The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate
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The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate

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Whether you are looking for a global view of corporate real estate (CRE) or trying to better understand the interactions between the various business units underpinning professional practice, The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate offers a fundamental examination of CRE. Designed as a foundational manual, the guide covers the spectrum of variables shaping the daily decisions of CRE professionals and provides insights and strategies for effective management. Now also available as an audio book via The Source App.

Focused on the fundamental aspects of the profession, the book will be important for young leaders and those new to their corporate real estate career, seasoned practitioners seeking to gain a broader understanding about a specific aspect of the profession, colleagues in other business units partnering with corporate real estate or students and faculty seeking academic resources and career path information. Additional educational resources are also available, at no charge, for use in introducing corporate real estate to students.

Essential Guide Educational Resources:

CoreNet Global is pleased to have created resources educators can utilize to introduce corporate real estate to their students. We offer these resources for free and invite you to integrate them into your existing curriculum.

Get the Book - Now available as an audio book via The Source App.

The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate is currently available in multiple formats: audio, ePDF, ePUB, and hardcover.

CoreNet Global Members: The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate is available at no charge to CoreNet Global members as part of the annual member benefit offering and it is available in all formats. Members can order their complimentary hard copy or e-book via this link - The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate - Members Only.

To listen to the audio version, please download the Source App.

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For Non-members: The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate is available through the Atlas Books online store. The electronic version retails for $19.99. The hardcover edition retails for $49.99. Make your selection using the button below. You will be immediately transferred to the Atlas Book online store to finalize your purchase.


Non-members can also access the audio version via The Source App free for 90 days after their first login.

Electronic versions are also available for $19.99 (regular retail pricing) through over 70 online booksellers including the Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Overdrive, and many others.

Please note before placing your order: The ePUB version is compatible with most reading devices and in many cases it is customizable. The ePDF is formatted to be an electronic version of the hardcover copy and is not expected to be compatible with reading devices. It is optimized for web viewing.

In order to install the electronic version of the guide, please follow the following steps:

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  5. Open the email on the device where you want to read the book, proceed to download it 

The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate is published by CoreNet Global, Inc., and is distributed as a benefit of membership to all members of CoreNet Global. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the association.

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