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One idea could change the world—or corporate real estate as we know it. Could that idea be yours? We’re looking for disruptive, innovative projects—those that up-end business as usual and enable corporate real estate (CRE) professionals to meet ever-changing business dynamics and economic conditions head-on.

How has your CRE organization delivered new and innovative processes, approaches, tools, or technologies? How has a project contributed to fueling human connection and driving corporate evolution through the built environment?

If your project connects with people-centric real estate decision-making across all the domains of the profession, including portfolio management and optimization, location strategy, risk management, workplace design, service delivery, employee experience, FM, ESG, and DEI, we especially want to hear from you.

Enter your project or initiative in ONE of the following categories:

Sustainable Leadership Award


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Your entry could also be nominated to compete for CoreNet Global’s longstanding, prestigious award, the H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator's Award 





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Global Awards Application Guide

Submission Dates:

The submission deadline is April 5, 2024.


Submission Fees:

  • Submission Fee: $220 USD/ entry | payable by credit card | must accompany the online submission

Award Submission Title:

  • Provide a descriptive, not a creative, title. For example: “Call Center Headquarters for XYZ Organization in Dallas, Texas, USA”, not “Daring to be Different.” Please use the name that will be listed on the award should you win this category.


  • Describe the nature of your organization and the context in which it operates. The judges want to know the professional sector (e.g. healthcare, tourism, etc.) in which your client operates, and the context (what are the sustainability drivers? What are the challenges?)


  • Describe the initiative and why you created it. Emphasize key objectives and how these objectives contributed to the overall organizational objectives and strategies.

Collaboration: (if applicable)

  • Describe why your project represents a collaborative effort between two or more companies and what processes you developed to ensure all participants fully participated.


  • Describe the implementation. Emphasize leadership challenges and choices. See descriptions provided in previous award winners’ case studies. ( Example 1Example 2Example 3)

Lessons Learned:

  • Describe challenges, things you could have done differently, unexpected successes, etc.


  • Describe the outcome and impact on reaching your objectives.
For Sustainable Leadership, the judges want to see evidence of quantifiable metrics (energy, water reduction, etc.), and how this was externally verified. How is the project or program being monitored? What is the reporting cycle (e.g. quarterly, annually)?

Best Practices (if applicable):

  • Describe best practices as a result of this initiative.

Innovation (if applicable):

Focus comments on why your project is innovative and why it is significant.

  • Explain how sustainable practices have been integrated into the project’s operations and maintenance.

Support Materials: 

  • File size: Not to exceed 7 pages, 2 MB, PDF format only
  • Project location (city, state, country)
  • Date of completion
  • Budget (final) hard costs (actual construction costs). Fee need not be included.
  • Type of project (e.g. office, hospital, library, etc.)
  • Client (company/project authority)
  • Design firm (project manager/design team manager)
  • Contact name, phone number, and email
  • Photos (jpeg format; 72 dpi)

This is the section where you’d also include anything else you’d like the judges to know about this project. Remember to type in at least 12-point type, with 1.5 line spacing.

How many projects may be submitted?

  • For the design categories, you may enter each completed building project, as long as they meet the entry criteria.
  • For development categories, the judges suggest that you enter only once by “bundling” your initiatives as part of the organization’s overall sustainability mission and strategies.

NOTE: Please do not include press clippings or other promotional materials. And, although you may draw upon information contained in these materials, please do not include the materials.





For general questions or detailed information, please contact our CoreNet Global Staff below.

Tim Venable
Senior Vice President
+1 404.589.3221
Nicki Williams
Manager - Strategic Events


Alex Bourbeau
Sr Director of Sales

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