Corporate Real Estate Manager, National Grid

  • Carol Colbert, MCR

    Carol Colbert, MCR

    Global Director, Workplace Strategy & Innovation, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Chris Cole

    Chris Cole

    Vice President, Sales and Space Solutions, Forward Space

  • Debra Cole

    Debra Cole

    Principal, HLW International LLP

  • Rhonda Coleman

    Rhonda Coleman

    Managing Director of Real Estate, Public Health Management Corp

  • Brenda Coleman

    Brenda Coleman

    Global Service Owner - Space Mgr, Cisco

  • Brian Collins

    Brian Collins

    Senior Manager, Real Estate & Facilities, Microsoft

  • Matthew Collins

    Matthew Collins

    Associate Director - Procurement, Biogen

  • Brittany Collins

    Brittany Collins

    Associate, Currie & Brown

  • Tom Colwell

    Tom Colwell

    Senior Manager, Cisco

  • David Combest

    David Combest

    Real Estate Project Coordinator, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Randy Cone

    Randy Cone

    Vice President & Account Director, JLL

  • Tyler Conley

    Tyler Conley

    Business Development Engineer, Turner Construction Company

  • Adriana Conlon

    Adriana Conlon

    Project Manager Lead Sr, CBRE / Iron Mountain

  • Michael Connors

    Michael Connors

    Senior Vice President of Real Estate, CORT Business Services

  • Maria Consiglio

    Maria Consiglio

    corporate project, services & facilities, PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • George Conti

    George Conti

    Vice President, Global Real Estate, Iron Mountain

  • Fernanda Helena Contim Machado

    Fernanda Helena Contim Machado

    Diretora Projetos América Latina, Turner & Townsend

  • R. G. Jerry Converse, QPCR

    R. G. Jerry Converse, QPCR

    Of Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP

  • Ronald Cook

    Ronald Cook

    AVP - Corp Real Estate Int'l, AT&T

  • John Cook

    John Cook

    Senior Director, EMEA RE & Facilities,

  • Mari Cook

    Mari Cook

    Director of Enterprise and Business Development, TurningArt

  • Michael Cook

    Michael Cook

    Director of Building Ops & Property Mgmt - SCAL, Kaiser Permanente

  • Chad Cook

    Chad Cook

    Senior Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Robert Cook

    Robert Cook

    Director of Real Estate Assets, Genentech Inc.

  • Martin Coonen

    Martin Coonen

    Global COE Real Estate Construction Projects, Philips

  • Suzanne Cooper, SLCR

    Suzanne Cooper, SLCR

    VP, Global Real Estate, Booking Holdings Inc.

  • Christina Cooper

    Christina Cooper

    Owner, Employee XD

  • Todd Cooper

    Todd Cooper

    Managing Partner, Cooper & Company

  • Glenn Cooper

    Glenn Cooper

    Senior Vice President, The Charles Schwab Corp

  • Lloyd Cooper, MCR

    Lloyd Cooper, MCR

    Executive Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Melissa Copley

    Melissa Copley

    Vice Chairman, Tenant Representation, Newmark

  • Debbie Copper

    Debbie Copper

    Facilities Director, Oracle

  • Eric Corbin

    Eric Corbin

    VP CRE, Design & Construction, Mountain America Credit Union

  • Gail Corder

    Gail Corder

    Executive VP, Fischer

  • Sandra Corkern

    Sandra Corkern

    Workplace Management Leader, EY

  • Matt Corkery

    Matt Corkery

    Senior Manager, Facility Operations, Alliant Energy

  • Kyle Cormier

    Kyle Cormier

    Transaction Manager, First American Corp

  • Pamela Cornella, MCR.w

    Pamela Cornella, MCR.w

    Manager Portfolio Strategy, Verizon Communications

  • Bryan Corney, MCR

    Bryan Corney, MCR

    Director of Real Estate, Leslie's Poolmart, Inc.

  • Murilo Correa

    Murilo Correa

    Workplace Manager, Cisco Systems Limited

  • Susie Corriveau, MCR

    Susie Corriveau, MCR

    Real Estate Project Coordinator, Oracle America, Inc.

  • David Corry

    David Corry

    Director, Faithful+Gould

  • Timothy Coskren

    Timothy Coskren

    Senior Project Manager, Atlantic Management Corporation

  • Erin Costello

    Erin Costello

    Account Executive-Sales, Cofco Office Furnishings

  • John Costello

    John Costello

    Senior Workplace Manager Middle East & Africa, Firmenich

  • Dennis Cotter

    Dennis Cotter

    Senior Executive Vice President, Jame G. Davis Construction Corp

  • Martin Cottingham

    Martin Cottingham

    Principal, Avison Young

  • Justin Cottle

    Justin Cottle

    Manager, Maint. Strategic Planning, Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Caroline Court

    Caroline Court

    Head of Real Estate East Asia & Oceana, Ericsson

  • Steve Cousart

    Steve Cousart

    Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank

  • Sylvia Cousins, QPCR

    Sylvia Cousins, QPCR

    Global Service Owner - Logistics, Cisco

  • Jason Cousins

    Jason Cousins

    Director Facilities Management, Lazard & Co

  • Maria Christina Coutinho

    Maria Christina Coutinho

    Partner, Aresta Projects and Consulting Ltd

  • Nigel Coutts

    Nigel Coutts

    Design Director, BDP

  • Jamie Covert

    Jamie Covert

    President, Scribcor Global Lease Administration

  • Richard Cowley, MCR

    Richard Cowley, MCR

    Director APAC Strategy & Transactions, AIG Global Corporate Real Estate

  • Chris Cox

    Chris Cox

    Sr Manager Real Estate & Workplace Resources, Newmont Mining Corporation

  • Michelle Craig

    Michelle Craig

    Director of Corporate Accounts, InstallNET International

  • Scott Crain

    Scott Crain

    Vice President, E.E. Reed Construction

  • Cheryl Craven, QPCR

    Cheryl Craven, QPCR

    Real Estate Services, MasterCard

  • Paul Crayford

    Paul Crayford

    Director - EMEA, Aon Services Group

  • Julie Creed

    Julie Creed

    Principal, CREed Global Resources

  • Wendy Crenshaw

    Wendy Crenshaw

    Director, Interior Architecture & Design, Ware Malcomb

  • Joseph Cribbin

    Joseph Cribbin

    President, Structure Tone Southwest

  • Kristen Crimmins

    Kristen Crimmins

    Real Estate Manager, Guardian Life Insurance Co.

  • James Crisp

    James Crisp

    Partner - Account Management, Cushman & Wakefield LLP

  • Joseph Crist

    Joseph Crist

    Senior Real Estate Manager, Kaiser Permanente

  • Craig Crock

    Craig Crock

    Vice President, Southwest Solutions Group

  • Brian Crockford

    Brian Crockford

    IFM Operations Lead, International, Microsoft Ltd.

  • Katy Cross

    Katy Cross

    Business Development, The Executive Centre (Australia) Pty Ltd

  • Vaughan Crouch, MCR

    Vaughan Crouch, MCR

    General Manager Property & Facilities, Ministry of Social Development

  • Gail Crowder

    Gail Crowder

    Principal, Occupier Solutions, Avison Young

  • Ian Crowe

    Ian Crowe

    International Corporate Services Executive, Bank of America

  • Morgan Crowley

    Morgan Crowley

    Head of Real Estate and Workplace EMEA, Twitter

  • Pete Crowley

    Pete Crowley

    Principal, Crowley & Company, LLC

  • Calandra Cruickshank

    Calandra Cruickshank

    President/CEO, StateBook International

  • Patricia Crumley, MCR, SLCR

    Patricia Crumley, MCR, SLCR

    Founder & Managing Principal, KodaC Enterprises, LLC

  • Jack Crutzen, MCR, SLCR

    Jack Crutzen, MCR, SLCR

    Director, PRISMA Facilities Management Ltd.

  • David Cuda

    David Cuda

    Director Corporate Solutions South Carolina, Colliers

  • Frank Cuevas

    Frank Cuevas

    VP, Real Estate, McKesson Corp

  • Matthew Cullen

    Matthew Cullen

    President & COO, Rock Ventures, LLC

  • Elizabeth Cullen, MCR

    Elizabeth Cullen, MCR

    Director, Real Estate Strategy & Execution, TIAA

  • Casey Culler

    Casey Culler

    Director of Marketing, Colite International

  • Laura Cullinane

    Laura Cullinane

    Business Development Manager, Teknion Corp

  • Michael Cummings

    Michael Cummings

    Principal, Colliers

  • Sheila Cunningham

    Sheila Cunningham

    AVP Lease Administration & Property Tax, Choice Properties REIT

  • Susan Curran

    Susan Curran

    Sr Director, Global Workplace Design & Construction, Informatica Corporation

  • Sal Curreri

    Sal Curreri

    Director of Administration, Jenner & Block LLP

  • Christopher Currie

    Christopher Currie

    President, Currie Project Management, LLC

  • Suzanne Currie

    Suzanne Currie

    Head of Group Property, Westpac

  • Diane Currier, SLCR

    Diane Currier, SLCR

    Senior Director, Building Services, Oracle

  • John Curry

    John Curry

    Regional Vice President, Steelcase, Inc

  • Karen Curtin

    Karen Curtin

    Director, Portfolio Management & Transations, AT&T

  • Sean Curtin

    Sean Curtin

    Director of Business Development, Commodore Builders

  • Aaron Curtis

    Aaron Curtis

    Vice President of Commerical Realty, RS&H

  • Vanessa Curtis

    Vanessa Curtis

    Director - Advisory & Transaction, Occupier, CBRE Ltd

  • Yanick Cyr

    Yanick Cyr

    Global Head, Real Estate and Facility Management, ASML Netherlands BV

  • Maximilian Czekalla

    Maximilian Czekalla

    Regionalleiter Süd, ENGIE Deutschland GmbH

  • Derek Czenczelewski

    Derek Czenczelewski

    Director of Business Development, Colliers Project Leaders

  • CNG+ Members beginning with D
  • Mark D'Alleva

    Mark D'Alleva

    Director of Capital Projects, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

  • Lou D'Avanzo

    Lou D'Avanzo

    Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Aubrey D'Costa

    Aubrey D'Costa

    National Commercial Facilities Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • Sunil DPK

    Sunil DPK

    Program Manager, WPR Delivery, Cisco

  • Nick Dabrowski, MCR

    Nick Dabrowski, MCR

    Senior Director, Global Real Estate & Facilities, Kellogg Company

  • Louise Daignault, MCR

    Louise Daignault, MCR

    Sr. Relationship Manager, TD Bank Group

  • Michael Daly

    Michael Daly

    Portfolio Optimization Executive, CBRE

  • James Damiani

    James Damiani

    Executive Managing Director-Tenant Advisory-Office, Newmark Knight Frank

  • Mark Dammeyer

    Mark Dammeyer

    Site and Contract Specialist, JANUS et Cie

  • Ross Daniel

    Ross Daniel

    UK Portfolio Manager, Capital One (Europe) plc

  • Brenda Daniels

    Brenda Daniels

    Manager, Economic Development, ElectriCities

  • Florian Danner

    Florian Danner

    Partner, M.O.O.CON GmbH

  • Katie Dasgupta

    Katie Dasgupta

    Associate Principal, tvsdesign

  • Christopher Davidson

    Christopher Davidson

    Vice President, Global Real Estate, WarnerMedia

  • Michael Davidson

    Michael Davidson

  • Bruce Davidson

    Bruce Davidson

    Regional Director,

  • Kelsey Davis

    Kelsey Davis

    Director of Business Development, Structure Tone

  • John Davis

    John Davis

    Partner, Capstan Advisors

  • Simon Davis, MCR.w

    Simon Davis, MCR.w

    Founder and CEO, Purposeful Intent

  • Vicki Dawes, MCR.w

    Vicki Dawes, MCR.w

    Strategic Planning Manager EMEAR, Cisco

  • Andrew Dawson

    Andrew Dawson

    FM Executive Director, CBRE

  • Mitch Dawson

    Mitch Dawson

    Director, Revonomic

  • Patrick De Gendt

    Patrick De Gendt

    Global Head of CREFS, ING

  • Wim De Villiers, MCR

    Wim De Villiers, MCR

    Principal, Deloitte

  • John DeBell

    John DeBell

    VP of Business Development, Architectural Solutions, Officeworks

  • John DeBenedictis, SLCR

    John DeBenedictis, SLCR

    Canadian Facilities Director, TD Bank

  • Alan DeFrancis

    Alan DeFrancis

    Director, The Boeing Company

  • Pierce DeGross

    Pierce DeGross

  • Michael DeKelver

    Michael DeKelver

    Manager, Strategic Portfoio Planning, Parks Canada Agency

  • Owen DeLuca

    Owen DeLuca

    Portfolio Manager, Shell Oil

  • Gregory DeMarco

    Gregory DeMarco

    President - Managing Principal, The Rock Brook Consulting Group

  • John DeMarsh, MCR

    John DeMarsh, MCR

    Global Real Estate, Orsted North America

  • Drew DePriest

    Drew DePriest

    Director, Facilities Management Technology Lead, CBRE

  • Thomas DeRosa

    Thomas DeRosa

    Business Development Manager, Columbia Construction

  • Monica DeWane

    Monica DeWane

    Account Executive, Innovant

  • Brian Dean

    Brian Dean

    Sr. Director, Corporate Real Estate & Workplace, Enterprise Community Partners

  • Paul Deeley

    Paul Deeley

    Regional Director - EMEA South, Oracle Iberica SRL

  • Todd Degarmo

    Todd Degarmo

    CEO, STUDIOS Architecture

  • Trevor Deily, QPCR

    Trevor Deily, QPCR

    Global Accounts Manager, MillerKnoll

  • Denise DelSignore

    Denise DelSignore

    Director of Real Estate, General Dynamics Mission Systems

  • Cathy Delcoco

    Cathy Delcoco

    Vice Chair, CBRE

  • Cecilia Delgado

    Cecilia Delgado

    Lead Project Manager, CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

  • Alfonso Delia

    Alfonso Delia

    Director, Bala Consulting Engineers

  • Ryan Dell

    Ryan Dell

    Vice President / Sales Representative, Dell Corporation Realty Ltd.

  • Michael Dell

    Michael Dell

    President, Dell Corporation Realty Ltd.

  • Jeff DellaMaggiora

    Jeff DellaMaggiora

    Principal, COMPLETE

  • Stevanie Demko

    Stevanie Demko

    Principal, id3A

  • Neal Dennison

    Neal Dennison

    Account Manager, Milrose Consultants, Inc

  • Neil Desai

    Neil Desai

    Business Analyst, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Charles Desmone

    Charles Desmone

    President, Desmone Architects

  • Ram Devagiri

    Ram Devagiri

    Account Director - Federal Geovernment, Account Management, JLL

  • Sarah Devine

    Sarah Devine

    Managing Prinicpal, Revel Architecture & Design

  • Brad Devine, MCR

    Brad Devine, MCR

    Vice President, Transwestern

  • Neville Devlaliwalla

    Neville Devlaliwalla

    Senior Manager, Corporate Real Estate, SAS

  • Jack Dexter

    Jack Dexter

    Business Development Manager, Summertown Interiors

  • Denise Dexter, MCR

    Denise Dexter, MCR

    Chief Operating Officer - Carolinas Market, JLL

  • Kam Dhanoa, MCR

    Kam Dhanoa, MCR

    Regional Mgr., Accommodation Mgmt., Public Services & Procurement Canada

  • Laurent Dhollande

    Laurent Dhollande

    CEO, CloudVO

  • Paolo Di Palma, MCR, SLCR

    Paolo Di Palma, MCR, SLCR

    Senior Manager Real Estate, TE Connectivity Germany GmbH

  • Ann-Marie DiGregorio, DEI, MCR

    Ann-Marie DiGregorio, DEI, MCR

    Sr. Real Estate Specialist, National Grid

  • Dina DiTommaso

    Dina DiTommaso

    VP of Business Development and Marketing, CreativeOfficeResources

  • Kristen Diamond

    Kristen Diamond

    Director of Strategic Accounts, Empire Office

  • Kirk Diamond

    Kirk Diamond

    Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Marianne Diamond

    Marianne Diamond

    Vice President, Fidelity Real Estate Company

  • Lucia Diana

    Lucia Diana

    National Transaction Manager-Flex Office-Coworking, Verizon Communications Inc

  • Maria Racquel Dias

    Maria Racquel Dias

    LatAm Transactions Manager, CBRE

  • Keith Dias, SLCR

    Keith Dias, SLCR

    San Jose Project Executive, Google LLC

  • Karen Dick, MCR

    Karen Dick, MCR

    VP, Real Estate Operations, Equifax, Inc.

