SLCR Seminar Descriptions
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SLCR Seminar Descriptions

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Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR)

Comprehensive Seminar Descriptions:

  • Change Leadership
  • Executive Skills for Corporate Real Estate Leaders
  • Financial Leadership and Decision Making
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Organizational Change: Positioning Corporate Real Estate for Success
  • Project Finance and Capital Markets
  • Workplace Strategy Essentials - #1 of 3 Workplace Focused Seminars
  • Workplace Strategy Methodologies - #2 of 3 Workplace Focused Seminars
  • Workplace Strategy in Practice - #3 of 3 Workplace Focused Seminars
  • Transforming Corporate Real Estate Management Through Lean Six Sigma


The enterprise is under tremendous pressure to be competitive, resourceful, and profitable. The results of these pressures have made enterprises agile through constant change. You must possess a change leadership skill set in your management toolkit. However, research shows that up to 70% of all organizational change initiatives fail to meet their objective. You must be able to respond by having the experience in the development of training and change management material in the context of business process reengineering, enterprise resource planning implementations, organizational transformation, and the more traditional objectives of delivery, cost, workplace and real estate solutions. 


Accelerate initiatives using strategic competencies, apply theoretical models to increase the ROI for change, and enhance communication skills to address objections and gain commitment. Learn ways to accelerate initiates, gain insight into organizational complexities, increase benefits when implementing changes, and enhance communications.


Connect portfolio performance to the corporate business model, create financially valuable CRE strategies, and develop business cases for recommending solutions to senior management. Learn techniques to connect real estate decisions/actions to business metrics. Improve skills in developing business cases and presenting recommended solutions involving complex real estate finance decisions.


Develop strategies and techniques to influence workplace productivity and scenario planning. Experience leadership models to ensure CRE effective customer engagement. Participate in activities and case studies for goal and vision alignment, metrics, scenario planning, developing action plans, and implementing change management.


Delve into business cases to examine key issues, variables and success factors of a CRE organization, and design organizational models and processes to enhance effectiveness. Design a CRE organization that supports strategic objectives, develops relationships, and optimizes solutions for business unit clients. Offshore client relationship management and service delivery are included in business case examples.


Analyze and evaluate impacts of different types of financing for acquisition and disposition of large CRE assets. Develop business cases for recommended solutions that can be proposed to senior corporate finance / treasury staff in alignment with financial objectives. Evaluate and compare different lease structures, ownership and debt financing. Evaluate strategies for disposition including unwinding leaseholds and debt. 

Workplace Specialization Seminars also count as either MCR Elective or SLCR Seminar.


This seminar is the first in a series of three seminars designed for the corporate real estate (CRE) professional who seeks the Workplace specialization of the MCR designation. It can also be taken as an elective toward the MCR designation. This seminar provides CRE professionals with an introduction to the dynamic field and practice of Workplace Strategy (WPS). In addition to foundational elements of WPS, the broader role of workplace strategy, trends, global issues, tools, technologies will be examined.


This seminar is the second in a series of three seminars designed for the corporate real estate (CRE) professional who seeks the Workplace specialization of the MCR designation. It provides CRE professionals with in-depth knowledge and application of the Workplace Strategy (WPS) process and best practices. This seminar is designed for the WPS practitioner to develop their competency level within the field.


This seminar is the third in a series of three seminars designed for the corporate real estate (CRE) professional who seeks the Workplace specialization of the MCR designation. It provides CRE professionals with the opportunity to further hone their WPS skills through collaboration with other experienced WPS practitioners on real-life programs. With a focus on implementation challenges and solutions, this seminar will increase the candidates’ breadth and depth of knowledge and application within the field.


Seminar Schedule

Lean & Six Sigma (LSS) is gaining traction in corporate real estate (CRE), and has enjoyed some celebrated successes. Still, many CRE organizations and leaders have little familiarity with LSS, and are not yet realizing its benefits. In a recent CoreNet Global survey, 11% of respondents indicated they make regular use of Lean & Six Sigma, but fully 72% indicated that they are only now becoming aware of its use, using it to only a limited extent, or do not yet use it in CRE even though their broader enterprise does. What’s more, applications of LSS in corporate real estate differ markedly from traditional implementations in, for example, manufacturing. This seminar presents senior leaders an eye-opening view into transformative uses of Lean & Six Sigma in CRE, what works and what doesn’t, and management best practices that leaders need to employ to assure success and maximize impact of a Lean & Six Sigma initiative.



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