Distinguished Leaders Circle
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Distinguished Leaders Circle


CoreNet Global is pleased to announce the induction of two members into its 2019 Distinguished Leaders Circle: Sarah K. Abrams, and T. Patrick Donnelly, MCR.h

This is the highest honor to be bestowed upon a member, recognizing a lifetime of contributions to the corporate real estate profession – and the association. These two thought leaders, who are also amazing storytellers and mentors, will get much-deserved recognition at the upcoming Global Summit in Orange County.

Click here to read more about the accomplishments of each inductee.


  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Nomination Dates and Timeline
  • Previous Inductees

Eligibility Requirements

  • 15+ years in the profession (Profession defined as corporate real estate or related professions)
  • 10+ years as member (cumulative)
  • Be a current member in good standing
  • Open to all members types and categories
  • Global Board members are ineligible in the years they serve on the board

Areas of Consideration:

  • CoreNet Global involvement and qualifications including: volunteering history, presented at Global Summits, involved in local chapter, holds MCR/SLCR designation, served as MCR/SLCR faculty, written for Leader magazine
  • Body of work – articles, notable achievements, contributions to the profession
  • Awards, designations and recognition by company and other organizations
  • Educational or Vocational background
  • Work experience, including scale and body of work

Nomination Dates & Timeline

February 19, 2019 - Launch nominations
May 31, 2019 - Close nominations
June 1- August 2019 - Vetting and decision making
August 2019 - Decision is made
September 2019 - Recognition at Global Summit in Amsterdam (If inductee(s) is from the region)
October 2019 - Recognition at Global Summit in Anaheim
December 2019 - Recognize inductee(s) in LEADER
March 2020 - Recognition at Global Summit in APAC (If inductee(s) is from the region)

Previous Inductees


CoreNet Global is pleased to announce the induction of three members into its new Distinguished Leaders Circle: Matt FanoeFrank Robinson, MCR; and Ron Zappile, Sr.

Click here for a special edition of The Leader highlighting the accomplishments of each inductee.