  • Kira Dickson

    Kira Dickson

    Building Systems Innovation Manager, Google

  • Paul Diederich, MCR

    Paul Diederich, MCR

    Senior Vice President, CBRE

  • Rodolfo Dimayacyac

    Rodolfo Dimayacyac

    Regional Vice President, Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd

  • Darren Ding

    Darren Ding

    CTO, Dfocus

  • Jamie Dingeman

    Jamie Dingeman

    Senior Vice President, CBRE

  • Jack Dishman

    Jack Dishman


  • Tim Dismond

    Tim Dismond

    Chief Responsibility Officer, CBRE

  • Dirk Dittrich

    Dirk Dittrich

    Director Corporate Relations Manager, EDGE Technologies GmbH

  • Brad Divins

    Brad Divins

    Director of Corporate Real Estate, Barings

  • Chuck Dobbins

    Chuck Dobbins

    President, Dobbins Properties

  • Steven Doben, MCR

    Steven Doben, MCR

    AVP Real Estate and Workplace Strategy, National Grid

  • Carolyn Doctor

    Carolyn Doctor

    Senior Project Accountant, Salesforce

  • Toby Dodd

    Toby Dodd

    Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Mira Doheny

    Mira Doheny

    Business Development Assistant, Sheppard Robson

  • John Dolan

    John Dolan

    Pincipal, Avison Young

  • Kevin Dollhopf, MCR

    Kevin Dollhopf, MCR

    Global Real Estate,

  • Peter Dollin, MCR

    Peter Dollin, MCR


  • Robert Donahue

    Robert Donahue

    Sr Mgr, Global Real Estate, Design & Construction, MathWorks

  • Dean Donati

    Dean Donati

    Associate Director Corporate Real Estate, The MITRE Corporation

  • Brett Doney, MCR, SLCR

    Brett Doney, MCR, SLCR

    President & CEO, Great Falls Montana Development Authority

  • Patrick Donley

    Patrick Donley

    Vice President of Business Development, Power Workplace Group

  • Christopher Donnelly

    Christopher Donnelly

    Vice President, Donnelly Construction

  • T. Patrick Donnelly, MCR.h

    T. Patrick Donnelly, MCR.h

    Principal, BHDP Architecture

  • John Donovan

    John Donovan

    Director, Branch Real Estate, Edward Jones Investments

  • Paul Donovan

    Paul Donovan

    Retired, Manager of Major Projects, PMD RE Consulting Services, LLC

  • Kevin Dooley, MCR.w

    Kevin Dooley, MCR.w

    Senior Real Estate Manager, Humana, Inc.

  • Opal Dopsch

    Opal Dopsch

    VP, Global Real Estate, NBC Universal

  • Dinakar Doraikannu, MCR

    Dinakar Doraikannu, MCR

    Head-Facilities & Administration - Bangalore, Bloom Energy (India) Private Limited

  • James Doran

    James Doran

    Principal, Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, LLC

  • Scott Dorn

    Scott Dorn

    Managing Director, Global Real Estate (retired),

  • Robin Dorogusker

    Robin Dorogusker

    EVP of Operations and Development, DENS Facility Services

  • Gary Dorris

    Gary Dorris

    Director, Real Estate, ViaSat, Inc

  • Jacki Doucette

    Jacki Doucette

    Portfolio Operations Analyst, Oracle Corporation

  • Guy Douetil

    Guy Douetil

    Managing Director, EMEA, Hickey & Associates LLC

  • Sim Doughtie, SLCR

    Sim Doughtie, SLCR

    President, King Industrial Realty, Inc.

  • Kelley Douglass

    Kelley Douglass

    Director, Regional Sales, Holoform

  • Brian Dowling

    Brian Dowling

    Director GCC, Interstuhl

  • Philip Doyle, SLCR

    Philip Doyle, SLCR

    Asset Manager-Real Estate and Assets,

  • Daniel Drake

    Daniel Drake

    Project Manager, Skyline Construction

  • Rohan Draper

    Rohan Draper

    Solutions Consultant, iOFFICE + SpaceIQ

  • Mandy Dreisbach, MCR

    Mandy Dreisbach, MCR

    Facilities & Real Estate Director, NTT America, Inc.

  • Jeffry Drenovsky

    Jeffry Drenovsky

    Operations Director, Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

  • Jayne Drewes-Churchill

    Jayne Drewes-Churchill

    Leader, Global CRE PMO, Western Union Company

  • Susanne Dreyer

    Susanne Dreyer

    Strategy Manager, Royal Dutch Shell

  • Morley Driedger

    Morley Driedger

    Senior Manager, TD Bank Group

  • Kai Drinda

    Kai Drinda

    Vice President Corporate Real Estate Management, MANN + HUMMEL GmbH

  • Steve Drinnan

    Steve Drinnan

    Workplace Delivery Manager, Cisco International Limited

  • Marcia Droege, MCR

    Marcia Droege, MCR

    Dir, Real Estate & Facilities, Land O'Lakes, Inc.

  • Adam Drvenkar

    Adam Drvenkar

    Director, Zivaro

  • Alex Dubanowitz

    Alex Dubanowitz

    Senior Vice President, Redgate

  • Brooke Dubinski

    Brooke Dubinski

    Senior Estimator, Turner Construction Company

  • Jos Duchamps

    Jos Duchamps

    Managing Director, Procos Group

  • John Duckworth

    John Duckworth

    MD, Instant Offices Limited

  • John Duffin

    John Duffin

    Managing Director, Perche Limited

  • Sonya Dufner

    Sonya Dufner

    Principal, Gensler

  • Pradeep Dugar, MCR

    Pradeep Dugar, MCR

    Sr. Director, Technology & Operations, CBRE

  • Dusty Duistermars

    Dusty Duistermars

    Senior Vice President, JLL

  • Wanda Dunaway

    Wanda Dunaway

    VP Sales, Marketing + Customer Experience, Carvart

  • Jacob Dunbar

    Jacob Dunbar

    Section Chief, Facilities Management Division, International Monetary Fund

  • Michael Dunford

    Michael Dunford

    Strategic Marketing Manager, Catalyst Workplace Activation

  • Barbara Dunn

    Barbara Dunn

    Principal, Gensler

  • Lenka Dupre, MCR.w

    Lenka Dupre, MCR.w

    RE Country Process Manager, EMEA R.E.W.S, Lenovo Spain SL

  • Holly Duran

    Holly Duran

    Managing Broker, Holly Duran Real Estate Partners LLC

  • Gregory Durkin

    Gregory Durkin

    President, Stamford Office Furniture

  • Ladislav Duroska, SLCR

    Ladislav Duroska, SLCR

    Sr. Mgr. Real Estate, Lenovo United States

  • Trineice Durst

    Trineice Durst

    Project Manager, Real Estate, Salesforce

  • Alfred Dussi

    Alfred Dussi

    Senior Director of Corporate Services, Abt Associates Inc.

  • Susan Dwyer

    Susan Dwyer

    Project Manager/Architect, H. Hendy Associates

  • Joe Dwyer

    Joe Dwyer

    Client relations, DPR Construction

  • Wayne Dyer

    Wayne Dyer

    Global Account Director – Chevron & Sodexo Energy & Resources, Sodexo

  • David Dykeman

    David Dykeman

    Global Account Manager, Knoll, Inc.

  • CNG+ Members beginning with E
  • Jubal Early

    Jubal Early

    SR. VP, Lincoln Harris

  • Lissa Eaton

    Lissa Eaton

    Organizational Effectiveness Lead, Workplace Solutions, Humana, Inc.

  • David Eby, DEI, MCR, SLCR

    David Eby, DEI, MCR, SLCR

    Sr. Real Estate Manager, M&A, Microsoft (Southfield)

  • Mia Eckhaus

    Mia Eckhaus

    Associate Director, Workplace Strategy & Planning, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

  • Nancy Eddins

    Nancy Eddins

    Regional Director, JLL

  • Deane Edelman

    Deane Edelman

    Vice President, Real Estate & Facilities Operations, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc

  • Samantha Edelman

    Samantha Edelman

    Global Project Manager, Real Estate, Salesforce

  • Brian Edmonds

    Brian Edmonds

    Principal, Greenwood CRE

  • Steven Edwards

    Steven Edwards

    Principal, Page

  • Douglas Edwards

    Douglas Edwards

    Vice President Workplace Solutions, Humana

  • Thomas Edwards

    Thomas Edwards

    Head of Global Construction, ebay, Inc.

  • Eric Ehasz

    Eric Ehasz

    Cross Management Corporation

  • Maureen Ehrenberg

    Maureen Ehrenberg

    CEO, Blue Skyre IBE

  • Karen Ehrenworth

    Karen Ehrenworth

    Real Estate Change Manager, Verizon

  • Carrie Ehrlich, MCR

    Carrie Ehrlich, MCR

    Managing Director, CBRE

  • Ray Ehscheid

    Ray Ehscheid

    Director of Client Relations, Financial Services and Retail Sectors, IA Interior Architects

  • Andreas Eichler

    Andreas Eichler

    Counsel, GSK Stockmann

  • Gustavo Eigenheer

    Gustavo Eigenheer

    Head of Corporate Real Estate & FM, Bunge

  • Kelly Eisenberg, QPCR

    Kelly Eisenberg, QPCR

    Workplace Strategist & Change Manager, Innovative Office Solutions

  • Jeremy Eknoian

    Jeremy Eknoian

    Operation Manager, University of Washington Real Estate

  • Mustafa Elfeky

    Mustafa Elfeky

    Project Manager, Oracle Dubai

  • Stephen Elias, MCR.w

    Stephen Elias, MCR.w

    SVP, Workplace Experience, Citizens Bank

  • Jeffrey Elie

    Jeffrey Elie

    Vice President Global Real Estate, Kaplan, Inc

  • Jenna Elkins

    Jenna Elkins

    Charlotte Territory Manager, PSA

  • Wills Elliman

    Wills Elliman

    Senior Managing Director, Newmark

  • Molly Ellingsen

    Molly Ellingsen

    Regional Vice President, Teknion

  • Greg Elliott

    Greg Elliott

    Head of Workplace, Asia Pacific, HSBC

  • Allissa Ellis

    Allissa Ellis

    Project Manager, United Therapeutics

  • Tom Elmer

    Tom Elmer

    CFO & Managing Member, Oakwood Partners, LLC

  • Meaghan Elwell

    Meaghan Elwell

    Group Account Executive, JLL

  • Joeri Engel

    Joeri Engel

    Head of Corporate Real Estate Management & CEO Immobilien, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

  • Amy English

    Amy English

    Prinicpal|Director of Interiors, HOK

  • Kelly Ennis

    Kelly Ennis

    Managing Principal, The Verve Partnership

  • Kristin Enright

    Kristin Enright

    Sr Manager, Real Estate & Construction, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Luke Enzweiler

    Luke Enzweiler

    Global Real Estate Transaction Manager, Red Hat

  • Savannah Enzweiler, DEI

    Savannah Enzweiler, DEI

    Business Development, Barringer Construction

  • Jamie Ergle

    Jamie Ergle

    Head of East Region Client Delivery, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Scott Ernstein

    Scott Ernstein

    Director of Business Development, Workplace Solutions

  • Mary Esche

    Mary Esche

    Principal, Whitney Architects

  • Raul Esparza

    Raul Esparza

    Senior Managing Director - Global Workplace Services, CBRE

  • Luciana Espinosa Hungaro

    Luciana Espinosa Hungaro

    Specialist Real Estate, BASF S.A.

  • Raffy Espiritu

    Raffy Espiritu

    President/CEO, Impec Group

  • William Esplen

    William Esplen

    Director of Property, Deloitte LLP

  • Luiz Esposel, SLCR

    Luiz Esposel, SLCR

    Regional Real Estate & Facility Director, Oracle

  • Kristina Esposito

    Kristina Esposito

    Business Development Manager, Timberline Construction Corporation

  • William Esterly, SLCR

    William Esterly, SLCR

    Associate Director Europe / IMEA Facilities & Real Estate, Procter & Gamble International Operations S.A

  • Marcelo Estevão

    Marcelo Estevão


  • Al Etcheber

    Al Etcheber

    Theater Technical Svcs Manager, Cisco

  • Sheryl Etelson, MCR

    Sheryl Etelson, MCR

    Director, U.S. Properties, fhi360

  • Marlie Eugenio, MCR.w

    Marlie Eugenio, MCR.w

    Sr. Manager of Real Estate Project Management, Oracle Corporation

  • Greg Eunson

    Greg Eunson

    Workplace Design & Change Specialist, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

  • Adam Evennett, MCR

    Adam Evennett, MCR

    Regional Director, Savills

  • Bryan Ezell

    Bryan Ezell

    Corporate Managing Director, Technology Solutions, Savills

  • CNG+ Members beginning with F
  • David Fahey

    David Fahey

    Principal, Managing Director, Avison Young

  • Courtney Fain

    Courtney Fain

    Vice President, JLL

  • Michelle Fajardo, SLCR

    Michelle Fajardo, SLCR

    Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Kim Falconer, MCR

    Kim Falconer, MCR

    REWS Project Manager, Lenovo

  • Jacqueline Falla

    Jacqueline Falla

    Director of Client Services, Elaine Construction Company, Inc.

  • Dana Fallon, SLCR

    Dana Fallon, SLCR

    Head of Global Operations, Fidelity Real Estate Company

  • Bob Faloni

    Bob Faloni

    Business Development Manager, Allsteel

  • Adam Fandrey

    Adam Fandrey

    Senior Vice President- Director of Corporate Real Estate, Middlesex Savings Bank

  • Matthew Fanoe

    Matthew Fanoe

    Corporate Real Estate Executive,

  • Esra Fanoscu

    Esra Fanoscu

    Regional Head of Corporate Services and Strategic Procurement Services EUROPE, HSBC Holdings plc

  • Greg Farhat

    Greg Farhat

    Director, Workplace Strategies and Delivery, Jackson National Life Insurance

  • Jay Farmer

    Jay Farmer

    Executive Managing Director, JLL

  • Ty Fastovsky

    Ty Fastovsky

    Managing Principal, Asia Pacific, Trascent Management Consulting, LLC

  • Nishar Fatema, MCR

    Nishar Fatema, MCR

    Global Workplace Strategist, Workplace Services, ServiceNow

  • Marisa Fava

    Marisa Fava

    Sales Manager, Humanscale

  • Audrey Fedele Hartwell

    Audrey Fedele Hartwell

    Sales Consultant, Steelcase, Inc

  • Sigrid Feder

    Sigrid Feder

    Managing Director, CBRE

  • Meint Feenstra

    Meint Feenstra

    Head of Real Estate Transaction Management, Royal Philips Real Estate

  • Tal Fegan

    Tal Fegan

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts, Commercial Business, Tarkett

  • Andrew Feibelman

    Andrew Feibelman

    Vice President, Project Management & Development Services, JLL

  • Mitchell Feinberg

    Mitchell Feinberg

    Divisional Vice President, Facilities & Admin. Svcs., Tapestry, Inc.

  • Raymundo Feito

    Raymundo Feito

    President, Architectural Design Collaborative, Inc.

  • Marusia Feitosa, MCR

    Marusia Feitosa, MCR

    Real Estate & Project Manager, Lenovo Brasil

  • John Fell

    John Fell

    Sr Real Estate Project Manager, Iron Mountain

  • William Fender

    William Fender

    Senior Vice President Commercial Property Portfolios, FirstOnSite Restoration

  • Deirdre Fenlon

    Deirdre Fenlon

    Commercial Manager, Karndean Designflooring

  • Ingrid Fenn

    Ingrid Fenn

    President & CEO, SIREAS Inc.

  • Elizabeth Fennell, MCR

    Elizabeth Fennell, MCR

    Manager Design and Standards, Humana, Inc.

  • Peter Fennelly, SLCR

    Peter Fennelly, SLCR

    President, Bridge Commercial

  • Fred Ferla, SLCR

    Fred Ferla, SLCR

    Director, Workplace, NortonLifeLock

  • Breno Ferreira Barcellos

    Breno Ferreira Barcellos

    Specialist Real Estate, BASF S.A.

  • Mitchell Ferrero

    Mitchell Ferrero

    Client Development Executive, MillerKnoll

  • Michael Ferrier

    Michael Ferrier

    Senior Director, Facilities Management and Workplace Services, Leidos, Inc.

