CoreNet Global Academic Challenge
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CoreNet Global Academic Challenge

photo of Academic Challenge winners

Your ideas could earn you world travel and global networking with the greatest minds in corporate real estate.

We invite students from around the world to think creatively about a problem facing real estate professionals for renowned companies like Google, Duke Energy, AstraZeneca, Whirlpool, and many others. In exchange? Travel the world with an all-expense paid trip to one of our Global Summits in Asia or North America. Challenge your mind power by competing with your peers from around the world. Gain international experience. Connect with experts. Win US $5,000 for your team.

You and your teammates will engage in a contest with competing institutions from all over the globe. Your job is to address challenges like creating an employee experience that attracts millennials while retaining all other generations of employees; or reducing the gap between the speed of business and the typical speed of real estate.

Budding professionals welcome! We’re seeking your ingenuity and creativity. The competition is open to all students (undergraduate/graduate, full-time/part-time) who are currently registered at a recognized university. All past Academic Challenge presentations are viewable in the online Knowledge Center.

All competitions are open to students from all over the world; there is no registration fee.

  • Academic Challenge 5.0
  • Academic Challenge 4.0
  • Academic Challenge 3.0
  • Academic Challenge 2.0
  • Academic Challenge 1.0

Student teams from universities and academic institutions around the world are invited to compete in an academic challenge in which students will be asked to play the role of an internal corporate real estate team in order to address a real-world issue facing companies around the globe:

develop a proactive strategy to: (a) “Recession-proof”, to the extent possible, the corporate real estate portfolio, (b) continue to support the business objectives of the corporation and (c) ensure that such a strategy does not negatively impact the company in the unlikely event that a recession does not materialize.

Virtual Competition winner: TU Delft!

Virtual finalists:

IIT Kharagpur Logo

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

TU Delft Logo

Trophy iconDelft University of Technology

The University of Sydney

University of Sydney

Orange County winner: Vanderbilt University!

Orange County finalists:

Breda University, Rotterdam, Netherlands Logo

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Trophy icon Vanderbilt University

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

University of Washington

See what a previous team says about the Academic Challenge and CoreNet Global:

Hong Kong winner: University of Melbourne!

Hong Kong finalists:

National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore

University of Illinois

University of Illinois

The University of Melbourne

Trophy icon The University of Melbourne

Boston winner: National University of Singapore!

Boston finalists:

National University of Singapore

Trophy icon National University of Singapore

Temple University

Temple University


University of South Carolina

Singapore winner: Georgia Institute of Technology!

Singapore finalists:

Georgia Institute of Technology Logo

Trophy icon Georgia Institute of Technology

Inidian Institute of Technology Madras Logo

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

National University of Singapore Logo

National University of Singapore

Seattle, WA winner:  Emory University!

Seattle finalists:

Columbia University logo

Columbia University

Delft University of Technology Logo

Delft University of Technology

Emory University Logo

Trophy icon Emory University

Shanghai winner: University of Cincinnati!

Shanghai finalists:

Georgia Institute of Technology Logo

Georgia Institute of Technology

Inidian Institute of Technology Madras Logo

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

University of Cincinnati Logo

Trophy icon University of Cincinnati

Philadelphia winner: University of Illinois!

Philadelphia finalists:

Eindhoven University of Technology Logo

Eindhoven University of Technology

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Logo

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

University of Huston Logo

University of Huston

University of Illinois

Trophy icon University of Illinois

Los Angeles winner: Tsinghua University!

Los Angeles finalists:

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Tsinghua University Logo

Trophy icon Tsinghua University

University of Nottingham, Malaysia Logo

University of Nottingham, Malaysia