  • Kyle Ferry

    Kyle Ferry

    Director of Strategy, Interior Environments

  • Jamie Feuerborn

    Jamie Feuerborn

    Principal of Workplace Strategy, Boeing

  • José Fiasco

    José Fiasco

    Director, SPM Solucoes em Property Management Ltda

  • Michel Fiechter

    Michel Fiechter

    Managing Executive, TPG Architecture, LLP

  • Augustus Field

    Augustus Field

    Senior Managing Director, Tishman Speyer Properties

  • Richard Field

    Richard Field

    Sr. Director, Real Estate & Portfolio Strategy, Raytheon

  • Karen Fields

    Karen Fields

    President, Fields Advisory Services

  • Wim Fierens

    Wim Fierens

    Associate Director European Emerging Markets Global Operations, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Erin Figueroa

    Erin Figueroa

    Senior Vice President, MGAC

  • Renee Fine, MCR.w

    Renee Fine, MCR.w

    Director of Real Estate, UnitedHealth Group

  • Robert Fini

    Robert Fini

    Sr. Project Manager Director, CBRE Workplace Technology Services

  • Jeff Fini

    Jeff Fini

    Chief Executive Officer, AlfaTech

  • Manfred Fink

    Manfred Fink

    Head of Portfoliomanagement Real Estate, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

  • Terri Finucane

    Terri Finucane

    Principal, SLAM Collaborative

  • Kristi Fischer

    Kristi Fischer

    Corporate Real Estate Portfolio Manager, CDM Smith

  • Mark Fischer

    Mark Fischer

    Account Manager, Lane Office

  • Dan Fishbein, SLCR

    Dan Fishbein, SLCR

    Director, Global Real Estate, FCB CIT Bank

  • Kristine Fisher

    Kristine Fisher

    Corporate Real Estate / Facilities Management, Sleep Number

  • Steve Fisher

    Steve Fisher

    Consultant Global Real Estate, Medtronic, Inc

  • Marie Fitzgerald

    Marie Fitzgerald

    Principal/Dir.of Interior Design, SMMA

  • Paul Fitzgerald

    Paul Fitzgerald

    Sr Dir of Planning and Facilities, Dell EMC

  • Lynn Fitzpatrick

    Lynn Fitzpatrick

    Head of Real Estate Services, EMEA, MasterCard

  • Timothy Fitzpatrick

    Timothy Fitzpatrick

    Managing Director (Bank of America), CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

  • Chelsea Flaim

    Chelsea Flaim

    Associate, M Moser Associates

  • Steve Flaim

    Steve Flaim

    President, PTS Consulting, Inc.

  • Ben Flajole

    Ben Flajole

    Senior Program Manager, WeWork

  • Amy Fleming

    Amy Fleming

    Executive Director of Global Corporate Real Estate Operations, The Estee Lauder Companies

  • Tony Fleming

    Tony Fleming

    Sr. Manager, Corporate Real Estate, AT&T

  • Robyn Fleming, MCR, SLCR

    Robyn Fleming, MCR, SLCR

    NA TDC Real Estate Manager, Procter & Gamble

  • Stewart Flemming, SLCR

    Stewart Flemming, SLCR

    Sr.. Director, Americas Portfolio Planning, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Hunter Fleshood, MCR

    Hunter Fleshood, MCR

    Digital Workplace, CBRE

  • Bradley Flickinger

    Bradley Flickinger

    Senior Managing Director, CBRE

  • Jonathan Flink

    Jonathan Flink

    Dealer Business Manager, Steelcase

  • Neil Flint

    Neil Flint

    Asia, Oceania and sub-Saharan Africa Real Estate Transaction Manager, Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Richard Flitton

    Richard Flitton

    Lead Real Estate Project Management, AT&T

  • Tom Flynn

    Tom Flynn

    Director of Business Development, Prince William County, Department Economic Development

  • Vincent Flynn

    Vincent Flynn

    Regional Facilities Sr. Director, Oracle Corporation

  • Kelly Flynn

    Kelly Flynn

    Director, Global Real Estate, Facilities & Procurement, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

  • David Flynn

    David Flynn

    COO, Blue Skyre, IBE

  • Patrick Flynn

    Patrick Flynn

    Senior Director, Salesforce

  • Denis Foley

    Denis Foley

    Workplace & Design Manager, EMEA and Americas, GSK

  • Rozanne Fong

    Rozanne Fong

    Project Accountant, Salesforce

  • James Foo

    James Foo

    Vice President, Global Real Estate & Workplace Enablement, JAPA, American Express International Inc

  • Julie Ford-Tempesta

    Julie Ford-Tempesta

    Sr. Director, Real Estate & Facilities, Pure Storage, Inc.

  • Jane Fordham

    Jane Fordham

    Director of Business Development, NELSON

  • Michele Forman

    Michele Forman

    Vice President, ABM

  • Kathy Foster, DEI

    Kathy Foster, DEI

    Senior Vice President, Colliers

  • Scott Foster, MCR

    Scott Foster, MCR

    SVP, Corporate Real Estate, Royal Bank of Canada

  • Ian Foulds

    Ian Foulds

    Senior Business Development Associate, Unispace BV

  • Stephen Fountain

    Stephen Fountain

    Senior Project Manager, MovePlan Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Jim Fowler

    Jim Fowler

    President & CEO, NOVO Construction, Inc.

  • Dana Fowlkes, MCR, SLCR

    Dana Fowlkes, MCR, SLCR

    Director Real Estate Transactions, McKesson Corporation

  • Brian Fox

    Brian Fox

    Senior Associate, Interior Architects

  • Christopher Foyt, MCR

    Christopher Foyt, MCR

    Real Estate Manager, Insperity Inc.

  • Dorrian Fragola

    Dorrian Fragola

    Vice President Marketing & Business Development, Janitronics Building Services

  • Deborah Framarin, MCR, SLCR

    Deborah Framarin, MCR, SLCR

    Vice President of Real Estate, Central Garden and Pet Company

  • Sara Francini

    Sara Francini

    Vice President of Business Development, Skanska USA Building

  • Mishka Francis, MCR

    Mishka Francis, MCR

    Senior Real Estate Analyst, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

  • JJ Francis, MCR

    JJ Francis, MCR

    Senior Director, Corporate Real Estate, CommScope

  • Marshall Francis

    Marshall Francis

    BDM, Malaysia, Teknion Furniture Systems (M) Sdn Bhd

  • Rachel Francis-Lang

    Rachel Francis-Lang

    Partner, Lewis Silkin LLP

  • Sylvia Franco

    Sylvia Franco

    Director, Operations - Advisory & Transaction Services - Occupier, CBRE

  • Liz Frank

    Liz Frank

    Senior Real Estate Business Analyst, Prime Therapeutics

  • Ethan Frank

    Ethan Frank

    Senior Business Project Manager, William Blair

  • Mike Franklin

    Mike Franklin

    Co-Founder, Franklin Shanks - The Tenant Advisor

  • Darlene Frantz

    Darlene Frantz

    Executive Director, Real Estate & Facilities Management, ManTech International Corporation

  • Ryan Freking

    Ryan Freking

    Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Simon French

    Simon French

    Workplace & Design Director, GSK

  • Kathy French, MCR

    Kathy French, MCR

    Real Estate Project Coordinator, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Chris Friar, MCR

    Chris Friar, MCR

    Client Solutions Director, CBRE

  • Sharon Friedberg

    Sharon Friedberg

    Executive Vice President, Fischer

  • Eric Friedman

    Eric Friedman

    SVP, Facilities, Comcast NBC Universal

  • Rick Friedman

    Rick Friedman

    Senior Director, Global Real Estate, Glassdoor, Inc.

  • Marie-Josée Frigon, MCR.w

    Marie-Josée Frigon, MCR.w

    President, Trafic Design Inc.

  • Frank Frizalone

    Frank Frizalone

    Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Teresa Frosini

    Teresa Frosini

    Sales Associate, GL Seaman & Company

  • Carol Frost

    Carol Frost

    Head of Office Facilities, Slaughter and May

  • Shelley Frost, MCR

    Shelley Frost, MCR

    Head of Corporate Solutions EMEA, Cumming Group

  • Bryan Froud

    Bryan Froud

    Director, Consulting, JLL

  • Lisa Fry

    Lisa Fry

    President, LMF Consulting

  • Richard Fryer, MCR

    Richard Fryer, MCR

    Facilities Director EMEA Asia, Juniper Networks

  • Darren Fu

    Darren Fu

    Business Development Manager, Haworth

  • Jaime Fuertes

    Jaime Fuertes

    Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Services, Apollo Global Management

  • Sipho Fuhr

    Sipho Fuhr

    Head of Data Analytics, BAUAKADEMIE Performance Management GmbH

  • Stephanie Fulbright

    Stephanie Fulbright

    Vice President - Real Estate & Security, The Hartford Insurance Group

  • Lisa Fulford-Roy

    Lisa Fulford-Roy

    SVP Client & Workplace Strategy, CBRE

  • Brent Fuller, MCR

    Brent Fuller, MCR

    Director of Global Real Estate MCR, ARROW Electronics Inc.

  • Mark Fuller

    Mark Fuller

    Vice President, WW Real Estate & Facilities, Activision Blizzard

  • Doug Fulton

    Doug Fulton

    Principal, Avison Young

  • Kelly Funk

    Kelly Funk

    Managing Director, IA Interior Architects

  • Maureen Funke

    Maureen Funke

    Director of Business Development, greenbox-is

  • Renato Fusaro

    Renato Fusaro

    Latin America Real Estate & Storage, Cargill

  • CNG+ Members beginning with G
  • Matthew Gabree

    Matthew Gabree

    VP, Workplace, TripAdvisor

  • Mirela Gabrovska, MCR, SLCR

    Mirela Gabrovska, MCR, SLCR

    Principal, MBG Consulting Inc

  • Anand Gadgil, MCR, SLCR

    Anand Gadgil, MCR, SLCR

    VP, Americas & LAC Operations & Global Design and Constructions, American Express

  • Dennis Gaffney

    Dennis Gaffney

    Vice President,, CallsionRTKL Associates, Inc

  • Susan Gaisie

    Susan Gaisie

    Head of Property Kenya and East Africa, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited

  • Juan Gallardo, DEI

    Juan Gallardo, DEI

    Client Services Leader Latin America & Caribbean, Colliers

  • Tom Gallin

    Tom Gallin

    Partner, John Gallin & Son, Inc

  • Beth Gambaro

    Beth Gambaro

    Director CRE - AMER, Equinix

  • Kristine Carla Gamboa

    Kristine Carla Gamboa

    Vice President - Enterprise Solutions, KMC Solutions

  • Ramadoss Ganesan, MCR.w

    Ramadoss Ganesan, MCR.w

    Director, Fidelity Business Services PVT LTD

  • Eric Gannon, DEI

    Eric Gannon, DEI

    Principal, Gensler

  • Harrison Ganz

    Harrison Ganz

    Senior Account Executive, Interface

  • Julio Garcia

    Julio Garcia

    Director of Real Estate Operations, Proskauer Rose LLP

  • Adam Garfield

    Adam Garfield

    Head of Facilities, Transurban

  • Paul Garity

    Paul Garity

    Partner & Founder, Capstan Advisors

  • Paul Garlicki

    Paul Garlicki

    Vice President Real Estate & Facilities EMEA, Oracle Corporation

  • Richard Garmon, MCR

    Richard Garmon, MCR

    Managing Director, CBRE

  • James Garraway

    James Garraway

    Manager Business Development, Teknion Furniture Systems (M) Sdn Bhd

  • Steven Garrett

    Steven Garrett

    Director, Real Estate, Atrium Health

  • Mitchell Gartenberg

    Mitchell Gartenberg

    Senior Managing Director, Corporate Real Estate Advisory Services, BDO USA, LLP

  • Paul Garvey

    Paul Garvey

    Senior Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Bhumesh Gaur

    Bhumesh Gaur


  • Bryan Gause

    Bryan Gause

    Vice President, Global Sales, Colite International

  • Elizabeth Geary-Archer

    Elizabeth Geary-Archer

    Business Development / Client Relations Manager, FCA Architects

  • Max Gebhart

    Max Gebhart

    Senior Systems Advisor, Power Design, Inc.

  • Carol Gee

    Carol Gee

    Real Estate Manager, General Dynamics Mission Systems, Inc

  • Richard Gee

    Richard Gee

    Chief Commercial Officer, BGIS

  • Guy Geier

    Guy Geier

    Managing Partner, FXCollaborative Architects

  • Jenna Geigerman, MCR

    Jenna Geigerman, MCR

    Sr. Director, Real Estate & Strategy, Citrix

  • David Gell

    David Gell

    National Property Manager, Mitre 10 (New Zealand) Limited

  • J. James Gelose

    J. James Gelose

    Principal, DLR Group

  • Samuel Gelpi

    Samuel Gelpi

    Senior Director, Design & Construction, Genentech Inc.

  • Browny George

    Browny George

    Director, Kworktech Innovative Interiors Pvt Ltd

  • Michael Gerard

    Michael Gerard

    Business Analyst Strategy & Planning, Cisco

  • Michael Gerazounis

    Michael Gerazounis

    President/CEO/Managing Principal, MG Engineering D.P.C.

  • Dmitri Gerchikov, SLCR

    Dmitri Gerchikov, SLCR

    Global Product Manager, Occupancy Planning, JLL

  • Anke Gerlach

    Anke Gerlach

    Senior Manager Workplace EMEA, NetApp Deutschland GmbH

  • Hans-Georg Gerstmann

    Hans-Georg Gerstmann

    Head of Project Horse, Continental AG

  • Vanessa Geyer

    Vanessa Geyer

    VP Senior Strategic Planner, CRE Workplace & Retail Planning, Citizens Bank

  • Andrew Ghertner

    Andrew Ghertner

    Executive Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Simona Ghitulescu

    Simona Ghitulescu

    Srvs Delivery Manager, Employees Srvs EMEAR, Cisco

  • Tony Giachinta

    Tony Giachinta

    Executive Managing Director, Clune Construction

  • Barbara Giaquinto

    Barbara Giaquinto

    Design Market Manager, Haworth

  • Kathryn Gibbs, MCR, SLCR

    Kathryn Gibbs, MCR, SLCR

    Director, Engineering NA Facilities Management, Merck & Company, Inc.

  • Steve Gibson

    Steve Gibson

    Senior Vice President, Real Estate, Cengage Learning

  • Julie Gibson

    Julie Gibson

    Executive Director, Portland State University Center For Real Estate

  • Stanley Gibson

    Stanley Gibson

    Principal/Owner, Oxygen Plus

  • Kim Gibson

    Kim Gibson

    AVP Real Estate and Facilities, Prime Therapeutics

  • David Gifford

    David Gifford

    Vice President, Real Estate & Workplace Services, Condé Nast

  • David Giglio, MCR

    David Giglio, MCR

    National Real Estate and Facilities Manager, New American Funding

  • Ginger Gilden, DEI

    Ginger Gilden, DEI

    Senior Project Manager, Macro PM

  • Kimberly Giles

    Kimberly Giles

    Senior Project Director, MovePlan Group

  • Shelley Gill

    Shelley Gill

    Partner, Hazelbrook Advisors

  • Sam Gill

    Sam Gill

    Workplace Leader, DLR Group

  • Leora Gillett, SLCR

    Leora Gillett, SLCR

    Real Estate EMEA Regional Operations Manager, Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

  • Bryan Gilligan, MCR

    Bryan Gilligan, MCR

    Assistant Director, Global Real Estate, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

  • Beckie Gimblet, MCR

    Beckie Gimblet, MCR

    Senior Commercial Real Estate Specialist, Southern Commercial Real Estate

  • Sheri Ginett

    Sheri Ginett

    Client Leader/Workplace Leader, DLR Group

  • Judy Ginieczki

    Judy Ginieczki

    Director Client Services, IA Interior Architects

  • Alexandra Ginsberg

    Alexandra Ginsberg

    Global Facilities & Procurement Manager, Sovos

  • Joseph Gioffre

    Joseph Gioffre

    Director of Real Estate & Facilities, Advanced Drainage Systems

  • Marcelo Girardi

    Marcelo Girardi

    Senior Manager REFM, Kimberly-Clark Brazil

  • Laurence Girod

    Laurence Girod

    Head of Account Management France, Cushman & Wakefield France SAS

  • Brian Given

    Brian Given

    Vice Chairman, Colliers

  • Chris Givner

    Chris Givner

    Director, Global Real Estate & Facilities, Waters Corporation

  • Andrew Gladden

    Andrew Gladden

    Senior Vice President, Head of Project Management, Corporate Solutions, Colliers

  • Miles Glascock

    Miles Glascock

    Senior Advisor, JLL

  • Thomas Glatte

    Thomas Glatte

    Professor of Real Estate, Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

  • Brian Glover, MCR, SLCR

    Brian Glover, MCR, SLCR

    Transaction Manager, Progressive Insurance

  • Barry Goddard

    Barry Goddard

    Head of Corporate Real Estate, EMEA, AIG Global Investment Group

  • Gene Goddard

    Gene Goddard

    Chief Business and Investment Officer, MetroHartford Alliance

  • Alexandra Goggin

    Alexandra Goggin

    Vice President Business Development & Marketing, Century Carpet

  • Cheryl Goh

    Cheryl Goh

    Regional Director, Global & Strategic Accounts, Shaw Industries Asia Pte Ltd

  • Sheena Gohil

    Sheena Gohil

    Executive Managing Director, Colliers

  • Tahir Gok, MCR

    Tahir Gok, MCR

    Real Estate Business Partner for GCC and Pakistan, Ericsson AB

  • Mark Golan

    Mark Golan

    VP of RE Investment and Development, Google

  • Mark Golboro

    Mark Golboro

    Senior Dir of Real Estate APAC & Special Projects, AIG

  • David Goldberg

    David Goldberg

    Vice President, JLL

  • Neil Goldmacher

    Neil Goldmacher

    Chairman, National Tenant Representation, Newmark

  • Mehdi Golshan

    Mehdi Golshan

    Director WorkPlace Services, Lumentum

  • Gustavo Gomez Cuellar

    Gustavo Gomez Cuellar

    Area Real Estate & Facility Manager LAD, Oracle Mexico

  • Silvia Goncalves

    Silvia Goncalves

    Manager, Visa

  • Gant Gonzales

    Gant Gonzales

    Senior Manager, Facilitites, Juniper Networks

  • Kelly Goode

    Kelly Goode

    Real Estate Market Manager, J. Tyler Services, Inc.

  • Grant Goodwiller

    Grant Goodwiller

    Senior Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Derrick Goodwin

    Derrick Goodwin

    Director of Business Development, Lee Kennedy Co, Inc.

  • Wil Gooskens

    Wil Gooskens

    Senior Lecturer, Breda University of Applied Sciences

  • Christine Gorham

    Christine Gorham

    Sr. Manager, Portfolio Analytics, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc

  • Morgan Gorospe

    Morgan Gorospe

    Vice President, Corgan Associates

  • Thirumal Govindraj

    Thirumal Govindraj

    Sr. Managing Director - Executive Board, RMZ Corp

  • Gordon Graham

    Gordon Graham

    Partner, alinea consulting LLP

  • Eric Graham

    Eric Graham

    CEO, CrowdComfort

  • Cuitlahuac Granados

    Cuitlahuac Granados

    GO Regional Lead, LATAM, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Margaret Grandstaff, MCR, SLCR

    Margaret Grandstaff, MCR, SLCR

    Vice President, Occupancy Controller, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

  • Karen Grant, MCR

    Karen Grant, MCR

    Lease Administrator, EY

  • Paul Gratton

    Paul Gratton

    APAC Global Real Estate Service, Organon Singapore

  • Kim Gravelle, MCR

    Kim Gravelle, MCR

    Senior Director, JLL

  • Mary-Louise Gray, MCR

    Mary-Louise Gray, MCR

    Regional Director, RE&F Microsoft, EMEA, Colliers Property Consultants Limited

  • Richard Greco, MCR

    Richard Greco, MCR

    Senior Managing Director - Global Alliance Director, CBRE

  • Ronda Green

    Ronda Green

    Senior Real Estate Project Manager, Oracle Corporation

  • Desmond Greene

    Desmond Greene

    Managing Principal, WB Engineers+Consultants

  • Patrick Greene

    Patrick Greene

    President, Greene Facility Services LLC

  • Brigette Greener

    Brigette Greener

    Manager Workplace Resources, Cisco

  • Corin Greenhow, MCR.w

    Corin Greenhow, MCR.w

    Global Head of Real Estate, BorgWarner

  • Erin Greer

    Erin Greer

    Work Studio Director, Gensler

  • Ryan Greeson

    Ryan Greeson

    Sr Project Manager, Asurion

  • Jason Gregoric

    Jason Gregoric

    Senior Project Manager, Nasdaq, Inc

  • Mike Greidanus

    Mike Greidanus

    President BGIS - Canada, BGIS-Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

  • Mark Gribbons

    Mark Gribbons

    Principal, Design Director, IA Interior Architects

  • Michael Griecci

    Michael Griecci

    CRE Sr. Manager, The MITRE Corporation

  • Kenneth Gries

    Kenneth Gries

    V.P. Global Real Estate, Firmenich Inc.

  • Lalonna Griffin, QPCR

    Lalonna Griffin, QPCR

    Strategic Planning, RTI

  • Molly Griffin

    Molly Griffin

    Strategic Accounts Manager, Allsteel

  • Corey Griffith

    Corey Griffith

    Manager, Verizon Communications Inc

  • Tim Griffith

    Tim Griffith

    Manager Property & Administration, IAG New Zealand Limited

  • Courtney Griggs

    Courtney Griggs

    Territory Sales Manager, Haworth, Inc

  • David Griggs

    David Griggs

    President & CEO, MetroHartford Alliance

  • Courtney Grill

    Courtney Grill

    Business Development Director, Skanska

  • Matthias Grimm, SLCR

    Matthias Grimm, SLCR

    Vice President/Head of Global Real Estate & Facilities, SAP SE

  • Katie Grishman

    Katie Grishman

    Capital Projects, Sr. Manager, Citadel

  • Amit Grover

    Amit Grover

    Executive Director- Office Business, DLF Cyber City Developers Limited

  • Adrian Groves

    Adrian Groves

    Workplace Experience Manager, Vanguard

  • Ken Gruen

    Ken Gruen

    Global Real Estate Executive, Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • Mark Grund

    Mark Grund

    Director Strategic Global Accounts, Matter Surfaces

  • Hector Gualda

    Hector Gualda

    Global Real Estate, Iron Mountain

  • Shane Guan, MCR

    Shane Guan, MCR

    Head of Commerical, China, Iron Mountain

  • Sandra Gucciardi

    Sandra Gucciardi

    Business Development, STV

  • Donna Guderley

    Donna Guderley

    Director of Facilities, Kemper Corporation

  • Michael Guerin

    Michael Guerin

    Manager Real Estate & Workplace Strategy US, National Grid

  • Michael Guerin

    Michael Guerin

    President, Guerin Associates, Inc.

  • Itzel Guerrero Cortes

    Itzel Guerrero Cortes

    Project Manager, CBRE

  • Astrid Guess

    Astrid Guess

    Senior Manager, BASF SE

  • Tripp Guin

    Tripp Guin

    Principal, Tripp Commercial, LLC

  • Michael Gummey

    Michael Gummey

    International Real Estate Manager, Allegis Group

  • Jana Gunsul, DEI

    Jana Gunsul, DEI

    Principal, DES Architects + Engineers

  • Olivia Guo, MCR

    Olivia Guo, MCR

    Assistant to Division Head, Pfizer

  • Gerry Gurtler, MCR

    Gerry Gurtler, MCR

    Global Energy Director, Oracle

  • William Guthrey

    William Guthrey

    Sr. Vice President / Land Development, KDC Real Estate Development & Investments

  • Jessica Gutierrez, MCR

    Jessica Gutierrez, MCR

    VP Global Real Estate Operations, WarnerMedia

  • Harold Gutzwiller

    Harold Gutzwiller

    Manager, Economic Development/Key Accounts, Hoosier Energy REC, Inc

  • Ken Gwinner

    Ken Gwinner

    Principal, Urban Realty Partners

  • CNG+ Members beginning with H
  • Prasad H R, SLCR

    Prasad H R, SLCR

  • Jose Hagg, DEI, SLCR

    Jose Hagg, DEI, SLCR

    GCS Managing Director Latam, Colliers Lomelin SA de CV

  • Christopher Hahn

    Christopher Hahn

    Director Real Estate & Facility Services, VOLKSWAGEN Group of America, Inc.

  • Patrick Hahn

    Patrick Hahn

    Real Estate Director, General Dynamics Information Technology

  • Shelby Hailey

    Shelby Hailey

    Business Development, Architectural Floors

  • Allyson Hajdu

    Allyson Hajdu

    Director, Global Facilities Operations, Red Hat

  • Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale

    Senior VP | Corporate Solutions, JLL

  • Terence Hales

    Terence Hales

    Director, Global Real Estate, Zoetis Inc.

  • Natassha Halil

    Natassha Halil

    Business Development Manager, SW1 Solutions Sdn Bhd

  • Toby Hall

    Toby Hall

    Senior Director - Central London Markets, JLL

  • Doug Hall

    Doug Hall

    Principal, Property Transactions and Development, Telstra Corporation Limited

  • Scott Hall

    Scott Hall

    Workplace Specialist, OFS

  • Sarah Hall

    Sarah Hall

    Director, Global Facilities, Travel and Security, PATH

  • Aimee Hallgrimson

    Aimee Hallgrimson

    Vice President, Business Development, XL Construction Corporation

  • Andrew Hallissey

    Andrew Hallissey

    Executive MD - EMEA Occupier Services, Colliers International Corporate Solutions Limited

  • Fabienne Halloy

    Fabienne Halloy

    Real Estate Manager, Procter & Gamble Services Co.

  • Avi Halpert

    Avi Halpert

    VP, CRE, United Therapeutics

  • Bill Halter

    Bill Halter

    Principal, Cooper Carry, Inc.

  • Kyle Hamblin

    Kyle Hamblin

    Vice President, Workplace Solutions, Capital One

  • Lisa Hamilton

    Lisa Hamilton

    Associate Vice President, Northstar Project & Real Estate Services

  • Mike Hammerslag, SLCR

    Mike Hammerslag, SLCR

    Principal, Transaction Modeling, LLC

  • Cristy Handsaker, DEI

    Cristy Handsaker, DEI

    Director, Industry Principal, NavigatorCRE

  • Jimmy Hanley

    Jimmy Hanley

    Operations Director, Mace

  • Amy Hanlon

    Amy Hanlon

    Client Relationship Director, Gensler

  • John Hanrahan

    John Hanrahan

    Head of Asset Management Office & Logistics, The GPT Group

  • Holger Hansel

    Holger Hansel

    Head of Premises, European Central Bank

  • Robbin Hansen, MCR

    Robbin Hansen, MCR

    Director Workplace Solutions Operations, Humana, Inc.

  • Richard Hansen

    Richard Hansen

    Executive Director, Telco Asset Management

  • Kiichiro Hara

    Kiichiro Hara

    Global Operations Lead for Japan, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Richard Haray

    Richard Haray

    Sr V.P. Corporate Services, Interpublic Group

  • Julie Harding, SLCR

    Julie Harding, SLCR

    Global Portfolio Manager, Amazon

  • Timothy Hardingham

    Timothy Hardingham

    Managing Director, IA Interior Architects

  • Richard Hardy

    Richard Hardy

    Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Brian Harman, MCR

    Brian Harman, MCR

    National Engineering & Facilities Manager, JLL

  • Frank Harney

    Frank Harney

    Senior Director, Marketplace Development, OfficeScapes

  • Jason Harper

    Jason Harper

    Real Estate Project Executive - EMEA, Google Germany GmbH

  • Morris Harper, MCR

    Morris Harper, MCR

    Trustee, Harper Trusts

  • Laurie Harrigan

    Laurie Harrigan

    Vice President Sales, AVI-SPL

  • Becky Harrington

    Becky Harrington

    Director of Business Development, Delaware Prosperity Partnership

  • David Harris, DEI, MCR

    David Harris, DEI, MCR

    Head of West Client Service Delivery, Global Occupier Services, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Julia Harris

    Julia Harris

    Director of Business Development, Debner

  • David Harris

    David Harris

    Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Lisa Harris

    Lisa Harris

    Senior Vice President Real Estate, Time Warner/Turner Properties, Inc.

  • Jeff Harris

    Jeff Harris

    Executive Director, USAA Corporate Real Estate & Workplace

  • Kristen Harrison

    Kristen Harrison

    Director of Business Development, SmithGroupJJR

  • Mike Harrison

    Mike Harrison

    Principal, Facilitate Corporation

  • Jeffrey Harrison, MCR.w

    Jeffrey Harrison, MCR.w

    Global Head of Facilities Management, Uber Technologies Inc.

  • Mariel Hart

    Mariel Hart

    Vice President, Facilities, Administrative Operations and IP Licensing, New York Post

  • Steve Hart

    Steve Hart

    Principal, HLGstudio

  • Justin Hartfiel, SLCR

    Justin Hartfiel, SLCR

    Division Director, Real Estate, UC Health

  • Gabrielle Harvey

    Gabrielle Harvey

    Vice President Intergrated Portfolio Solutions, JLL

  • Angus Harvey Ross

    Angus Harvey Ross

    Principal, Harvey Ross Consulting

  • Wissam Hasbani, QPCR

    Wissam Hasbani, QPCR

    Director of Workplace Services & CRE, PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Yumiko Hashimoto, MCR

    Yumiko Hashimoto, MCR

    Associate Director, CBRE

  • David Hatch, MCR

    David Hatch, MCR

    Attorney, David C Hatch, Esq.

  • Maggie Hatfield

    Maggie Hatfield

    Vice President Real Estate Services, Halliburton Company

  • Crissy Hathaway

    Crissy Hathaway

    Director of Business Development, The Switzer Group

  • Jennifer Hatton Harper

    Jennifer Hatton Harper

  • Peter Hau

    Peter Hau

    Vice President, Swinerton Builders

  • Donald Haunert

    Donald Haunert

    Principal, BHDP Architecture

  • Brett Hautop

    Brett Hautop

    VP of Workplace Experience, LinkedIn

  • Tracy Hawkins

    Tracy Hawkins

    VP, Real Estate & Workplace and Remote Experience, Twitter, Inc

  • AnaTracey Hawkins, DEI

    AnaTracey Hawkins, DEI

    Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth, CNY Group LLC

  • Nick Hayden

    Nick Hayden

    Executive Managing Director, JLL Work Dynamics

  • Patrick Hayes

    Patrick Hayes

    Principal, EvensonBest, LLC

  • Kevin Hayes

    Kevin Hayes

    Partner, Cundall Johnston & Partners LLP

  • Jordan Haynes

    Jordan Haynes

    AVP | Head of Real Estate, Hartford Steam Boiler

  • Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes


  • Cathy Hayward

    Cathy Hayward

    Managing Director, Magenta Associates

  • Sean Healy

    Sean Healy

    Director, Porftfolio Strategy Lead, Capital One

  • David Hearn, MCR

    David Hearn, MCR

    Region Real Estate Leader, EY

  • Gerry Heaton

    Gerry Heaton

  • Michael Hebert

    Michael Hebert

    Assistant Director, Real Estate and Facilities, Cambia Health Solutions

  • Helen Hecker

    Helen Hecker

    Regional Manager, Real Estate Services, Pacific Region, Marsh & McLennon

  • Eva Heddergott, MCR.w

    Eva Heddergott, MCR.w

    Senior Manager, EY

  • Kevin Heffernan

    Kevin Heffernan

    Director of Transactions, Retired

  • Subrahmanya Hegde

    Subrahmanya Hegde

    Regional Manager- Global Real Estate & Facility Management, Genpact LLC

  • Jenny Hehemann

    Jenny Hehemann

    Vice President, HKS Architects Inc.

  • Nick Heibein, MCR

    Nick Heibein, MCR

    Global Operations Officer, RBC Account, JLL

  • Suzanne Heidelberger

    Suzanne Heidelberger

    Head of Fidelity Corporate Real Estate, Fidelity Real Estate Co.

  • Karin Heinisch

    Karin Heinisch

    Senior Specialist, International RE Projects, BASF SE

  • Ted Heisler

    Ted Heisler

    Vice President, Interior Architecture & Design, Ware Malcomb

  • Sandy Heistand

    Sandy Heistand

    Sr. Director GWS Operations and Real Estate, Dolby

  • Scott Heizman, MCR

    Scott Heizman, MCR

    CEO/Owner, Heizman Real Estate Management LLC

  • Wendy Heller

    Wendy Heller

    Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • Jason Helmer

    Jason Helmer

    Region Director, Haworth

  • Jeanette Henderson

    Jeanette Henderson

    Director Real Estate, University of Washington Real Estate

  • Michael Henderson

    Michael Henderson

    Sr. Director, Business Investment, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

  • Daniel Henderson

    Daniel Henderson

    General Manager, Bayleys Real Estate

  • Craig Hendrickson

    Craig Hendrickson

    Senior Managing Driector,

  • Heidi Hendy

    Heidi Hendy

    President, H. Hendy Associates

  • Maureen Henegan

    Maureen Henegan

    CEO, Henegan Construction Co., Inc.

  • Steve Henigan

    Steve Henigan

    Director, Henigan Consulting Group

  • Patrick Henkel

    Patrick Henkel

    Area Manager-Workplace Solutions, AT&T

  • Michael Henningsen

    Michael Henningsen

    Director of Global Accounts and Workplace, APAC, HNI

  • Grit Henoch, MCR

    Grit Henoch, MCR

    Senior Director Accounts, PDS APAC, JLL

  • Luanne Henrich

    Luanne Henrich

    Senior Planner, Dell EMC

  • Doug Henry

    Doug Henry

    Managing Director | Occupier Services, Colliers

  • Kitty Henry

    Kitty Henry

    Shareholder, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.

  • Greg Herman

    Greg Herman

    Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Maike Hermes

    Maike Hermes

    Corporate Real Estate Manager, Henkel AG & Co KGaA

  • Shauna Herminghouse

    Shauna Herminghouse

    Workplace Design Consultant, Shauna Herminghouse

  • Gabriel Hernandez

    Gabriel Hernandez

    Principal, Design Republic

  • Ron Hertz

    Ron Hertz

    Account Executive, Vanguard Construction & Development

  • Andy Hervey, DEI

    Andy Hervey, DEI

    Account Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Nicola Heryet

    Nicola Heryet

    Principal, Avison Young

  • Gail Hesselbrock

    Gail Hesselbrock

    Director, Project Management, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Kenneth Heth

    Kenneth Heth

    Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities, JAPAC, Oracle Corporation (Singapore)

  • Ralf Heuser

    Ralf Heuser

    Head of Strategic Advisory Germany, CBRE GmbH

  • Rachel Hewitt

    Rachel Hewitt

    Market Development | Real Estate & Development, Scott Rice Office Works

  • Chris Heywood

    Chris Heywood

    Associate Professor - Property and Management, University of Melbourne

  • Taylor Hick

    Taylor Hick

    Associate, CBRE

  • Courtney Hickey

    Courtney Hickey

    National Sales Project Manager, Humanscale

  • Jason Hickey

    Jason Hickey

    President, Hickey & Associates

  • Steven Hicks, MCR

    Steven Hicks, MCR

    Leader Global Real Estate, MasterCard

  • Harold Hicks

    Harold Hicks

    Vice President, Real Estate, Facilities Strategic Services, Research Triangle Institute International

  • Michelle Higgins

    Michelle Higgins

    Director of Facilities, AvidXchange

  • Craig Highfill

    Craig Highfill

    Director of Facilities, Foley Equipment

  • Robin Hilburn

    Robin Hilburn

    Project Director, Duke Energy

  • Pat Hildebrandt

    Pat Hildebrandt

    Director, JFK&M Consulting Group

  • Gordon Hill, MCR, SLCR

    Gordon Hill, MCR, SLCR

    Workplace Consultant, Interiors for Business

  • Aaron Hill

    Aaron Hill

    Vice President, Barron Builders

  • Raewyn Hills

    Raewyn Hills

    PhD Student, The University of Auckland

  • Bev Hilton, MCR

    Bev Hilton, MCR

  • Ernie Himsl, SLCR

    Ernie Himsl, SLCR

    Head of Enterprise Markets Solutions, Occupier Services – EMEA - EMEA Corporate Solutions, Colliers International Corporate Solutions Limited

  • Holly Hindmarsh

    Holly Hindmarsh

    Sr Manager, Occupancy Planning, Toast, Inc

  • Gary Hines

    Gary Hines

    Senior Vice President-Dvlpt., Business Development Board of Palm Beach County

  • Denise Hinkle

    Denise Hinkle

    Principal, Scribcor Global Lease Administration

  • Cecily Hirschfeld

    Cecily Hirschfeld

    Senior Manager, Global Workplace Planning, Akamai Technologies

  • Tom Hobbs

    Tom Hobbs

    Portfolio Manager, Shell International Limited

  • Liz Hoehnke

    Liz Hoehnke

    Principal, Client Development, Unispace Global Pty Ltd

  • Patrick Hoffman

    Patrick Hoffman

    SVP, Corp. Real Estate and Services, Syneos Health

  • Dan Hoffman

    Dan Hoffman

    Vice President, Sares Regis

  • Tom Hogan

    Tom Hogan

    Director, Global Real Estate & Facilities, General Mills, Inc.

  • Lispah Hogan, MCR

    Lispah Hogan, MCR

    Executive Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank

  • Sarah Hogan

    Sarah Hogan

    Director - Marketing and Client Relations, MPA

  • Ian Holden, SLCR

    Ian Holden, SLCR

    Director - EMEA Real Estate , Operations , M&A, Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

  • Matthew Holland, MCR

    Matthew Holland, MCR

    Director, Workplace Americas, VMware

  • Peter Holland

    Peter Holland

    CEO, BenchCoRE

  • Michael Holland

    Michael Holland

    Chief Executive Officer, Embassy REIT

  • Fred Hollenstein

    Fred Hollenstein

    Design Consultant, Sedgefield Interior Landscapes

  • Bernadette Holloway, DEI, MCR

    Bernadette Holloway, DEI, MCR

    Executive Manager, Property, IAG

  • Dawn Holmes

    Dawn Holmes

    Sr. Manager Portfolio Mgmt. Northeast , AT&T

  • Brian Holmes, MCR

    Brian Holmes, MCR

    VP of Enterprise Real Estate, Ameriprise Financial

  • Garry Holmes

    Garry Holmes

    President, R.W. Holmes Realty Co., Inc.

  • Mark Holmes

    Mark Holmes

    Deputy Chairman, Mace Group

  • Rachel Holst, MCR, SLCR

    Rachel Holst, MCR, SLCR

  • Jill Holsted, SLCR

    Jill Holsted, SLCR

    Manager Real Estate Administration, FedEx Freight, Inc

  • Jeff Holt, MCR

    Jeff Holt, MCR

    Manager of Corporate Properties, Hormel Foods Corporation

  • Sandy Holton, MCR

    Sandy Holton, MCR

    Senior Director, Real Estate Transactions and Projects, Equifax

  • Nick Holzworth

    Nick Holzworth

    Vice President of Sales and New Business Development, Buildingi

  • Christopher Hom

    Christopher Hom

    Director: FCS Real Estate + Facilities, Meta

  • Debra Homic Hoge

    Debra Homic Hoge

    Global Director, Real Estate and GBS-Planning and Financial Support, General Motors LLC

  • Mallory Hoobler

    Mallory Hoobler

    Territory Manager, AIS

  • Kathleen Hoolahan

    Kathleen Hoolahan

    President, AOF Installations Services, Inc

  • Christopher Horblit

    Christopher Horblit

    Vice President, The TJX Companies, Inc.

  • Beverly Horii

    Beverly Horii

    Managing Director, IA Interior Architects

  • Sam Horne, MCR

    Sam Horne, MCR

    Director of Global Facilities & Real Estate, Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP

  • Joel Horning

    Joel Horning

    Sr. Director, Regional Lead, Workplace Solutions, Capital One

  • David Horowitz

    David Horowitz

  • Dan Horowitz

    Dan Horowitz

    Real Estate Manager, CenturyLink

  • Peter Horvatis

    Peter Horvatis

    Executive Vice President, Business Development, Pinchin Ltd.

  • Robert How

    Robert How

    Country Director, Australia, The Executive Centre (Australia) Pty Ltd

  • Eric Howard

    Eric Howard

    CEO, HCI GmbH

  • Randy Howder

    Randy Howder

    Principal & Managing Director, Gensler

  • Kai Hsu, MCR, QPCR

    Kai Hsu, MCR, QPCR

    Director, Real Estate Facilities, CommScope

  • Renee Hu

    Renee Hu

    Workplace Resources Manager, Cisco (China) Co.Ltd

  • Elaine Huang

    Elaine Huang

    COO, Zhanzuo Technology, Ltd.

  • Markus Huber

    Markus Huber

    Senior Director,

  • John Hudson, SLCR

    John Hudson, SLCR

    Sr. Portfolio Manager, Microsoft

  • Henry Hudson

    Henry Hudson

    Executive Vice President, Bala Consulting Engineers

  • Philana Hudspeth

    Philana Hudspeth

    Corporate Services Strategic Business Partner, USAA Corporate Real Estate & Workplace

  • Forrest Huffman

    Forrest Huffman

  • Helena Hughes

    Helena Hughes

    Client Services Director, Instant Offices Limited

  • Nick Hughes

    Nick Hughes

    Regional Head of Workplace - ASEAN and South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Christopher Hughes

    Christopher Hughes

    Managing Director, PTS Consulting

  • Geert Huisman

    Geert Huisman

    FM Specialist Policy & Innovation Corporate Real Estate, Enexis

  • Greg Hulbert

    Greg Hulbert

    Regional Commercial Core Market Leader, DPR Construction

  • John Hull

    John Hull

    Deputy Commissioner, Tennessee Department of General Services

  • Roger Humphrey, SLCR

    Roger Humphrey, SLCR

    Division President - Industries, JLL

  • Melissa Humphrey

    Melissa Humphrey

    Regional Vice President, Travelers

  • Troy Humphreys, SLCR

    Troy Humphreys, SLCR

    Director, Pfizer Ltd

  • Rowan Humphreys

    Rowan Humphreys

    Director | Tenant Advisory, Colliers

  • David Hunt

    David Hunt

    President, Hunt Corporate Services, Inc

  • Kathleen Hunt

    Kathleen Hunt

    Senior Project Design Specialist, MathWorks

  • Sung Hur

    Sung Hur

    Manager, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Coleen Hurley

    Coleen Hurley

    Sr. Director of Corporate Real Estate, VMware

  • Kelvin Huska

    Kelvin Huska

    Account Director, JLL

  • Laurie Hutner

    Laurie Hutner

    Executive Vice President, WB Wood

  • Henry Hutson

    Henry Hutson

    Market Planner, JLL

  • Eric Hyland

    Eric Hyland

    Manager, Corporate Real Estate, Waste Management, Inc

  • Chris Hynes

    Chris Hynes

    Head of Leasing and Workplace - Office, DEXUS

  • Tom Hynes

    Tom Hynes

    Chief Executive Officer, Colliers

  • Kurt Hyster, MCR.w, SLCR

    Kurt Hyster, MCR.w, SLCR

    Director Global Real Estate, TE Connectivity

  • CNG+ Members beginning with I
  • MariaGrace Iantosca

    MariaGrace Iantosca

    Senior Associate, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Peter Icely, MCR, SLCR

    Peter Icely, MCR, SLCR

    Executive Vice President - Corporate Services, Encor Advisors

  • Dawn Imbriale

    Dawn Imbriale

    Enterprise Space Manager, Cox Communications

  • Glauco Imolesi Silveira

    Glauco Imolesi Silveira

    Global FM Senior Director of Corporate Real Estate, DHL Logistics US

  • Jeffrey Ingham

    Jeffrey Ingham

    Senior Managing Director, JLL

  • Cyndi Innecken

    Cyndi Innecken

    Global Accounts Manager, Haworth, Inc

  • Ana Iriarte

    Ana Iriarte

    Work Place Delivery Manager, Cisco

  • Jessica Itchue

    Jessica Itchue

    Retail Network Transformation, Citizens Bank

  • Milena Ivanova

    Milena Ivanova

    Senior Program Manager, Workplace, Peloton Interactive Inc

  • CNG+ Members beginning with J
  • Ed Jacka

    Ed Jacka

    Deputy Head, Workplace, Reserve Bank of Australia

  • Kate Jacobs, MCR

    Kate Jacobs, MCR

    Senior Manager, Real Estate & Strategy, Citrix Systems, Inc

  • Scott Jacobson

    Scott Jacobson

    Director, Real Estate & Facilities, Vroom

  • Margaux Jaffa

    Margaux Jaffa

    Regional Manager, Allsteel

  • Vipul Jain, MCR

    Vipul Jain, MCR

    General Manager, Business Planning, Leasing & Asset Management, Tata Realty & Infrastructure Limited

  • Anshul Jain

    Anshul Jain

    Country Head & Managing Director, India, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Griffin James, MCR

    Griffin James, MCR

    Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • Judith A James

    Judith A James

    Principal Officer, Arris, A Design Studio, Inc

  • Nicholas Janosevic

    Nicholas Janosevic

    Senior Manager, Australia & New Zealand Real Estate & Facilities, Lenovo Australia

  • Derek Jaschke

    Derek Jaschke

    Project Executive, Swinerton Builders

  • Paul Jaskowiak

    Paul Jaskowiak

    Global Director of Real Estate, Kantar

  • Kallendra Jayaram

    Kallendra Jayaram

    Senior Facilities Specialist, Informatica Corporation

  • Swaminathan Jayaraman

    Swaminathan Jayaraman

    Managing Director, SW1 Solutions Sdn Bhd

  • Debbie Jeffares

    Debbie Jeffares

    Regional Sales Director, MillerKnoll

  • Rod Jehlik, MCR

    Rod Jehlik, MCR

    Manager, Real Estate Project Coordination, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Stefanie Jenkins, MCR

    Stefanie Jenkins, MCR

    Vice President, Workplace Solutions, Capital One

  • Scott Jennings

    Scott Jennings

    Senior Vice President, Moeller Purcell Construction Company

  • Frank Jesse

    Frank Jesse

  • Leah Jipp, MCR

    Leah Jipp, MCR

    CRE Project Manager, Mutual of Omaha

  • Christopher Johnke

    Christopher Johnke

    Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Jan Johnson, MCR.w

    Jan Johnson, MCR.w

    VP Design and Workplace Resources, Allsteel

  • David Johnson, MCR

    David Johnson, MCR

    Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • LaMonte Johnson, MCR.w

    LaMonte Johnson, MCR.w

    Director, Real Estate Planning, Atrium Health

  • Robin Johnson

    Robin Johnson

    Manager, Real Estate Operations, Salesforce

  • Kelsey Johnson

    Kelsey Johnson

    Senior Project Manager, Lamar Johnson Collaborative

  • Ellen Johnson

    Ellen Johnson

    Program Manager,

  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson

    Head of Real Estate & Facilities, AVEVA

  • James Johnson

    James Johnson

    Vice President, Real Estate and Workplace Services, The Hanover Insurance Group

  • Terri Johnson, DEI, SLCR

    Terri Johnson, DEI, SLCR

    VP, Head of Facilities, Real Estate, Site Services, EHS, Roche Molecular Solutions

  • Simons Johnson

    Simons Johnson

    Principal & Senior Vice President, Bridge Commercial

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Elizabeth Johnson

    Director, Product Management, Fidelity Investments

  • Restor Johnson

    Restor Johnson

    Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Real Estate, U.S. Bank

  • Ivory Johnson

    Ivory Johnson

    Director Global Operations LATAM Market, Lenovo

  • Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson

    Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Graeme Johnston

    Graeme Johnston

    Property Director, Belfast Harbour Commissioners

  • Michael Johnston-Smith

    Michael Johnston-Smith

    Chief investment officer, Sami Saad Investments

  • Ian Johnstone

    Ian Johnstone

    Head of EMEA & Ireland Asset Management, Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc

  • Mark Jones

    Mark Jones

    Director, Turner & Townsend

  • David Jones, DEI

    David Jones, DEI

    Managing Director, Trascent Management Consulting

  • Wendy Jones

    Wendy Jones

    Director, Wendy Jones Ltd

  • Melanie Jones

    Melanie Jones

    Furniture-as-a-Service - National Team, CORT

  • Craig Jones

    Craig Jones

    Principal, Skyline Construction

  • Whitney Jones

    Whitney Jones

    Supporting People-First Design for the Built Environment, Cooper & Company

  • Howard Jones

    Howard Jones

    Senior Manager, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Sophia Jordan

    Sophia Jordan

    Business Strategy Analyst, Bank of America

  • Gregory Josefchuk

    Gregory Josefchuk

    Enterprise Accounts Executive, Carrier, Building Solutions Group Americas

  • Courtney Joseph, MCR

    Courtney Joseph, MCR

    Regional Operational Risk Manager, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Tribhuwan Joshi, MCR

    Tribhuwan Joshi, MCR

    Director - RES, MasterCard

  • Tony Josipovic

    Tony Josipovic

    Global Product Owner, Workplace and Occupancy, JLL

  • Ronen Journo, SLCR

    Ronen Journo, SLCR

    SVP Enterprise & Workplace, Hines Europe Ltd

  • Mary Jovic, MCR

    Mary Jovic, MCR

    National Workplace Services Manager, KPMG

  • Jay Joyce

    Jay Joyce

    Corporate Managing Director, Savills

  • Monica Juan, MCR

    Monica Juan, MCR

    Senior Managing Director, CBRE

  • Paul Juliano

    Paul Juliano

    Account Executive, Tarkett

  • Scott Jung

    Scott Jung

    Director Americas, Real Estate and Workplace, America, Informatica Corporation

  • CNG+ Members beginning with K
  • Sadananda K, SLCR

    Sadananda K, SLCR

    Sr. Project Manager - APAC & EMEA, Juniper Networks India Pvt Limited

  • Sivaraman K.R., MCR.w

    Sivaraman K.R., MCR.w

    India Head - Facilities Management, Northern Trust Corporation

  • David Kalinchuk

    David Kalinchuk

    Economic Development Director, Rocky View County

  • David Kamen

    David Kamen

    Director-Americas Real Estate, EY

  • Anita Kamouri

    Anita Kamouri

    Vice President & Co-Founder, Iometrics, Inc

  • Jeff Kane

    Jeff Kane

    President, Data Technologies Inc

  • Sarah Kang

    Sarah Kang

    Sr Director, Real Estate,

  • Vesselin Kantchev

    Vesselin Kantchev

    Director, Facilities and Workplace Services, Progress

  • Chon Kantikovit, SLCR

    Chon Kantikovit, SLCR

    Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Marcie Kapaldo, SLCR

    Marcie Kapaldo, SLCR

    Global Head of Real Estate, The Brink's Company

  • Brian Kaplan

    Brian Kaplan

    Interiors Director, Orr Partners

  • David Kaplan, MCR

    David Kaplan, MCR

    Manager, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

  • Brett Kaplan

    Brett Kaplan

    Strategic Client Collaboration Consultant, Steelcase

  • Florian Kappes

    Florian Kappes

    Head of Portfolio Germany, The Office Group

  • Joydeep Kar

    Joydeep Kar

    Manager - Workplace Resources, Cisco

  • Jan Karl, MCR

    Jan Karl, MCR

    Vice President, Morley Builders

  • Kurt Karnatz

    Kurt Karnatz

    President, ESD

  • David Karpook

    David Karpook

    Vice President of North American Operations, Planon Corporation

  • Rene Karreman

    Rene Karreman

    Global Market Director Corporate Real Estate, HaskoningDHV Nederland B.V.

  • Luba Karson

    Luba Karson

    Vice President, Corporate Services, Edwards Lifesciences Corp.

  • Mayumi Kato

    Mayumi Kato

    VP Corporate Services, Bank of America NA

  • Despina Katsikakis

    Despina Katsikakis

    Executive Partner - Head of Occupier Business Performance, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Kelly Katz

    Kelly Katz

    Executive Managing Director, JLL

  • Denise Katzenberger

    Denise Katzenberger

    Director of Operations, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Thomas Kaufman

    Thomas Kaufman

    Associate Director, CRE, United Therapeutics

  • Reese Kaufman

    Reese Kaufman

    Portfolio Planner Americas Theater, Cisco

  • Frank Kayden, MCR, SLCR

    Frank Kayden, MCR, SLCR

    Director of Real Estate Strategy and Portfolio Management, Dow Chemical Co

  • Diane Kearney, MCR.w

    Diane Kearney, MCR.w

    Senior Manager - Global Real Estate, Intuit

  • Kevin Kearns

    Kevin Kearns

    Global Corporate Real Estate Manager, Koch

  • Pam Keefe

    Pam Keefe

    Vice President, Asia Pacific + Global Account Manager, HNI

  • Jonathan Keefe

    Jonathan Keefe

    Director - Program for Real Estate Studies, Boston University

  • Peter Kehayas

    Peter Kehayas

    Director - Site Services, Eisai Inc.

  • Michiel Keij

    Michiel Keij

    Director Global Accounts, Tarkett

  • Steve Keim

    Steve Keim

    Director, Global Real Estate Strategy, Visa

  • Cynthia Keliher

    Cynthia Keliher

    Partner, McCarter & English, LLP

  • Thomas Keller

    Thomas Keller

    Associate Director, Colliers

  • Brad Keller

    Brad Keller

    Director of Workplace Strategy, Humana, Inc.

  • Tyler Kellogg

    Tyler Kellogg

    Executive Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Steven Kelly

    Steven Kelly

    Timberline Construction Corporation

  • Mike Kelly

    Mike Kelly

    Senior Real Estate Director, Robert Half International

  • Peggy Kelly

    Peggy Kelly

    President, PK Spectrum

  • Nigel Kelly

    Nigel Kelly

    Vice President - Bus. Development, Hilldrup Moving & Storage

  • Loretta Kemp

    Loretta Kemp

    Sr Director, Global Operations AMER, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Thomas Kenna

    Thomas Kenna

    Principal - Occupier Solutions, Avison Young

  • Kevin Kennedy

    Kevin Kennedy

    VP of Sales, Henricksen

  • Andrew Kennewell

    Andrew Kennewell

    Executive Director GRE APAC, JPMorgan

  • Laura Kennington

    Laura Kennington

    Partner, OTJ Architects

  • John Kenny

    John Kenny

    Chief Executive Officer | Asia Pacific, Colliers

  • Justin Kenyon

    Justin Kenyon

    Managing Director, JLL

  • Ulrich Kerber

    Ulrich Kerber

    CEO / President, Freudenberg Real Estate GmbH

  • Steve Kerhart

    Steve Kerhart

    Managing Partner, Continental Realty Advisors

  • Thomas Kessler

    Thomas Kessler

    Founder and CEO, Locatee – Uncover Workplace Insights

  • Johannes Ketel, SLCR

    Johannes Ketel, SLCR

    SVP Real Estate Services, Bank of America

  • Laila Khalil

    Laila Khalil

    Director - Real Estate & Workplace Services, Salesforce

  • Abdul Gafoor Khan, SLCR

    Abdul Gafoor Khan, SLCR

    Service Deliver Manager – Americas Lead, Capital Programs, Cisco

  • Neil Khant

    Neil Khant

    Licensed Real Estate Broker, NRK Real Estate Advisors, LLC

  • Manish Khedia, MCR

    Manish Khedia, MCR

    Director - Bangalore and Hyderabad, The Executive Centre

  • Betty Khoo

    Betty Khoo

    Director - A&D Sales, Teknion Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Lulua Khorakiwala

    Lulua Khorakiwala

    Director of Workplace Strategy and Human Experience, Newmark

  • Puja Pilkhwal Khurana

    Puja Pilkhwal Khurana

    Vice President, Northern Trust

  • Matthias Kiefer

    Matthias Kiefer

    EMEAR Real Estate Director, Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH

  • Patrick Kien

    Patrick Kien

    Executive Director – Enterprise Support Services, Cox Communications, Inc.

  • Ron Kilby

    Ron Kilby

    Senior Vice President, CBRE

  • Lora Kilgore, SLCR

    Lora Kilgore, SLCR

    Sr Program Manager, Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Steve Kim

    Steve Kim

    Senior Project Manager, General Motors

  • Judy Kim

    Judy Kim

    Director, Acquisition & Divestiture, Johnson & Johnson

  • Anne King

    Anne King

    VP Real Estate and Workplace Service, Point32Health

  • John Henry King

    John Henry King

    Director, Economic Development, City of Bowie

  • Al Kinisky, MCR, SLCR

    Al Kinisky, MCR, SLCR

    Real Estate and Workplace Strategist, SAP

  • Julie Kinnavy

    Julie Kinnavy

    Sales Executive, Vari

  • Lynn Kious, SLCR

    Lynn Kious, SLCR

    Senior Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank

  • Stephanie Kirkpatrick

    Stephanie Kirkpatrick

    Director of Interior Design, Niles Bolton Associates

  • Dan Kirschner

    Dan Kirschner

    Global Head of Portfolio Products, JLL

  • Uemit Kisa, MCR

    Uemit Kisa, MCR

    Director EMEA Corporate Real Estate Management, Mann+Hummel GmbH

  • Sam Kitamura

    Sam Kitamura

    President of Orion Realty Group (FNF subsidiary), Fidelity National Financial, Inc

  • Jenoe Kleemann

    Jenoe Kleemann

    Partner, Eurocres Consulting GmbH

  • Edmund Klimek

    Edmund Klimek

    Partner, KSS Architects

  • Patrice Kluth, SLCR

    Patrice Kluth, SLCR

    Americas East - Field Facilities, Facebook

  • Julia Knaus

    Julia Knaus

    BD & Marketing Manager, Vericon Construction Company

  • Sheri Knesek

    Sheri Knesek

    Facilities Manager, Informatica

  • Corrina Knight

    Corrina Knight

    Senior Director, Global Workplace Operations + Services, Red Hat, Inc

  • Perry Knight

    Perry Knight

    Director, Turner & Townsend

  • Paul Knowland

    Paul Knowland

    Vice President, Real Estate, Shell International Petroleum Company Limited

  • Rachel Koehring

    Rachel Koehring

    Director of Marketing, Goree

  • Pankaj Kohli, MCR.w, SLCR

    Pankaj Kohli, MCR.w, SLCR

    Head, CRE, Fidelity Business Services India Private Limited

  • Robert Kolar

    Robert Kolar

    Regional Account Director, JLL

  • Michele Kolbinsky

    Michele Kolbinsky

    Director, Real Estate and Prop. Dev., Freddie Mac

  • Christina Kolkas

    Christina Kolkas

    Director, Interior Architecture & Design, Ware Malcomb

  • Ted Kollaja

    Ted Kollaja

    Owner, Kollaja

  • Katie Koncar

    Katie Koncar

    Workplace Strategist, EY

  • David Kontra

    David Kontra

    Senior Director of Real Estate, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

  • Kimberly Kopp

    Kimberly Kopp

    Real Estate Strategy, Motorola Solutions Inc.

  • Marianne Korbijn-Bossers

    Marianne Korbijn-Bossers

    (Graduation) placement, Alumni & Industry Relations Coordinator, Breda University of Applied Sciences

  • Anthony Korvessis, MCR, SLCR

    Anthony Korvessis, MCR, SLCR

    Americas Real Estate Manager, Procter & Gamble

  • Stefany Koslow

    Stefany Koslow

    Business Development Executive, HUSH

  • Scott Kosswig

    Scott Kosswig

    Director of Real Estate , Stanley Black & Decker, Inc

  • Venu Kota, MCR.w

    Venu Kota, MCR.w

    Head CRE, India & South Asia, Visa, Inc.

  • Karen Kowal

    Karen Kowal

    Vice President Strategic Accounts - Canada, Shaw Commercial Flooring

  • Landon Kowalczyk

    Landon Kowalczyk

    Director of Services, CBRE

  • Ara Krafian

    Ara Krafian

    Chairman & CEO, Symmes Maini & McKee

  • Scott Krall

    Scott Krall

    Director, Project Management Design & Construction, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Karen Kramer

    Karen Kramer

    Sales Director, Haworth

  • Christian Krauss

    Christian Krauss

    Head of OX, Art-Invest Real Estate Management GmbH & Co KG

  • Earl Kreisel

    Earl Kreisel

    Senior Director, Real Estate Services, Dignity Health

  • George Kreitem

    George Kreitem

    SVP Real Estate,

  • Stacy Krepelka

    Stacy Krepelka

    Project Director, Move Plan Group

  • Ashley Krieg

    Ashley Krieg

    Director of Real Estate and Facilities, North America, BASF Corporation

  • Santosh Krishnamurthy, MCR.w

    Santosh Krishnamurthy, MCR.w

    Director, Workplace resources, Palo Alto Networks

  • Iryna Kriukova, MCR.w, SLCR

    Iryna Kriukova, MCR.w, SLCR

    Operations Manager, EMEA, Pfizer

  • Erika Kronenberger

    Erika Kronenberger

    Senior Analyst, Southwestern Energy Company

  • Thomas Kruggel

    Thomas Kruggel

    Sr. Vice President, Hines

  • Cassandra Kua

    Cassandra Kua

    EMEA Portfolio Leader, Procter & Gamble

  • Christopher Kubala, MCR

    Christopher Kubala, MCR

    Space Management Lead - Bay Area, Google

  • Brandie Kucyla

    Brandie Kucyla

    Leasing Director, Manulife Financial

  • Andreas Kuehne

    Andreas Kuehne

    Managing Director, BAUAKADEMIE Performance Management GmbH

  • Oliver Kueppers

    Oliver Kueppers

    MD Head of Advisory & Transaction Services, CBRE GmbH

  • John Kuiper

    John Kuiper

    Principal | CEO | Broker, Advantage Commercial Real Estate

  • Abhijit Kukade, MCR

    Abhijit Kukade, MCR

    Sr. Director - Investments & Asset Management, Keppel Land India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Krishnanand Kulkarni, MCR.w

    Krishnanand Kulkarni, MCR.w

    Director, Fidelity Business Services India Private Limited

  • Hitoshi Kumagai

    Hitoshi Kumagai

    Managing Director, Institute of Facilitainment

  • Kanwal Kumar

    Kanwal Kumar

    Director - GREWE India, American Express

  • Hemanth Kumar, QPCR

    Hemanth Kumar, QPCR

    Assistant Manager, Fidelity Business Services India Private Limited

  • Shailesh Kumar, MCR

    Shailesh Kumar, MCR

    Regional Alliance Director APAC & Japan (IBM), IBM India Private Limited

  • Mohan Kumar N, MCR

    Mohan Kumar N, MCR

    Manager - Space Planning, Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd

  • Daniela Kunsemueller

    Daniela Kunsemueller

    Region Manager RES, Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC)

  • Jon Kurth

    Jon Kurth

    Strategic Planning Manager, Wells Fargo

  • Tom Kurtz, MCR

    Tom Kurtz, MCR

    Senior Managing Director, CBRE

  • Will Kurz

    Will Kurz

    Account Executive, Interface

  • Nancy Kusich

    Nancy Kusich

    Vice President, InsideSource

  • Alexander Kutyreff, MCR

    Alexander Kutyreff, MCR

    Director, International Real Estate, Kellogg Company

  • Alison Kwiatkowski

    Alison Kwiatkowski

    SVP, Global Workplace Experience, Warner Music Group

  • CNG+ Members beginning with L
  • Tom LaDue

    Tom LaDue

    Sr. Director, Global Real Estate, Kimberly-Clark

  • Jeffrey LaFavre

    Jeffrey LaFavre

    President, IAG Commercial

  • Chris LaPata, MCR

    Chris LaPata, MCR

    Sr. Manager,Workplace Strategy, Charter Communications

  • Jason LaVeglia

    Jason LaVeglia

    Global Real Estate, North American Portfolio Director, IBM

  • John Labus

    John Labus

    Solutions Design Manager, Cisco

  • Alain Lacombe, MCR

    Alain Lacombe, MCR

    Facility Community Manager, TD Bank

  • Becky Laden, MCR

    Becky Laden, MCR

    Global Director, Workplace Strategy, Marvell Technologies

  • Eberhard Laepple, MCR.w

    Eberhard Laepple, MCR.w

    Director of RE Planning, HOK

  • Kelly Lagergren

    Kelly Lagergren

    Senior Advisor, Cresa

  • Eric Lagerquist

    Eric Lagerquist

    Associate Principal, Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.

  • Michelle Lagos, MCR

    Michelle Lagos, MCR

    Managing Director, CBRE

  • Kevin Lahey

    Kevin Lahey

    Senior Director, Visa

  • Marcus Lai

    Marcus Lai

    Executive Director, United Overseas Bank

  • Sumit Lakhani

    Sumit Lakhani

    Chief Marketing Officer, AWFIS Space Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Ujwal Lakra

    Ujwal Lakra

    Associate - Advisory, MBMpl Pty Ltd

  • Pradeep Lala

    Pradeep Lala

    CEO, Embassy Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Ali Lalehparvar

    Ali Lalehparvar

    Head of Real Estate Management, Transactions & Projects Emerging EMEA, BASF

  • Amy Lalezari

    Amy Lalezari

    Director of Client Services, Environments at Work

  • Karen Lalli

    Karen Lalli

    Vice President Global Real Estate, Genesys

  • Angie Lam

    Angie Lam

    Sr. Operations Analyst, Informatica Corporation

  • Emily Lam

    Emily Lam

    Real Estate Associate Analyst, Salesforce

  • Ken Lam

    Ken Lam

    Director, LPC Cresa

  • Rick Lam

    Rick Lam

    Director, Real Estate & Facilities Solution Asia Pacific, Pfizer

  • Kevin Lam

    Kevin Lam

    Senior Projects Officer, Reserve Bank of Australia

  • Kimberly Lamb

    Kimberly Lamb

    Executive Director - Healthcare, Jones Lang LaSalle

  • Barbara Lambing

    Barbara Lambing

    Director of Business Development, DPR Construction

  • Jamye Lamborn

    Jamye Lamborn

    Senior Designer, Meyer

  • Rachel Lambrecht

    Rachel Lambrecht

    Account Executive, UL

  • Samuel Lampe

    Samuel Lampe

    AVP, Portfolio Management & Workplace Strategy, USAA Corporate Real Estate & Workplace

  • Victoria Landau

    Victoria Landau

    EVP Strategy and New Business, WB Wood

  • Lawrence Lander

    Lawrence Lander

    Principal, PDR Corporation

  • Theresa Landers

    Theresa Landers

    Team Leader, Interior Investments Llc

  • Alessandra Landskron

    Alessandra Landskron

    Business Development Manager, Haworth

  • Michael Lane, QPCR

    Michael Lane, QPCR

    Real Estate Development Executive, Google, Real Estate Development

  • Lisa Lane

    Lisa Lane

    Director, Business Development and Real Estate Partnerships, Airwavz Solutions

  • Bob Lane

    Bob Lane

    Real Estate Practice Leader, Greenberg Traurig LLP

  • Mariana Lang

    Mariana Lang

    Sr. Director Global Transactions, Salesforce

  • Katherine Langan

    Katherine Langan

    Group GM Property, ANZ

  • Erik Langburt

    Erik Langburt

    Executive Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Patrick Lange

    Patrick Lange

    Freelancer, Patrick Lange Freelance

  • Dylan Langley

    Dylan Langley

    Director, Navy Yard Leasing & Development, PIDC

  • Greg Langston

    Greg Langston

    Principal & Managing Director, Avison Young

  • Megan Lantz

    Megan Lantz

    Vice President, HITT Contracting, Inc.

  • Craig Lapinski

    Craig Lapinski

    VP, Fuss & O'Neill

  • Paul Larkins

    Paul Larkins

    Dir, Strategic Planning, Projects and RE, Unum

  • Bob Larlee

    Bob Larlee

    Senior Vice President, City National Bank

  • John Latessa

    John Latessa

    Senior Managing Director, CBRE

  • Margaret Latshaw

    Margaret Latshaw

  • Kathleen Lattimer

    Kathleen Lattimer

    Sr. Manager, Workplace and Real Estate-AMER, Splunk

  • Karen Lau

    Karen Lau

    Director of Facilities Operation, North Asia, Refinitiv

  • Judy Laube

    Judy Laube

    Chief of Staff, Global Real Estate, AT&T

  • Susan Lauter

    Susan Lauter

    Director, 15th Landing

  • Deborah Laviero

    Deborah Laviero

    Vice President of Organizational Development, OFI

  • Alistair Law

    Alistair Law

    Partner, Anthony Harper

  • James Lawford

    James Lawford

    Director of Real Estate & Planning APAC, Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd

  • Luisa Lawrence

    Luisa Lawrence

    Workplace Manager, Cisco Systems

  • Harry Lawrence

    Harry Lawrence

    Principal / Client Development, Terracon

  • Mary LeFevre, DEI

    Mary LeFevre, DEI

    Regional Vice President of Business Development, Southeast Michigan, The Christman Company

  • Chris LeMoult

    Chris LeMoult

    Strategy & Operations Leader, Ally Financial

  • Renee Leach

    Renee Leach

    Vice President, Sodexo

  • Susan Leak

    Susan Leak

    Director Client Solutions, BGIS

  • Ken Lear

    Ken Lear

    VP - Real Estate Operations, AT&T

  • Cynthia Leary

    Cynthia Leary

    VP, Lead Strategic Planner, Citizens Bank

  • Suzanne Leblanc

    Suzanne Leblanc

    Director Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, FM Global

  • John Leddy

    John Leddy

    Executive Director, JLL

  • Nicholas Lee

    Nicholas Lee

    Global/AP Project Management Lead, IBM China/HK Limited

  • Karen Lee

    Karen Lee

    CRE Manager, Equinix Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

  • Siew Eng Irene Lee, MCR

    Siew Eng Irene Lee, MCR

    Analyst-Portfolio and Lease Administration, American Express International Inc

  • Brian Lee, SLCR

    Brian Lee, SLCR

    Principal, Newmark

  • Candice Lee

    Candice Lee

    Director, Real Estate, LinkedIn

  • Wei Chien Lee

    Wei Chien Lee

    Assitant Manager, Knight Frank Malaysia Sdn Bhd

  • Angie Lee

    Angie Lee

    Senior Principal, Global Workplace Sector Leader, Stantec Architecture

  • Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

    Workplace Manager, Cisco

  • William Lee

    William Lee

    Business Director, Bank of America

  • Irene Lee Sunga, MCR

    Irene Lee Sunga, MCR

    Vice President, Facilities & Real Estate Asia, WorldQuant Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Jason Lee Tong Sing

    Jason Lee Tong Sing

    Regional Business Development Manager, A. & H. Meyer Sdn. Bhd.

  • Josh Leen

    Josh Leen

    Director of Special Projects, Swinerton Builders

  • Gilbert Lefebvre

    Gilbert Lefebvre

    Corporate Development, Teknion

  • Renato Legati, MCR

    Renato Legati, MCR

    Vice President, Real Estate, MDC Partners Inc.

  • Sandra Lehane

    Sandra Lehane

    Planning Manager Americas, Dell EMC

  • Carrie Leighton

    Carrie Leighton

    Sr. Interior Designer, Associate, HKS Architects Inc.

  • Veda Leija-Soria, MCR

    Veda Leija-Soria, MCR

    Real Estate Manager, eBay Inc.

  • Carol Leipner-Srebnick

    Carol Leipner-Srebnick

    Director, Real Estate Advanced Planning, Oracle Corporation

  • Scott Leister

    Scott Leister

    Global Head of Real Estate and Facilities, Blackstone Group, .LP.

  • Pat Lemucchi

    Pat Lemucchi

    SR Account Executive, Cal Coast Telecom

  • Tricia Lenehan, MCR

    Tricia Lenehan, MCR

    Director Real Estate, Staples, Inc.

  • Kevin Lennon

    Kevin Lennon

    Managing Director, Real Estate, CME Group

  • Caitlin Lennox, MCR

    Caitlin Lennox, MCR

    Director of Leasing, The Spectrum Companies

  • Daniel Leonardi, MCR, SLCR

    Daniel Leonardi, MCR, SLCR

    Executive Managing Director, Newmark

  • Nicholas Lesek, SLCR

    Nicholas Lesek, SLCR

    Director, APAC Regional Head of CRE & Services, Swiss RE

  • Wendi Lester, MCR

    Wendi Lester, MCR

    Director of Workplace, Juniper Square

  • Stephanie Leta, MCR.w

    Stephanie Leta, MCR.w

    Executive Director, Onsite Services,

  • Winnie Leung

    Winnie Leung

    Real Estate Leasing Manager, Salesforce

  • Larry Levine

    Larry Levine

    President, Red Thread

  • Emily Levinson

    Emily Levinson

    Workplace Strategy Manager, CBRE

  • Steve Levitas

    Steve Levitas

    Vice Chairman, Newmark

  • Quan Hui David Lew, MCR

    Quan Hui David Lew, MCR

    Manager, Facilities Management, Rohde & Schwarz Asia Pte Ltd

  • Michael Lewis, MCR

    Michael Lewis, MCR

    Sr. Director Engineering Services, Fidelity Real Estate Company

  • Elliot Lewis

    Elliot Lewis

    Real estate and operations leader EMEA, General Electric

  • Peter Leyburn

    Peter Leyburn

    Director of Client Services, EMEA, Colliers International Corporate Solutions Limited

  • Wendy Li

    Wendy Li

    Interior Project Designer,

  • Jack Li, MCR

    Jack Li, MCR

    Director, Asiapac Real Estate and Facilities, Synopsys

  • Nikos Liapis

    Nikos Liapis

    VP Strategic Accounts EMEA, Shaw Contract Group (Shaw Europe Ltd)

  • Jeremy Libby

    Jeremy Libby

    Sr. Manager Strategic Planning, Google

  • Amit Liebersohn

    Amit Liebersohn

    President and Managing Director, New York City Operations, Avison Young

  • Sara Liese

    Sara Liese

    A+D Representative, Kimball International, Inc.

  • Adeline Liew, MCR.w

    Adeline Liew, MCR.w

    Director, Knight Frank Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

  • Brian Lillard

    Brian Lillard

    Senior Vice President, TDIndustries

  • Michael Lilly

    Michael Lilly

    Director / Exelon RE&F Account Executive, KGO

  • Chee Kiang Lim

    Chee Kiang Lim

    VP, Safety, Environment & Real Estate (GSC International), Schneider Electric

  • Travis Lim

    Travis Lim

    Head, Asia, Salesforce

  • Eng Cheong Lim, MCR, SLCR

    Eng Cheong Lim, MCR, SLCR

    Senior RE Manager- GM APAC/CHINA/AMEO., General Motors Corp

  • Tristan Lim

    Tristan Lim

    Regional Manager Asia, BHP Billiton Marketing Asia Pte Ltd

  • Christina Limata, MCR

    Christina Limata, MCR

    Director Real Estate and Workplace, Workday, Inc.

  • Ryo Lin

    Ryo Lin

    IoT Workplace Partner, Dfocus

  • Cynthia Lindberg

    Cynthia Lindberg

    Senior Partner, Executive Director of Facilities, Design & Construction- NA, Ogilvy

  • Clark Lindsay

    Clark Lindsay

    Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Program Management

  • Allie Lindsey

    Allie Lindsey

    A+D Design Market Manager, Haworth

  • Kip Linse

    Kip Linse

    Executive Director, USAA Corporate Real Estate & Workplace

  • Janice Linster

    Janice Linster

    Principal, Workplace Strategist,

  • Josh Lisman

    Josh Lisman

    President, WPS Global

  • William Littleton, SLCR

    William Littleton, SLCR

    Senior Executive Vice President, Colliers

  • Boran Liu

    Boran Liu

    Project Director, Indeco

  • Frank Liu

    Frank Liu

    Project Director, CSCEC Beijing Dragon Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd

  • Nina Liu

    Nina Liu

    Senior Administration Manager, Happy Elements Technology (Beijing) Limited

  • Penny Liu

    Penny Liu

    Director, KPMG

  • Alexandra Liz

    Alexandra Liz

    VP, Corporate Real Estate and Workplace, Blackstone

  • Benjamin Lloyd

    Benjamin Lloyd

    Operations Manager, Trinity Quality Interiors Pty Ltd

  • Brynn Lockyer

    Brynn Lockyer

    Transaction Manager, CBRE

  • Kenneth Loeber, SLCR

    Kenneth Loeber, SLCR

    Principal, UniSpace

  • Maria Loffreda

    Maria Loffreda

    Director, Real Property Strategy & Program Management, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Rocky Lokeni

    Rocky Lokeni

    Sales Director, SAS International

  • Helena Loman

    Helena Loman

    Senior Sales Executive, SBFI Group

  • Stephanie Long

    Stephanie Long

    Managing Director, IA Interior Architects

  • Catherine Longo-Bon, SLCR

    Catherine Longo-Bon, SLCR

    Corporate Real Estate Consultant, CLB Resources

  • Kevin Loos

    Kevin Loos

    Co-Founder & COO, CrowdComfort

  • Jim Lopez

    Jim Lopez

    Real Estate Manager, MillerKnoll

  • Rich Loshaw, DEI, MCR

    Rich Loshaw, DEI, MCR

    Sr Manager NAM Planning, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Wiley Lott

    Wiley Lott

    Vice President, External Affairs and Economic Development, Southeast Gas

  • Steven Louie

    Steven Louie

    Adjunct Lectrurer, Raffles College of Higher Education

  • Cameron Love

    Cameron Love

    Senior Vice President, Hughes Marino

  • James Love

    James Love

    Senior Vice President, Global Head of Corporate Real Estate & Business Services, AIG

  • Mark Lovegrove

    Mark Lovegrove

    VP, ABB

  • Sharon Loveland, MCR.w

    Sharon Loveland, MCR.w

    Manager, Workplace Strategy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Rex Lowe

    Rex Lowe

    Executive Vice President, Lincoln Harris

  • Melanie Lowe

    Melanie Lowe

    Interior Design Manager, Salesforce

  • Helen Lowe

    Helen Lowe

    Business Development Director, BW Interiors Ltd

  • Doug Lowell, SLCR

    Doug Lowell, SLCR

    Vice President, Real Estate and Facilities, Centene Corporation

  • Elizabeth Lowrey

    Elizabeth Lowrey

    Principal Dir of Interior Design, Elkus/Manfredi Architects Ltd.

  • Irene Lu

    Irene Lu

    Strategy & Analysis Manager, eBay Inc.

  • John Lucas

    John Lucas

    Vice President of Global R.E. & Workplace Svcs, Juniper Networks

  • Paul Luciani

    Paul Luciani

    Asia-Pacific Real Estate Leader, EY (Ernst & Young)

  • Elise Luckham

    Elise Luckham

    VP & Director Corporate Real Estate, The First American Corporation

  • Vik Lulla, MCR

    Vik Lulla, MCR

    President, Knight Frank Corporate Real Estate Services Inc

  • Lunny Lundstrom

    Lunny Lundstrom

    Account Executive, Interface

  • Chris Lunny

    Chris Lunny

    Director of Operations, Facebook

  • Amy Luyster

    Amy Luyster

    Assistant Vice President, Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce

  • Nancy Ly

    Nancy Ly

    Director of Business Development, Pacific Ridge Builders, Inc.

  • Tom Lynch

    Tom Lynch

    Account Executive, VisionPoint

  • Sean Lynch

    Sean Lynch

    Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Instant Offices Holdings Inc

  • Peter Lynch

    Peter Lynch

    Director, Corporate Real Estate Services, Univision Inc

  • Anthony Lynn, MCR

    Anthony Lynn, MCR

    Manager of Workplace Solutions, Oracle Corporation

  • Stephen Lyon

    Stephen Lyon

    Regional Director & Head of Office, Singapore, M Moser

  • CNG+ Members beginning with M
  • Robert Ma

    Robert Ma

    International Director, M Moser Associates

  • Phil Ma

    Phil Ma

    Regional Commercial Director, Australasia, Greater Group

  • Jay Maag

    Jay Maag

    VP, Projects, JLL

  • Vicky MacBeth, MCR

    Vicky MacBeth, MCR

    Real Estate Project Coordinator-Team Lead, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Dave MacDonald

    Dave MacDonald

    Managing Director, JLL

  • Koo MacQueen, MCR

    Koo MacQueen, MCR

    SVP, Head of Real Estate Strategy, Live Oak Bank

  • Logan MacWatt

    Logan MacWatt

    Managing Director, Aedas

  • Bruce Macaffer, SLCR

    Bruce Macaffer, SLCR

    SVP, Group Real Estate Americas,

  • Brian Macdonald

    Brian Macdonald

    Senior Director of Facilities, Henry Schein, Inc.

  • Hugh Macdonald

    Hugh Macdonald

    Director, CBRE

  • Christopher Mach

    Christopher Mach

    Director - Client & Workplace Strategy, AT&T

  • Jon Machiran

    Jon Machiran

    Planning and Leasing Manager, GEICO

  • Christine Mackay

    Christine Mackay

    Community and Economic Development Director, City of Phoenix

  • Alison Mackay

    Alison Mackay

    Work Place Delivery Manager, Cisco International Limited

  • Pim Macke

    Pim Macke

    Head REFS Portfolio EMEA & Head REFS Germany, Novartis Business Services GmbH

  • Jenifer Mackeigan

    Jenifer Mackeigan

    Sr. Mgr., Facilities Planning & Design, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc

  • Iain Mackenzie

    Iain Mackenzie

    Managing Director, Corporate Solutions, Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants Pte Ltd

  • Matthew Macko

    Matthew Macko

    Founder, stok

  • James Maddock

    James Maddock

    Head of Occupier Services, EMEA, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Brandon Maddox

    Brandon Maddox

    Regional Vice President, Teknion

  • Maria Madonis

    Maria Madonis

    Facility Manager, NBN Co

  • Melanie Maggiore

    Melanie Maggiore

    Workplace Innovations, Fidelity Investments

  • Hakima Maghnaoui

    Hakima Maghnaoui

    Project Manager, Cree, Inc.

  • Pascal Magri

    Pascal Magri

    Director Corporate Real Estate EMEA, Life Technologies SAS - Thermo Fisher

  • Kiran Mahambre, MCR

    Kiran Mahambre, MCR

    Regional Lead - Real Estate, Here Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Joshua Mahan

    Joshua Mahan

    Managing Principal, C&C Technology Group

  • Stacey Mahar

    Stacey Mahar

    Global Account Director APAC, Interface Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Martha Mahoney

    Martha Mahoney

    Senior Project Manager, FUJIFILM

  • Brandon Main

    Brandon Main

    Sr. Director Corporate Real Estate, Sierra Nevada Corporation

  • Anthony Maione

    Anthony Maione

    President, Core Management Services

  • Karl-Heinz Mair

    Karl-Heinz Mair

    Managing Director, Klueh Beteilungs GmbH

  • Alpa Majeithia

    Alpa Majeithia

    Operational Excellence & Global Data Analytics Leader, GE Healthcare

  • Vivek Malhotra, MCR

    Vivek Malhotra, MCR

    Director - Workplace Service, APAC, Servicenow

  • Jim Maloney

    Jim Maloney

    Director of Facilities, Uline Inc.

  • Gloria Mamwa, DEI, MCR, SLCR

    Gloria Mamwa, DEI, MCR, SLCR

    Regional Head, Property, Africa and Middle East, Standard Chartered

  • Stephen Mancuso

    Stephen Mancuso

    President, ACRES, LLC

  • James Mandeville

    James Mandeville

    Client Solutions, CBRE

  • Dino Mangione

    Dino Mangione

    Vice President Sales & Marketing, Donnelly Mechanical

  • Jeff Manley

    Jeff Manley

    Senior Managing Director, Savills

  • Jo-Anne Mann

    Jo-Anne Mann

    GM and SVP of Sales AsiaPacific, iOFFICE + SpaceIQ

  • Diane Mannarino

    Diane Mannarino

    Corporate Real Estate-Retail Trans , KeyBank

  • Kevin Manning

    Kevin Manning

    EVP of Strategic Growth & Business Enhancement, Impec Group

  • Alexandra Marbach

    Alexandra Marbach

    Project Analyst - Real Estate, Kohler Co.

  • Cerise Marcela

    Cerise Marcela

    Senior Vice President, CBRE

  • Michael Marchetti

    Michael Marchetti

    Director - Financial Planning, Development Finance & Deputy City Treasurer, City of Vaughan

  • Peter Mardle

    Peter Mardle

    Divisional Director, Clancy Consulting Ltd

  • Marc Margulies

    Marc Margulies

    Principal, Margulies Perruzzi Architects

  • Simon Marion

    Simon Marion

    Regional Director, Instant Singapore Pte Limited

  • Barry Mark

    Barry Mark

    Vice President, Workplace Solutions, Capital One

  • Tim Markham

    Tim Markham

    Chief Operating Officer, Weifield Group

  • Jennifer Marko

    Jennifer Marko

    Senior Director, Global Real Estate Planning & Design, Nvidia

  • Paul Marko

    Paul Marko

    Principal, Avison Young

  • Kim Marks

    Kim Marks

    Principal, Progressive AE

  • Alexi Marmot

    Alexi Marmot

    Director AMA; UCL Professor Facility & Environment Management, AMA Alexi Marmot Associates Ltd

  • Gabriella Marques

    Gabriella Marques

    Director – Strategy, Real Estate Development & Expansion, Polvo Lab

  • Chris Marrable

    Chris Marrable

    Director, Strategic Consulting ANZ, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Christopher Marriott

    Christopher Marriott

    Chief Executive Officer, Savills (Singapore) Pte Ltd

  • Kevin Marsberg

    Kevin Marsberg

    Head of sales, AIS Contracts

  • Patrick Marsh

    Patrick Marsh

    Director Real Estate and Asset Management EMEA, GSK

  • Sally Marshall

    Sally Marshall

    Associate Director, Turner & Townsend

  • Kate Marshall

    Kate Marshall

    Senior Manager, Real Estate, General Dynamics Information Technology

  • Paul Marshall

    Paul Marshall

    Country Director, Instant Offices Holdings Inc

  • Michael Marshall

    Michael Marshall

  • Melanie Marshall

    Melanie Marshall

    Director, MKDC Design

  • Ana Marshall, DEI

    Ana Marshall, DEI

    Workplace Identity Specialist, Red Hat Inc.

  • Laura Marshall

    Laura Marshall

    Senior Transaction Manager - Leasing, Cresa

  • Anthony Marten

    Anthony Marten

    EVP Enterprise Sales, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Karen Martin, MCR

    Karen Martin, MCR

    Manager, Real Estate, General Dynamics Information Technology

  • Fay Martin

    Fay Martin

    Director, Workplace Resources, Cisco

  • John Martin, MCR

    John Martin, MCR

    Director of Global Real Estate & Facilities, Zimmer Biomet Inc.

  • Van Martin

    Van Martin

    President and CEO, Martin Commercial Properties

  • Blake Martin

    Blake Martin

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Relationships, Flagship Healthcare Properties, LLC

  • William Martin

    William Martin

    Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities, HMS

  • Jordi Martin

    Jordi Martin

    CEO Work Dynamics APAC, JLL

  • Wilson Martini

    Wilson Martini

    Head of Transactions Americas, Diageo

  • Maria Martinico

    Maria Martinico

    Principal, SmithGroupJJR

  • Nidhi Marwah

    Nidhi Marwah

    Managing Director - Global Account, The Executive Centre

  • Gary Marx

    Gary Marx

    Principal, BlueCap Economic Advisors, LLC

  • Silvano Mason, SLCR

    Silvano Mason, SLCR

    VicePresident|Corporate Real Estate Advisory, Deloitte

  • Guy Masse

    Guy Masse

    Executive Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Stephen Masterson

    Stephen Masterson

    Director, tp bennett LLP

  • Tica Masuku, MCR

    Tica Masuku, MCR

    Workplace Strategy Manager, Charter Hall Group

  • Larry Matarazzi

    Larry Matarazzi

    Head of Real Estate and Facilities, Vir Biotechnology

  • John Mathew

    John Mathew

    Director, Strategy & Analysis, Organon

  • John Matos

    John Matos

    Senior Manager Real Estate, Stanley Black & Decker

  • Patrick Matozzo

    Patrick Matozzo

    General Manager, Facilities Management, City of Toronto, Corporate Real Estate Management Division

  • Shinobu Matsuda, MCR

    Shinobu Matsuda, MCR

    Technical Service Team Non Tech Lead, NN Life Insurance Company, Ltd.

  • Kazuo Matsunari, MCR

    Kazuo Matsunari, MCR

  • Hiroko Matsusato

    Hiroko Matsusato

    Assistant Manager, Fidelity International

  • Gayle Matthei

    Gayle Matthei

    Principal, gayleCMO

  • Aida Matthews

    Aida Matthews

    Workplace Services Accountant, Salesforce

  • Maria Maughn, MCR, SLCR

    Maria Maughn, MCR, SLCR

    Real Estate, HealthPartners

  • David Maurice, MCR

    David Maurice, MCR

    Principal, Strategy & Communication, Wingate Architects

  • Julie May

    Julie May

    Director, Strategic Accounts, Allsteel

  • Andy May

    Andy May

    Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Dean Mayfield, SLCR

    Dean Mayfield, SLCR

    Managing Director (Northern Trust Bank), CBRE

  • Thomas Maynard

    Thomas Maynard

    Vice President, Business Development, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

  • Ray Mays

    Ray Mays

    Vice President, Head of Global Real Estate & Security, Nasdaq, Inc

  • James Mayton

    James Mayton

    Senior Asset Manager, Seattle Housing Authority

  • Zoe-Ann Mazur

    Zoe-Ann Mazur

    Director, Corporate Real Estate, John Muir Health

  • Gustavo Mazza

    Gustavo Mazza

    Vice President, Milrose Consultants, Inc

  • Martin McAlister

    Martin McAlister

    Head of Consulting Sales Australasia, JLL

  • Richard McBlaine

    Richard McBlaine

    International Director, JLL

  • Jennifer McBride, MCR

    Jennifer McBride, MCR

    Global Process Owner, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Lisa McCabe

    Lisa McCabe

    Director of Client Services, IA Interior Architects

  • Peter McCamley

    Peter McCamley

    Director, Group GSA Pty Ltd

  • Cheryl McCarthy, MCR.w, SLCR

    Cheryl McCarthy, MCR.w, SLCR

    Global Account Executive, Haworth Ltd.

  • Melissa McClain

    Melissa McClain

    Management Analyst, City of Moreno Valley

  • Elizabeth McCleary

    Elizabeth McCleary

    Vice President, CBRE

  • Josh McConaughey

    Josh McConaughey

    VP Commercial Group Manager, JE Dunn Construction

  • Alison McCormack

    Alison McCormack

    AVP & Manager, Strategy & Insights, Liberty Mutual Insurance

  • Jonathan McCormick

    Jonathan McCormick

    Head of IFM, Australia & New Zealand, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Frank McCrady

    Frank McCrady

    President/CEO, East Montgomery County Improvement District

  • Cynthia McCrory

    Cynthia McCrory

    Director of Strategic Planning & Development, Atrium Health

  • Michael McCullough

    Michael McCullough

    Managing Director, KMC Solutions

  • Debra McCullough

    Debra McCullough

    Sr. Manager Ops Mgt, Pfizer Incorporated

  • Tom McCune

    Tom McCune

    City Councilman, Kraido

  • Mike McCurdy

    Mike McCurdy

    Managing Principal, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Nicole McDevitt

    Nicole McDevitt

    Analyst, JLL

  • Andrew McDonald, MCR

    Andrew McDonald, MCR

    Director, Real Estate and Operations, Q2

  • Rodney McDonald

    Rodney McDonald

    President and CEO, RoyalCastle Management Inc.

  • Miles McDonald

    Miles McDonald

    Marketing Coordinator, BVH Integrated Services

  • Tim McDowell

    Tim McDowell

    Real Estate Advisor, Shell International Limited

  • Joseph McElaney

    Joseph McElaney

    Director of Real Estate Services, Fidelity Investments

  • Doug McEnhill

    Doug McEnhill

    Facilities Expert, Visa

  • Lisa McEwin

    Lisa McEwin

    Workplace Specialist, Mary Kay, Inc.

  • Russ McFadden

    Russ McFadden

    Vice President, Portfolio Management & Transactions, AT&T

  • Sean McFaul, MCR

    Sean McFaul, MCR

    Sr. Director, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

  • Robert McGill

    Robert McGill

    Vice President, Enterprise Accounts, RD Weis Companies

  • Mandy McGill

    Mandy McGill

    Recruitment Specialist, Inspire Consulting

  • Sarah McGillicuddy

    Sarah McGillicuddy

    Director Business Development, BR+A

  • Morgan McGilvray

    Morgan McGilvray

    Director, Santos Knight Frank Inc.

  • Rich McGinley

    Rich McGinley

    Real Estate Project Coordinator, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Christopher McGivern

    Christopher McGivern

    Head of Real Estate, CHEP

  • Lisa McGregor

    Lisa McGregor

    Global Lead, Space Strategies, Jacobs

  • Robert McIntire

    Robert McIntire

  • Jan McKenzie

    Jan McKenzie

  • Locke McKenzie

    Locke McKenzie

    Strategic Tenant Relations, Global Office Portfolio, Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH

  • Andrew McLean

    Andrew McLean

    Director, tp bennett LLP

  • Michael McLean, MCR, SLCR

    Michael McLean, MCR, SLCR

  • Clark McLeod, SLCR

    Clark McLeod, SLCR

    Vice President, Advisory & Transaction Services, CBRE

  • John McManus

    John McManus

    Executive Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Jomal McNeal

    Jomal McNeal

    Director Customer Development,

  • Mendy McNeel, MCR

    Mendy McNeel, MCR

    CRE Program Mgmt Group Mgr, Truist

  • Kevin McNerney

    Kevin McNerney

    Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Colite International

  • Trish McNulty

    Trish McNulty

    CRE Regional Transactions Manager, AT&T

  • Tim McParlane

    Tim McParlane

    Global Account Executive, JLL

  • Megann McPhee

    Megann McPhee

    Director, Enterprise Engagement, Bernhardt Design

  • Marc McStay

    Marc McStay

    Portfolio Manager, Royal Dutch Shell

  • Melanie McVey, MCR

    Melanie McVey, MCR

    Sr Mgr, Real Estate, UKG

  • Charles Meachum

    Charles Meachum

    Director, Real Estate, Ericsson

  • Richard Meadows, MCR

    Richard Meadows, MCR

    VP, Corporate Real Estate, Unum

  • Gail Meakin

    Gail Meakin

    Director, Projects and Facilities Managment Division, Administrative Services, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development EBRD

  • Kamal Meattle

    Kamal Meattle

    Chairman Emeritus, Paharpur Business Centre

  • Vivian Medina

    Vivian Medina

    Director, Real Estate, Littler Mendelson, PC

  • Chris Meecham

    Chris Meecham

    Managing Director North Asia, Humanscale

  • Andrea Megnin

    Andrea Megnin

    Managing Director, Regional Project Director, JLL

  • Rohinton Mehta

    Rohinton Mehta

    Head, Property, Supply Partner Management, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Patricia Meinen

    Patricia Meinen

    Head of Business Services Americas, Allen & Overy

  • William Mellin

    William Mellin

    Senior Managing Director, Newmark

  • Beate Mellwig

    Beate Mellwig

    VP Corporate, HOK International Ltd

  • Terri Melzer

    Terri Melzer

    Senior Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Manoj Menda

    Manoj Menda

    Corporate Chairman, RMZ Corp

  • Ann Mendelsohn, MCR

    Ann Mendelsohn, MCR

    Principal, Mendelsohn Group Inc.

  • Hitendra Mendon, MCR

    Hitendra Mendon, MCR

    Regional Head Operational Risk Property, Standard Chartered Bank

  • Inae Mendonca Mikami

    Inae Mendonca Mikami

    Partner, IMK Architecture Engineering

  • Addison Meriwether, MCR

    Addison Meriwether, MCR

    Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield

  • Petra Merkt

    Petra Merkt

    Head of Group Real Estate & Facility Management, Avaloq Evolution AG

  • Michael Merritt

    Michael Merritt

    Director of Real Estate, Yelp

  • Todd Messerli

    Todd Messerli

    Director of Global Real Estate, Pentair Inc

  • Gregg Metcalf

    Gregg Metcalf

    EVP, JLL

  • Karen Metcalf, MCR, SLCR

    Karen Metcalf, MCR, SLCR

    Real Estate Portfolio Manager, Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

  • Aaron Metz

    Aaron Metz

    Senior Facilities Program Manager, The Dow Chemical Company

  • Jessica Mezzatesta

    Jessica Mezzatesta

    City Head, The Executive Centre (Australia) Pty Ltd

  • Karen Miagao

    Karen Miagao

    Regional Head, South East Asia, Zenith Interiors Pte Ltd

  • Erin Mical

    Erin Mical

    Senior Director, Regional Lead, Workplace Solutions, Capital One

  • Michael Miceli

    Michael Miceli

    AVP & Managing Director Corporate Real Estate, Manulife Financial

  • Stamatis Michaelides

    Stamatis Michaelides

    Senior Facilities Officer, International Monetary Fund

  • Sonya Michieli, MCR

    Sonya Michieli, MCR

    Corporate Real Esate Portfolio Manager, Xcel Energy Inc.

  • Brady Mick, MCR.w

    Brady Mick, MCR.w

    Director of Workplace Strategy, EUA

  • Rosalie Mignano

    Rosalie Mignano

    Vice President, Global Real Estate & Facilities Management, Endeavor

  • Carl Milianta

    Carl Milianta

    Principal, CreativeOfficeResources

  • John Miller

    John Miller

    Real Estate Director, EMEA & India, Pfizer Ltd

  • Robert Miller

    Robert Miller

    Asset Manager, Shell Oil

  • Erin Miller, MCR.w

    Erin Miller, MCR.w

    Director, Sales & Client Solutions, CBRE

  • Clint Miller

    Clint Miller

    Principal and Global Director, Avison Young

  • Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller

    Real Estate Project Coordinator, Oracle America, Inc.

  • Erin Miller

    Erin Miller

    Principal & Director of Business Development, SmithGroup